Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Necessary Little Redo . . .

Have you ever wanted to just BONG one of your kids? (GASP! "What is she thinking? I would never do that to one of my kids . . . " Oh well. I'm a bad Mom because last week I wanted to BONG my youngest!!!

 I love my little creative space. Operative word - little. But - I'm very happy to have it! And it's MINE all mine. The entire room! It's green and pink and black and white and I can do anything in there I want. I can create to my heart's desire. I love it.

Well, last week, Justin decided he needed a new desk in his room. And went out and bought one. And proceeded to dump every stick of furniture he didn't want in his room any more - into MY SPACE! Literally! I walked up the stairs, and there it all was.

First I got mad. Then I was in a state of despair, cause I really needed in there to work and I couldn't even ENTER! Then the adrenaline kicked in. Good thing - because I had no clue what I was going to do.

Well, I started thinking. I had sooooooo many new things from our vacation that needed homes. So - long story short, when life gives you lemons . . . make some lemonade! It needed to be reworked and this was the kick in the rear I needed to get it done. So here is my re-done studio. It's more crowded than ever - but it's still my space and I love it! It makes me GRIN!



Here is the culprit I had to redo the entire room for. But I  love it!
It matches the entire bedroom set in Justin's room.
Which used to be our bedroom set.
When we purchased the set 18 years ago, 
it was our "forever" furniture. 
We got it at Ethan Allen. It's beautiful furniture!
Yeah, I know,  not very "guyish". I know . . . I know.

Before . . .


Before . . .


Before . . .


Remember Miss Lillian from South Dakota?

She insisted that she dress for the grand reopening of her new studio. 

I bought her vintage dress at an antique store in Colorado Springs.
And bought her apron at Anthropology.
I'm going to add some sassy black lace to it, to spiff it up a bit.

Who knew you could have such fun with an old dress form!
(Oh please don't tell her I said she was old - good grief!)

My BEAUTIFUL vintage hats! Love them!

Before . . .

After. I really need to make a new sign. . .

My other cute little form for some of my pretty necklaces.
Found this in Durango.
I had a pretty little vintage hankie and tied it with a ribbon.

Love my new little inspirational sign I found in South Dakota.
I just plopped it down the center of an old bobbin and wrapped
some vintage lace around it. Love it.

Some of my cameos . . . in a little glass candy dish I primped up.

LOVE this little silver tray! And my special gift tags.

Here is the new home for my precious books I found on vacation!

Well, that about covers what's new. Hope you enjoyed the tour. I love my room, but am still planning on toning down the color in January. We'll see! Stayed tuned!

Have a great weekend everyone! Hugs!



Joyce said...

Well, the room still looks fabulous! I can't imagine moving everything to paint in it really too bright? It looks pretty from the pictures.

I don't have a room but I have an enormous walk in closet that I want to organize to store my scrapbook, etc. 'stuff'...I need help! Too bad you aren't closer because I think you could do it!

I've been on vacation so am behind in reading posts and am going to attempt to catch up in the next few days. Oh, and yes I have wanted to bong one of my kids on occasion : )

Boo-Bah said...

The room looks wonderful and very organized compared to mine. I just moved in mine about a week ago and I know I could organize it more if I just had the know how.


Lisa said...

Your craft room is beautiful! I love the Ethan Allen furniture. It's perfect in your space! Tell Miss Lillian that she looks mah-velous!

my cup of tea said...

Wow! You and I have a lot of stuff in common! Our happy spaces are almost the same colors, I also have a dress form,her name is Ms.Manny(she was a $5.00 find at a yard sale last summer, shh.. she does not know she was cheap!Lol) she is dressed for the her favorite fall season right now! I will post some pics so check my blog soon. Your room is awesome! Great new layout!
Have a great day!

Theresa said...

That little stinker should have dumped that gorgeous furniture her in Georgia:) Love it all, great job!

Judi said...

Hi Karen
Oh I envey your room! I wish I had lovely room like that with all my crafting supplies and inspirations. You have done a wonderful job in there. Its the kind of place I'd like to just lost in it.
Everything is so very in the end it was really worth the aggrevation...

I love your dress forms and your organizers...ahhhh so nice!!

Thankyou for sharing...
we do love our kids though don't we....
It was so nice to have you visit!!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Karen,
OMG! When you told that story you could have just put the name Katie in and it would have fit perfectly! Three times this year she has done that to me, just when I think I have my little room the way I want she moves back in and takes the pics I have down, moves the furniture into my little room etc.etc. Your room is fabulous before and after too! I love that Ethan Allen and I think it would work anywhere! Oh and I love Lillian the dress form, you have outfitted her so beautifully I am sure she will be forever grateful! Great name, my calico kitty is named Lily! Karen, you should add this to Met. Monday tomorrow night, it's a fabulous one! Hugs, Cindy

A Hint of Home said...

Hi Karen,
I love what you did with the room. I would love to have a clothes form. Maybe someday I'll find just the right one.
I went back and looked at your cloches. You have a great selection and they are displayed so well. Love all the pumpkin and Fall things.
Have a great weekend.

Christine Edwards said...

Wow, that certainly looks like a lot of work, but the end result looks worth the effort. I can't imagine moving everything to repaint...although I'm kind of at the point as well.

Blondie's Journal said...


Your room is fantastic!! I could stare at the pics forever. I would love to have a craft room, we have a home office that never get's used, but it is so tiny and at at very quiet, unused area of our home (sounds perfect, right?).

I love your colors and that highboy is gorgeous!!

I love how a bad situation made you look at things differently. Sadly, that is what it takes sometimes, but you did good!!!

Love everything! Happy Crafting!!!


Nina Diane said...

it looks great....will you come and design my craft room...please

ceekay said...

Oh...please, I would love to spend a day in much eye candy...I don't have a room like that...want one....I'll just enjoy yours.

Debbie said...

I love the room! And you look so organized!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a great craft room. I am in the midst of carving a small space out for myself and can't wait until it is finished.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Everything looks wonderful girl...what's all the fuss?
Miss Lillian looks totally content with her spiffy Jessie Steele apron and gorgeous bling!!!! (Sophie's kind of jealous though, you know how she gets)
The desk is fabulous and filled with goodies, I'm sorry Karen...I don't see how this could be a catastrophe! Next time, have the little one throw his unwanted furniture to the curb and tell him to give me a call, I'll be there before the neighbors see a thing! ;)
Your room looks wonderful girl...I wouldn't change a thing, not even the color! I love it!!!!!!!!!

everything vintage

ps...I hope you are packed and ready to go play with Kim and the girls. Have fun for me too pa-lease! The hell with Sophie...I'M JEALOUS!!!! tee hee!!!

common ground said...

Hey Karen, I LOVE your space. Isn't that what a studio is all about? Cram as much stuff as you possibly can get into it, because, well, we are just so darn creative we have to have it there to get our hands on easily. I think I'm at the place, and you may be too, that one more thing and it will explode! Ahhhh, kids. Wait till they get married and want to bring what they don't want, BACK HOME! EEEK!

Mieke said...

Miss Lilian looks very pleased with her new environment and the secretary desk is gorgeous, you should forgive Justin !

Dawn said...

Oooohhhhh I'm so jelouse! I want a room of my own!!!!

Way to make lemonade. It's really a pretty room and looks like you gained a lot of storage. I love the pine furniture. As long as you still have room to do your thing I'd say "Thanks son!"


Stacey said...

What what a room! The colors, the organization, the creativity..I green with jealousy!

Stephenie said...

Your room really does look amazing.. I love how you have everything organized.. You have so much eye candy in your room.. I love your mani, she looks fabulous.. I also love all your jewlery.. Actually, I love it all..
Ps: I have those moments when I won't to Bong my son!!!

Sandra said...

Wow, lucky you! You have your own craft room! I need one for me. Someday. :)
I love how you have everything sooo organized. Very pretty.