Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just a few things . . .

Good morning!

First off -Thank You Lord for the Fall weather. I was sooooooo over 105!!! I know - I know - it's supposed to be back up to 90 tomorrow for 2 more days, but then go back down to NORMAL! Whew!

Second - While hopping through blogland found a great giveaway. Myrna from More Than Heirlooms is celebrating the grand opening of her new Etsy shop! She is giving away this lovely collaged mirror she created.

She has beautiful handmade items that will make you just drool. So pop over and take a look!

Lastly - I have some long overdue thank you's to send out. Dawn from Cottage State of Mind sent me the sweetest award. It is the Attitude of Gratitude Award.

I was kind of puzzled by it, but then once I read how Dawn phrased it - I liked it immediately.

"I realized being grateful is not just about being thankful for blessings you've received outright. It is also about finding that silver lining. Seeing the blessing where it's not obvious. Making lemonade instead of complaining about sour lemons."
I've been trying really hard to practice this! I look back over my posts and how often I've said this very thing. I cannot post it on my sidebar - Good ol' Blogger is giving me a headache with my sidebar lately - long story. But thank you Dawn.

Finally - I have never posted pictures of my pretty plaque that Ginger from The Gingerbread Shed gave me this summer when we met up in Utah.  Here it is in it's very happy new home in a niche on our stairway. Thank you Ginger!!!!

And finally - last summer I found a treasure of a ledger book. And I told you it weighed at LEAST 20 pounds. well . . . close!

Told ya!  
I'm done rambling! Off to visit Pretty Petals to see if she posted our last journal pages to work on! LOVE IT!!!!!
Have a wonderful day! 


Monday, September 28, 2009



But through this difficult season, one player has remained
first and foremost on the players minds . . . Nick Adenhart.

He pitched his major league debut on April 8th, 2009.
Seven scoreless innings against Oakland.

Only to be killed by a drunk driver,
along with two of his friends hours later.

They did it for you Nick!
Rest in Peace.



Sunday, September 27, 2009

Note to self . . .

Sometimes blogging can take on a more personal note - as well we all know.  This is one of those times for me. I want to document something I am doing just for me.

I have once again discovered that I truly enjoy crafting.  This goes way back, even before being Chairman for Christmas Craft Workshop in PTA when my oldest was in first grade. I love working with paper (thus the scrapbooking) found objects, ephemera, natural fibers etc. Occasionally I like to sew, but more often the "stress" in seamstress takes it's toll on me. I love making gift tags (I know - but I DO!) Not so much into cards, but - whatever strikes me at the moment. Loving thinking up new pieces of jewelry, but don't have all the tools necessary to really make what I want. I am REALLY looking forward to learning to solder, and after a wonderful conversation with Bryanna from Polka Dot Parliament last weekend at the craft Soiree I attended, I have ordered what I hope is the perfect tool to get me started on an entire new leg of my newfound journey.

So while there are going to be many people who look at this and say "What for?" I will always look at it and remember each and every little bit that I put into it. From where I picked up this piece, or found that piece - remembering the giddy excitement of finding a perfect treasure that I knew I could use someday.

So indulge me while I document my latest venture. I have joined an on-line craft course. It is a journal called "A Beautiful Life". It's base is an old book. Our instructor is Heather from Pretty Petals and she is just a SWEETHEART! I am having just the BEST time. I love that it is an on-line class, and I can go "be" and create whenever I have the time or desire. I can re-read instructions, and get inspiration from her words and photos. She supplies us with free downloads of art, be it vintage photos, postcards or sheet music. And I get to scour my studio looking for the perfect pieces to put together.

Now unfortunately for me, the book I choose was much smaller than the instructor's. I really only have one larger book and it is my treasured Heidi book and I could not tear it apart. And I was too impatient to wait and go shop for another so used one I already had. So some of the artwork and downloads Heather made available to us, I could not use. Some of it just did not look good on a much smaller page than intended. But that's OK. You can copy her instructions word for word, or go off on your own, and follow the suggested game plan your own way. That's what makes crafting so unique. 

Here is what I have created so far - Week 1 -

The front cover -

Inside the front cover - Page 1

The sage green behind the photo of the woman is a piece of
my vintage wallpaper. Heather told us to use things we love.
I have a tendency to hoard the good stuff, but I brought some of it out for
this journal. I want it to be special and meaningful to me.

From the photo you cannot tell but my ribbon is sage green also.

Page 3 - I LOVE the picture of the woman she provided us with . . .

We used vintage wallpaper, scrapbook paper, lace, ribbons,
buttons, pearls - whatever we desired. Heather gave us complete instructions.

I love her eyes. The vintage flowers are from the cute little
vintage hat I found in Nebraska that my rat of a dog Jorja ate.

Pages 2 and 3

Page 4 - "Oh how I love..." Sampler pages.

"Sample - a small part of anything or one of a number, 
intended to show the quality, style, or nature of the whole"
I selected just a plain pink paper for these smaller objects,
because I wanted the pages to be about them, not the background.

The card with the bird in the nest you see below is a vintage Victorian calling card.
I found an antique dealer who had several of these and I snatched them up.
This is only a scanned image - I didn't have the courage to use the original.
(I know - I hear you - "chicken".) I need to get past that . . .

The button below came from a mixed-match tin of
buttons of my Mom's. It is GORGEOUS!

The brass "finding" below is one I found in Paso Robles.

Page 5 - another sampler page

This lovely woman is a reproduction Victorian card.
And yup- I used the actual card. (gulp)
The detail of her is just wonderful!

Look - there is even a street scene depicted on the fan.

Pages 4 & 5

Well, I'm all caught up. :( I can't wait for the next pages!

Have a wonderful, peaceful and relaxing Sunday. There is so much stress in society nowadays, with raising kids, the economy, work, chores . . . it is nice to find a quiet outlet such as this. I hope each of you has found some special way to just "be".

Hugs to all!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hello? Mother Nature?

Oh my gosh. It is HOT! I walked around my home yesterday with both of the a/c units on - and pretended it was cold outside.  Pretended Autumn had really arrived. (I almost really cranked them down COLD, but decided my electric bill would suffer for it. And it will be HIGH ENOUGH this month.)
Mother Nature? Are you there? Do you realize what month it is?

If I close my eyes, pretend the smoke we smell is really the fireplace lit, buy an apple pie from Costco that is already baked and light an apple spice candle . . .  well maybe!!

Hmmmm . . . I think it's time for a new coat of chalkboard paint

Table is set. Come on over! Although, I cannot guarantee
anything fresh baked and hot from the oven,
and the tea will be ICED! But I'll light the apple spice candle for you!

OH! By the way! HA! I had a give-away!
Yup! Nobody even knew it - because my 100th post passed
and I MISSED IT!!! I had been saving a few things,
so for everyone who posted a comment that day
I threw their names in a hat and picked one.

And the winner was Cindy from Applestone Cottage!
I was so tickled to see her name, she is very special to me.
So I wrote and told her she won and she said
she liked the idea of winning something she didn't even knew she entered.
Very fun! She got her "SURPRISE" yesterday and will post it
as soon as she can. I'm not going to spoil the secret - I'll let her tell you.

That was so fun. I'll do it again in January for my one year blogirthday!

Well, it's Thursday. Off to work I go . . .  everyone have a great weekend!!!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Artisitic Affaire L'Automne

Sigh. It's over. My fabulous weekend at Artistic Affaire L'Automne. I can't believe it is already passed.
My gosh we had an AWESOME time!
But - my first admission - I had a pre-senior moment and I forgot my camera in the car on the night of the Vendor "Market Soire".  I know - I know . . .
But I remembered it the next day. But it would've been helpful if I wasn't so caught up in everything that I forgot to take it out and take pictures of the entire day. Ya know - I just get so INTO it!!
Anyway -  here is what I do have!

Up the stairs she leads you with gorgeous fall displays . . .

"Croissant? There is coffee, tea and juice in the next room . . . "

The room was so full when I got up there that I took a picture of the only empty table I could find.

Kim had her vintage dress form decked out in gorgeous fall colors.

At each of our place settings was this . . .

A wonderful journal from Kim

This goodie bag was hanging from our chairs.

And filled with wonderful treasures from all the vendors.

This photo of the contents was taken by Bryanna of Polka Dot Parliament.
Thanks for sharing Bryanna - I totally forgot to take this shot
of all the wonderful sweet things in our goodies bag!

Our wonderful Hostess Kim Caldwell, explaining all the wonderful things in store for us this day.

I loved this craft. It is a foam board frame, inset with a vintage ceiling tile (can you see it?)
decoupaged and embellished.

EVERYONE loved this craft. We had the best time!
Do you see the little dragon fly?

Can you see the tiny little snail? Bottom of the lace on the right.

Next was my favorite of the three classes. Ruth Rae! OH MY GOSH!
What an awesome and talented woman.
She has co-authored one book with Kelly Snelling called A Charming Exchange.

Her latest publication Layered, Tattered and Stitched
is due to release in November and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

So on to her class . . . it was a fabric cuff!
Each of us were given a cigar box full of materials.
Ruth was extremely generous with her supplies and there truly is enough
here to make several cuffs.

She gave us plain muslin and we got to use her wonderful selection of
rubber stamps to put whatever we wanted on it.
This is the base fabric of the cuff, and you layer it all from there.

Here is mine. It isn't done yet. I will finish it today.

We had been working for over 11 hours by now, with many
wonderful breaks and treats, swaps and FABULOUS meals in between,
but by the 8:00, my eyes were tired and my back hurt and I was ready to call it a day.

See the rubber stamping on the ruffle? Then the button on the left . . .

and the elastic on the right are what holds it on.

This will be the back. I still have to stitch this fabric on. . .

I used some old vintage lace I had and a vintage button
and crown pin I had brought along . . . I love it!

Here are some the gals from Table 5 comparing projects and catching up!
That is Joy and Kim in the middle. What a fun day!

Next. A swap!
Masquerade Mask Swap - it was supposed to be an elegant fall mask that
a "Lady" of the time would wear to a Masquerade Ball. I'm just tickled that
I can use it to answer the door this Halloween!
Here was the one I made . . .

and here is the one I received. Very fun!!!

And finally - here we all are!

 Joy & I, very middle, last row.
What a fabulous day. Sigh.

Next class? SAVANNAH!!!! But that isn't until April ... more on that later!

Thanks for letting me share my special day!