Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Life's Twists and Turns . . .

I had every intention of posting a fun blog today. Here is what I thought . . .

Remember this cute little red suitcase?

And my cute little red car?

Well - this would explain it all!
I'm off for a fun filled weekend! All by myself . . destination . . . a SURPRISE!

But . . . I've heard from three different women in the past two days, each of whom have touched my life in a different way . . . and each of whom are going through some extremely difficult times. Two of them - I cannot even fathom . . . another, well . . . I've experienced that - kind of - not exactly - their situation I think is worse.

To lose a child - to miscarry - heartbreaking - I know. But in the back of my mind was "The Lord knows what He's doing. There is a reason for this - what? we just can't see right now."  The Hope I clung to was there can hopefully be another baby. For me - there was - for this young woman - maybe not.

To have a sick child. A very sick child. After a glimmer of hope, to now see nothing but despair. My heart breaks for her and her husband, and their only child.

To experience an extremely sick parent. Hmmmm. Lived through that. Was a living hell. Threw myself into an eating oblivion and depression which I am surprised I came out of, healthy and happily married after all. I'm so glad it's over. . . But not for her . . .

So as I drive away tomorrow morning, toward my weekend of relaxation and enjoyment, one that I have SOOOOOOO been looking forward to for the past couple of weeks, to my six hour drive by myself, these three women will be on my mind. One of them, I don't even know. One I've met twice,  now she feels somewhat like a daughter to me even though we are probably no more than 8 or 9 years apart in age. And the third, God only knows how and why we "clicked" the way we did, but I feel like I've known her forever. I wish I could just give her a hug . . .

Please pray for these three women. To find strength. To find courage.
And may each and every one of us go to sleep tonight - counting our Blessings.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Too Flippin' Cute!

My mailman hates loves me once again! (hehehe) Opened the mailbox last night to a cute little box.
"Oh VERY fun!"
You see - I won the cute little pink polka dot pumpkins from Dolly at From My Cherry Heart.

Have you ever seen such adorable pumpkins?
And she sent the sweetest little note with them.
Oh my goodness, I just LOVE them!!!

They are so tiny which makes them sooooooo sweet.

I placed one on my little crystal and saucer dish I made . . .
perfect fit!

Can you see the sweet polka dots?

Oh my gosh - just wasaaaayyyyyyy too cute! I don't think these are going to get packed away in my Autumn decor. I think these justify a year-round kind of  love! And I'll think of Dolly every time.

Thank you Dolly!!!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Glamis in the Imperial Sand Dunes

Sunrise. Saturday morning. It seems the world is still asleep.
No wind. Good riding weather.

A hint of clouds make a gorgeous sunrise.

I am by myself . . . for a little while at least . . .
until the other 100,000 people wake up.

Cleaning camp. A spotless camp is a must.
The Rangers issue tickets for so much as a bottle top.
Which is fine with me.
One half of camp -
Stacie and Andy's far left, middle my BIL Doug's trailer
Kid's trailer behind that and other BIL Rob's rig on the right.

the other half. Us on the left - Duane and Sheryl on the right.

A good time. Many a campfire been built in these dunes.
While sitting around this fire, all the cousins came up with some nicknames.
You see, they call their Uncle Doug, "Unc".
Well, they call their Uncle Rob "Unc" too.
And my Mark is "Unc" also.

Now it's like this -
Doug is still "Unc"
Rob is "Runc"
Mark is "Munc"
Brandon is "Bunc"
Justin is "Junc"
Steve is "Stunc"
And now Andy will be "Dad". :)

Beautiful days! But still really too hot to be here.

We are here one week earlier than normal.
Halloween weekend is the official "season opener" so to speak.

So what's it all about? Well . . . It's a sand thing!

Thousands of acres of beautiful wind swept dunes.
Some too tall for Karen. None too tall for Mark, Brandon and Justin.
It's quiet. It's gorgeous. It's very fun.
It's everywhere.
(It's also in your ears, your nose, your eyes, your hair, your shorts!)

You ride an assortment of things . . .
some like sand cars, other like sand rails,
me? I prefer a quad

But we just bought a new toy - A Razor . . . pretty fun

My nephew Steve, yes the new bridegroom.
He prefers two wheels . . . As do Brandon and Justin
But they still love their quads too

Paddle tires get you to the top of the tallest dune with ease . . .

And it's a blue sky thing . . .

An American thing . . .

A family thing. The kids' camp . . .

Hmmmmmm . . .  (as long as we get the keys
to the bikes once this comes out.)
Beer and sand go hand in hand, and so does responsibility.

My niece Stacie. Approaching her 2nd trimester
Nope - no riding for her. With her first kids - Molly and Tucker.
Miss Molly - awwwwwwww - what a face!

Stacie and her husband Andy take the dogs to the
other side of the road to throw the ball and let them RUN!
(see the pups waaaaayyyyyyy out there?

LOOK! A bump! I'm gonna be a Dad!!!! :)

You make your own shade. It was 101 this day. UGH!

"Morning Brandon."
"Morning Mom. What's with the camera so early?"

"Come on, get your gear on - let's go riding!"

My two sons. They love it here.
They've been coming here since they were infants.
"We must have more water here somewhere. . ."
"My my! How the trash pile has grown . . ." is what Mom is thinking.

"Can we go too? huh? huh? Please?"

"They can't go if we can't go!"

We came back from our Razor ride with Duane and Sheryl to
the other four kids hangin' out in our coach
watching the Chargers game.

One of Justin's best friends since 6th grade - Brandon
and his girlfriend Brandi. (Yup - two Brandon's and a Brandi.)
Hockey memories made together. I miss those days!
And they are now all 21. (except Justin - HA!)
Seems like yesterday . . .

Justin's beautiful friend Sarah, also around since the 6th grade.
"Come on Jorja, come see me . . . "

"Of course, I'm the most handsome of all . . .
Jorja doesn't come to anyone! But I come to everyone!
That's why everyone loves me best!"

Sunday at Noon.
The wind begins. The sand blows. Time to go.
But we'll be back soon!

We've been going to Glamis, located in the Imperial Sand Dunes, at the joint corner borders of CA, AZ and Mexico since 1977. A lot has changed. But good times await and the memories will always remain.

Fun times.  Ride safe!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween fun . . .

Today is Day 3 at Sharon's Fiberdoodles and Whimsy Halloween party! I'm late! So I'm posting just a few fun things I have about the house before we head out of town!

A few Vintage-style cards. Aren't they cute?

Just a few fun little things around the house . . .
Mr. Crow just HAD to get in the picture!

Miss Punkin Head - you should see her lit up!

The VERY FIRST Halloween decoration I ever bought . . . 1977

These little Halloween Chickadees are probably my favorite!

Found some cute vintage style Halloween gift bags!

I will try and post more next week . . .

I know it's early - but we will be out of internet range camping for the next four days so have a great weekend everyone!