Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fun times!

Fun times indeed! Old friends and new friends. Gifts, gifts and more gifts. Food and more food. Here we go!
She did WAY too much! And once I saw this . . . 
I had a hissy fit. She had checked into attending the event
 and then thought it would be over her head. 
Look at that adorable covered match box she made! 
Filled with "hugs"!  awwwwwwwww :)
And this beautiful angel ornament . . . 
Can you see what it says? Makes me cry . . . 
I just love you Theresa!
Look at this lovely book . . . 
Filled with wonderful sweet quotes.
Janette Oke is one my favorite authors.
Now for my roommate gifts from Miss Jodie

Hmmmmm . . . do you see a pattern here?
I do! She wanted me to gain 20 pounds on this trip!
And then when I got home, there was this waiting for me . . . 
I've been really good. I got this far . . .
But when I read this . . . I stopped. Awwwwwwwwww  . . .
Well, almost . . . it was so tempting . . . But Mr. Harley sniffed out
something that smelled HEAVENLY so I took it out.
"Oh come on Karen, please can I eat it?"
(note the flour still in the fur!
they are finally at the groomers today!)
I'm waiting until Sunday to open it. I know I'm gonna cry. 
And when I show you - you're gonna cry too. 
Cause it's MINE. ALL MINE! (sorry! hehehe)

OK, back to Savannah. First night was the Welcome Night Soiree. (I'm borrowing a few pictures from Jenn. Thank you Miss Jenn!)
This was grand room* we entered into.
This was our place setting . . . goodies galore!
Look at that sweet fan!
And in the white eyelet fabric pouch was our name tag.
Too flippin' cute!
Of course, we had this pretty pink bag on our chairs . . .
What's that? What's inside? 
Be patient . . . that'll come in my next post.
Rosalyn Sue set up the most AWESOME
Southern Sweet Bar just FULL of yummy candies and goodies.
She just OUTDID herself. She was just an absolute sweetheart .
She took ill on the very last night there, but came
home today and is undergoing more tests. Please
put her on your prayer list. She is just so sweet and kind. 
Yup - we each got to fill up our own bag! :)
Then the Miss Jo Packham of Where Women Create
spoke while we all dined on lasagna and chicken. Good stuff!
Just look how cute these two are *. 
What an honor for Jo to spend the ENTIRE weekend with  us.
We started the evening off with peach martinis. *
Can you say YUM?
And ended it on a ghost tour of old Savannah. *
Of course, camera was left behind in the room . . . ;( 
But oh well. It was still just a great evening! 

Coming up next - the SWAPS!!! sigh.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm home! Sigh!

Hello sweet friends. I am back. Sigh. My wonderful time at my Art Event in Savannah is over.

And predictably, upon arriving home to the real world, I am SWAMPED.  Life truly does go on while we take a few moments out of our everyday life to just be, learn and create.

There is so much more to come later. But . . . it'll take some time. So much to decipher, so much to edit, so much to enjoy all over again.

It is too difficult to express how wonderful this event was for me. Petticoats and Parasols, hosted by Jennifer Hayslip. Jenn produced a top-notch, fabulous event. In every way. My thanks to her for taking this huge undertaking on so the rest of us could just enjoy while she stressed out (needlessly).  But it had to be perfect - and it was. Miss Jenn - if you only knew how much so. And I have to thank Tiffany, Christine, Rosalyn Sue and Jo for making this weekend such a HUGE success! The five hands helping each other all contributed to making this just an awesome event for all of us.

In so many different ways I learned so much. From meeting fabulous women who are so happy to share their knowledge and creative ideas, to learning some of our American history - both the good and the bad. I learned about the South, about it's people. I learned about friendship and what a wonderful thing it is. I even learned a few things about traveling and what NOT to do next time! (hehehe).

So here are just a few special moments of my trip.

Meeting Miss Theresa and rooming with Miss Jodie 
The beauty of Savannah . . .

and some of it's history . . . 
One of three very special evenings . . . 
perfect - down to the smallest detail. . . 
this lavish place setting was set for each of us
The adorable Jo Packham, who I never, ever 
dreamed of meeting let alone get to hug! :)
To get to know her on a more personal level . . . 
sigh! just never thought it would happen. 
the SWAP! (GASP!)
then back to the hotel room where Jodie & I 
stayed up until 2 am looking at it all!

Southern finery on our way to another special evening event
And an entirely creative day - albeit a rainy one . . . 
here -
at the Ford Plantation. (And this is the BACK!)
Ahhhh to live in the times of these gowns . . . 
Our wonderful projects. I can't wait to finish mine.
(no - I didn't not finish a single one while I was there.)

It was a special time filled with catching up with old friends, making new friends and creating memories I shall never, ever forget. I cannot wait until next time . . .

But for now, it's off to unload 2 BIG suitcases, overly packed and way too heavy for the airlines liking . . . (big frown), laundry, chores around the house, a bazillion Emails to read and answer (including several from the boss, which leads me realize I have to go back to WORK tomorrow and that'll be another zoo in and of itself) did I mention I have to unpack? But as I do so I will need to treasure each and every item as I unpack it . . . trying to remember and put faces to names again . . .  not to forget photographing it all . . .

Welcome back to the real world Karen!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

See ya later suga!

I'm off to Savannah! Sigh. I will not sleep one single, solitary wink tonight - I just know it.
I'll see you next Sunday and - yes! I'll take lots of pictures!

and NO! I am not taking the dogs with me!!! LOL!

:) Love and hugs!

Monday, April 19, 2010

HE did it - No SHE did it - No, HE did it!

Someone in our house left the door open to the pantry . . .

What? What did we do?
He made me do it Karen
 Na ahhhh. I'm being super good cause I wanna go to Savannah!
Why do I always get blamed for being the instigator?
(uh Gee! maybe because you are!)
This is what we got into! OH JOY!

My dogs are now covered in crusty PASTE! Up their little noses, in their eyes, in their ears  . . . and trust me on this one - the pictures DO NOT DO THE MESS JUSTICE!!!!!