Thursday, August 6, 2009


Greetings from a paranoid Karen who was in the middle of her first TORNADO warning two days ago! Holy cow! We were in Nebraska. I'll take an earthquake any day.

So here is a little bit of what we've been doing!

The pictures took over 3 minutes each to download so I'll do more later.

So much more to share with you, but we are currently in a KOA in Colorado Springs, about to move to an RV mechanic with a busted radiator. He has a nice big lot with trees around it and we can sty in the coach while he fixes it. It'll take a few days to fix, so we are kinda stuck here. (GEE, I'm thinking, stuck here - I wonder how many antique shops I can find?)


I'll keep you updated!



Ginger said...

Those pictures are amazing, Karen. I bet it was really neat there.
Sorry to hear about you being broke down, I hope they can find a new radiator for you, so you can get on your way. At least you have the jeep along, so you can go sightseeing or better
I think Colorado Springs is where they have the airforce academy isn't it? Kind of neat to see.
Keep us posted. And have a glass of lemonade for me too. lol.

Theresa said...

Love the pictures, I have been to Colorado Springs-Gorgeous!!!!! Sorry about you RV but a nice place to be stuck! Have a blessed day and be careful on your journeys!

blushing rose said...

Until one sees these in person, there is NO way to imagine the beauty they give ... the history behind the 'making' of them. Awesome & spectacular are such insignificant words to describe these wonders ... have a great time. TTFN ~Marydon

Lisa said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Sure hope everything gets fixed and back on the road...but not before you get your antique fix.:)

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Karen,
Missing ya girl! Those tornado warnings can be pretty scary! We have a tornado watch tonight, its really hot and muggy here which is a big change from how it has been. We ran our ac for only the second time this summer. Sorry to hear about your breakdown, I think Colorado Springs has the big Figure Skating hall of fame and Olympic rink. Aaaah, I know you were a hockey Mom! Oh and your pics, Mount Rushmore is so awe inspiring. Now have a wonderful rest of your trip and enjoy Colorado! Hugs, Cindy

Arts and Herbs said...

I have never seen Mount Rushmore being photographed so awesome, it usually looks like a big empty rock with some heads in it. Now that I see them your way, I want to go there too.

Christine Edwards said...

So sorry to hear you're stuck, but it sounds like you're making the most of it. :-) We're probably headed to Mt. Rushmore the beginning of September, so it was fun seeing your pics.

Connie said...

Great photos! When I was there years ago...I got so carsick from the winding roads that I could only see them from the parking lot. I can't wait to see more. Sorry you are stuck in Colorado Springs....hope it gets fixed fast and you're on your way to your most beautiful camp site.

Have a good week. Connie

Consider It All Joy said...

Our oldest son has been there - but not the rest of us. Looks beautiful and so amazingly done.

Just checked out your 'where bloggers create' post - love your creative room - so fun and colorful. I need to let loose a little in my own room.

I'll take the earthquake too - I've been through many - don't like the sound of a tornado - scary!! Too much anticipation - earthquakes just happen.

Enjoy your week - Blessings, Cindy

... said...

i know this comment is a little late. i hope you got the radiator fixed and didn't have to spend too much time there.

i love the angles you got on the faces of rushmore. very cool.