Thursday, February 25, 2010

Outta here . . .

I've packed my bag and loaded it up in this . . . 
I'm headin' out at 7:00 AM

I will have this open the entire way . . . 
Singing at the top of my lungs
to whatever I happen to be listening to.

These are safely packed and waiting
to be handed out at lunch . . . 

And I'm so exited to be seeing everyone again!!!

Off for a LADIES WEEKEND in Arizona!!!!

Bye! Love you all! Hugz until I get back! 


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

GO USA!!!!

I just have to cheer for the men's USA Hockey team!

USA 2 - Switzerland 0
On to the final 4!!! GO USA!!!!

Now - for the WOMEN!!!!!
Playing tomorrow for the GOLD against my 2nd favorite Nation - CANADA!!!
Good luck to both teams - but GO USA!!!!!!!



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mothers . . .

How many of you remember your Mother saying this to you?

"I'm only doing this for your own good."

"Be careful what you wish for; you might get it.'

"If I had talked to your grandmother the way you talk to me . . . "

"Always put toilet paper on the seat - but don't sit down! Squat!"

"Don't sit so close to the televsion set, it'll ruin your eyes."

"The important thing is to get a good bra."

"Don't wear white until Easter or after Labor Day."

'If you want to be beautiful you have to be willing to suffer a  little."

"Get your hair out of your eyes!"

"Don't go in the water for 30 minutes after eating."

"Do you think your generation invented sex?"

And my favorite "Stand up straight" and then she'd dig her thumb into our spine. LOL

My sister and I always had to: lift our feet up, cross our fingers, touch the roof of the car, touch something blue, make a wish and hold our breath every time we went over the railroad tracks.

And we ALWAYS had to sit down and count to 30 if we forgot something in the house and had to go back in.

Just a little trip down memory lane for me today - I don't know what got me started thinking about my Mom. She was a hoot. "Lucy" legs and all.

Boy I wish she could see my kids!!!

Gotta go get my hair done . . . BYE!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

He Shoots . . . He SCORES!

Seems like just the other day . . . this was how we spent every weekend. Hockey tournaments. Both of our boys played, played well and took us traveling all over the US to their  tournaments.

(Justin - 4th grade)

But not any more - until the other day Justin looks at me and says "Hey Mom, I have a college tournament this weekend in Corona. The Ducks (Anaheim's NHL team) bought the facility and it's supposed to be nice now."

Mark jumped on his Harley and rode down to the first game while I concentrated on getting the baby shower book finished. They beat USC! WHOOO HOOO!!!!!! 2nd game - Mark came home - got rid of the bike and got me and back down we went.

Strange to look across the rink and see MEN playing where my kid should be. 
Where did my little boy go? Justin is #23, blue and yellow hockey pants.

Here we go!

GET IT!!!!!!

Ohhhhhhhh.  Not to be. "Nice save Goalie."

"I'm open!"

Scuffle around the net - pounding ... pounding . . . 

(I'm such a Mom!)

"Nice Goal Justin" "Thanks Coach" 


(I'd wave Mom but I'm trying to score here . . . besides, 
you didn't even get the puck in the picture!) LOL.

And the Goalie comes all the way out and poke checks it away.

Oh well! There is a very brief synopsis of my Saturday. We won all three of our games,
USC - 4 to 3, UC Irvine 6 to 1, Saddleback - 5 to 2, this is the college my FIL teaches at! (hehehe)
And Justin scored in all three games. YAY!

Today . . . NASCAR - nearby in Fontana! Hope it doesn't rain!

Thanks for letting me indulge in one of my favorite past times - watching one of my kids play hockey.

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Happy Dance

UH OH . . . Karen's doing her happy dance.
We thought we'd better warn you . . . 
She's grinning from ear to ear . . .

Why she gets so excited over a silly room is beyond us!

Now - getting excited over a chew toy - that's exciting!
Hmmmm - I know it's in here somewhere .. . 

We think everyone was kinda done with the green.

You do remember the green don't you?


This time, even Mark and Justin like it - that speaks for itself.
What is it about a room that can make someone so happy?

She was in there first thing this morning as the sun was coming up . . . 
taking pictures all around the room of the sun shining in.  

I think I'm much cuter . . . and I have my very own pink throne in here - 
Harley's got NOTHIN'!!!  Girls rule and boys drool!!!

"HARLEY! You're- you're - you're such a BOY!"

She isn't even done yet and she's as happy as can be! I mean, she has BARE SHELVES with nothing on them yet! Mark's lovin' it, but she told him, "Oh, just wait a week or so and we'll see what happens." It takes her a while to get things situated. But she loves puttering around.

Her new pink ORGANIZED closet. (bad light - sorry)
Only this one wall is actually pink . . . 
And she still has tags to make for the white storage boxes . . . 

Actually that little piece of wall under the cabinets is pink too . . . 

The silliest things make her happy . . . 
Like looking at all that stuff over and over 

I mean - who gets excited looking at 
canisters full of old ribbon and lace?
But she loves it! All of it. . . 

Especially stuff people make for her, or give her as a present.

I like presents!!!!

She's having a hard time getting a good picture of the 
exact color pink the one wall is . . . but this is pretty close.

And she really loves her new drapes! They are soooo soft and shimmery . . . 

Although she does need to get busy on a baby shower book she has to get done . . . she's going to run out of time!

Anyway - we thought we'd let you know she is dancing around up there . . . Women!

Licks from both of us - Jorja and Harley

oh! we belong to . . .

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day Swaps!!!

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you are visiting with everyone who is sharing their Vintage Valentines Swap from Dolly at From My Cherry Heart! Oh my goodness - we've had SUCH FUN!!!!  Dolly - thank you soooooo much for hosting such a fun time!
 Come on along and let me share with you what my partner and I swapped!
Through this swap I've had the wonderful oopportunity to get to know a new blog friend! 
Her name is Rebecca and her blog is Our Back Porch
Now she had a heck of a time even getting this swap done 
because she had two oral surgeries during it, but . . . she
did a wonderful, fabulous, couldn't be more perfect - job!

One big box in the mail lead to TWO inside! :)

Little one first! Look how pretty! With a beautiful rose
carefully wrapped on top! sigh.

Look at this vintage cameo heart vase! TO DIE FOR!
And a cute card with CHOCOLATE on it. (not literally!)

Box number 2!

We were married in 1980! Rebecca didn't even know that!
How perfect is this? Sigh.
Look at all the wonderful goodies! SO CUTE!

A princess - and so many little vintage goodies . . . 
More vintage goodies!
Look! The coins have Cupids on them! How perfect!
A beautiful vintage card and hankie. TO DIE FOR!
Rebecca even made me a Valentine.

The back.

This was my very first on-line swap. And it was so much fun to do. Meeting Rebecca . . . shopping for her. I just had the best time!

What's that? What did I give her? Well . . . OK, here is a peek.

Rebecca collects vintage red handled kitchen gadgets!
And cookie cutters too!
I know . . . a Hedgehog? But she was so soft, and so flippin' cute!
So I hung a little heart around her neck.
These are two old vintage brass findings 
that Joy and I found last year in Paso Robles!
I put them on some vintage lace.
I made her a small Valentine pennant . . .  
She collects birdhouses, so I made her a tiny one.
The shingles are all shaped liked hearts. 
I had such fun making this!
The back . . . 
if she turns the little tag over - there is her initial!
I had such fun - searching for what I hoped were the perfect Valentines Day surprises. Never having done this before, I wasn't exactly sure what to do, but just went with what I thought I would totally enjoy getting.

Rebecca - I love everything you gave me. Thank you for a perfect package!

Now go on over and check out more swaps at Dolly's.

And have a Happy Valentines Day!!!!