Thursday, August 13, 2009

Part Two -

Well, actually - I'm going back to the beginning of the trip. Because our very first stop was to meet a dear friend I met through blogging - Ginger - from The Gingerbread Shed. We met in Utah in her little town and had lunch at AppleBees. (It was good too!) We gabbed and gabbed and Mark just loved her too. What a sweet gal! And now a forever friend! When we were finished we went out to the motorhome and we each had special little surprises for each other.

She gave me the cutest plaque and iron stand.
I can't wait to get home and find a home for it!

I gave her the pink birdhouse. Remember I started it for my Swap,
and then found out my partner's color was black?
Well Ginger had said if it ever needed a good home, she'd give it one.
So I finished it and now it has a good home!

THEN! On top of it all, she gave us a HUGE bag of
squash and lemons! HOME GROWN! OH YUM!!!!!

Thank you Ginger. We had a ball! And we'll do it again!!!

From there it was on to Salt Lake to meet up with most of the gang.

Had a cute little camp spot and ate at the BEST place for dinner.
It was called Texas Roadhouse BBQ.
BOY! I wish we had one of those in So Cal.

So the next morning we all fueled up - yup!
That's all four of us pigging out the diesel island for truckers.

And then it was through the rest of Utah and across the state of Wyoming.
What a gorgeous drive!

I kept singing Home On the Range.
Remember "where the deer and the antelope play?"
Well play they do. Right alongside the road!
Scared the heck out of us a couple of times. Twice we had full brakes
and full airhorns blowing because first two and then one mule deer
decided to play chicken with our coach going 65 mph down the 2 lane hwy.
I cannot even think of what would've happened
had we hit one of them. Besides killing them,
it would've messed up the coach BIG TIME!
Here are some of the little antelope. Cute, but MAN!!!

125 miles of these little turkeys. Beautiful, beautiful country.
Needless to say - the wine was flowing when we stopped for the night.
We split up from our group at this point, because there were some museums
I wanted to stop and see. That is not everyone's cup of tea, so they continued
on to Sturgis and we met up with them there.
We stopped for the night in Casper, WY
In the morning we toured the Fort Casper Museum.

And these were the soldier's quarters.
And people - they were TWO TO A BED!
Those beds are barely a double. Can you imagine?

The same day - on to Douglas, WY to tour another museum.
Gee, can you guess what this is? I got GOOSEBUMPS!

Yup, the teepee used in Dances With Wolves.
OK I admit, I totally love Kevin Costner. But not necessarily all of his
movies. He did some weird ones, like Waterworld! What was that????

This I have to share. Enlarge the picture and you'll see these are hat pins.
Apparently ladies hats kept getting larger and larger, thus they
required larger hat pins. Well this caused a battle, because
they were soon large enough to be considered weapons. HA!

I will end for today on that note. Next post - STURGIS! I'm so glad it wasn't the crazy place I was dreading. Wait'll you see . . .

G'Night all!


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Oh Karen, could I ever compare to sweet Ginger??? She's wonderful and that is so neat that you two finally got to meet in "real life". The gifts were precious and you know she loved you if she parted with some fresh veggies! ;)
You are so spoiled in your big coach! oh the LIFE! You are my kinda gal for stopping for museums and such...I love getting off of the beaten path to stop and see some of our history.
I'm not sure how much better your vacation days could be as these posts have been awesome so far! But I'll be checking in (I mean being nosey) again soon!!!!
everything vintage

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OK, now I'm jealous!
How wonderful to meet a bloggy friend and aren't you a cutey patooty in your little blue skirt!
Love the pics my dear friend and the museums, I would have loved that! No Bears here lately but.. and I am not kidding, I saw a Badger in my yard last week. It was very late and I was sitting on the patio. I thought it was my kitty for a second and then I realized what it was and kind freaked out! They are huge and not known for being too nice. I told Hubby I am a magnet for wildlife! LOL! Can't wait for more pics, hugs, Cindy

Arts and Herbs said...

4 big coaches together ! This would cause big traffic trouble in our small streets here.

Theresa said...

Lunch with Ginger looked special! Isn't it funny how we all get sooo close to each other via blogging? Love it! Anyway, I am enjoying the trip with you! Keep us informed on all your fun:) Have a blessed day!

Joyce said...

Looks like fun...I love the different from the East Coast.

Lisa said...

Ooooh! You got to meet a bloggy friend! How fun is that? I love ya'lls sweet treats to each other. They're all so cute! I'm lovin' all the tours! Thanks for takin' us on vacation with you!

Ginger said...

Hi Karen:
I look like I have a cone on my head...what the heck did I do with my hair that morning? I hate taking my triple chins get in the way. lol. But it was so fun meeting you and Mark and the pups, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. I love my birdhouse, everytime I look at it I think of you making it in that beautiful craft room of yours.
Everytime we go up to the lake with our 5th wheel, we are dodging deer, or cows. They just seem to walk right out on the highway in front of us. Even in town, there will be dead deer along side the road. So many people have been killed hitting them. Scary.
I love Kevin Costner too, especially Message in a Bottle. I hated Waterworld, too. It was weird. I would love to see the museums too. Two to a bed? wow, those were small beds, and uncomfortable looking.
I think it's so much fun traveling with other people. I know you are having a great time. Can't wait to see more pictures.

Elyse said...

hi karen,

what a fun sweetie you are. thank for sharing your trip pics and stories -- so interesting!

and thanks also for leaving me the wonderful comments that you do. you are always a ray of sunshine!

and yes, consider yourself entered 2x.

happy weekend, enjoy the squash! yum!


jen said...

What a blast!! Looks like such a fun trip!! Hubby and I would like to buy an RV when the kids are grown and see the country!!

Have fun!