Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Bloggers Sorority???

While at work the other day, my friend Jeanne's daughter Amy blasted through the room. This is a common occurrence now since she has moved back home for the summer. She attends USC and will be a Senior next year. Exciting stuff!

I love Miss Amy like she were mine. (I secretly wish she and my oldest would get together - but . . . do not envision it happening.) I've watched her blossom from a little Alice in Wonderland in first grade, to a beautiful and kind young woman.

But the new thing I've watched with her this past year is this ~ she joined a sorority. She shares an apartment with 3 of her sorority sisters and she is just having a ball. And it reminded me of someone.

Me. I'm having a ball with all of you!

It's like we have a sorority too! I guess the closest thing  to one I've ever experienced would be the PTA. Those women, all 60 some odd of them, over the 6 years I was immersed in it; were incredible.

And now I have all of you! :)

Don't you think we have a special something 
between all of us? 

I mean, we visit each other sometimes daily - we know each other's family and pets. We go on vacation with each other, and share our hopes and dreams. We are there for each other no matter what ~ no matter when.  Some of us have been fortunate enough to have met one another. At the very least - talk on the phone. We share our creations, our homes, our visions. Don't you think this is an awesome thing we have going?

So I think we should create 
our very own "Sorority".

I'm not quite sure how far I want to take this . . . so I'm open for suggestions. I've been thinking about it for the past couple of days, and mentioned it to a few friends to see what they thought. We could name our sorority, I can have a button made, and we can proclaim our special "sorority day" by having a special blog party. I have some ideas, but would love to hear what the rest of you think about this idea?

Please Email me or comment on this post as to what you think! I can't wait to hear from you!  I'll be reading them over the next week or so to see what transpires. And I'll let you know!

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day.



Thursday, May 27, 2010

A cuff . . .

All I can say is ~ wow!

I won a giveaway from Lynn Stevens' blog Trash to Treasure Art. I actually kind of won by default - the other girl whose name was called never responded, so Lynn picked another name and LUCKY ME ~ she picked mine!

I won one of Lynn's handmade cuffs.

It is absolutely beautiful. I will wear this with pride! Thank you so much Lynn!
Go visit Lynn and see what else she has. She does just gorgeous work!

Just had to share . . . thanks for looking!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Long Weekend - Part II

Ready? Here we go! Day Two.

Saturday morning - we each piled into our own Jeep and headed down the road to some old favorites and some new wineries to discover.

The weather was just the best. A little nippy because of the wind, 
but it made for a gorgeous day!

Spanish moss! In California! Who knew?
Almost missed the sign. I must say - Le Cuvier has turned 
into my favorite most expensive winery. Their people were
so incredibly knowledgable, and they had a wonderful
set up in with all the vats of wines. 
There were different tables as you entered the cool huge room, 
and you tasted them in order ~ beginning with whites. 
Each station hosted two wines and was paired with the perfect foods.
Outstanding! We bought our first $95 of wine. :)
We are going to save it for our 30th wedding anniversary come Sept.
Back up to Tolo, which we all love . . .
but Joy has a problem . . . 
"Karen ~ my battery is dead . . . "
Flowers everywhere! I wish I could post with you
how wonderful everything smelled.
Guys hung out with a good cigar or two . . .

While the ladies did the tasting. Well . . . occasionally we'd
call them over. "You HAVE to taste this one!"
With our pourer ~ I'm sorry - his name has slipped my mind.
Load back up and on to the next one.

Some wineries remove the weeds, other let them go . . . 

We found this old table . . . 
under this old Oak tree . . . 
and had ourselves a picnic.
Back in the Jeeps ~ onward! 
(I was sooooo ready for a nap by now . . . )

Loved this farmhouse . . . I could retire here quite nicely!

Our next winery was Calcareous. 
This was a tribute to the owner. 
This was probably the most beautiful winery I've ever seen.
The flowers, the landscaping . . . 
the picnic area . . .
roasting boars . . . 

fabulous views - I mean REALLY fabulous views
The guys taking it all in while the ladies?
YUP! Tasted!
I went outside to sit and just relax. 
 I just took in the view. 
I'm thinking this landscaping would look really good at my house . . . 

And this is where Karen had had enough of lugging the heavy camera around and it was tucked safely away in the back of the Jeep, along with cases of wine.  After this winery we went to my FAVORITE ~ Grey Wolf ~ and then back to the coaches for a fresh fish and filet mignon dinner BBQ'd by the men and served to the ladies. All paired with the perfect wine.

The next morning Joy and I went to two more wineries; our every day favorite - J Lohr. And then on to L'Aventure Winery - which was a new one - owned by a fabulous French winemaker and his family. Fabulous but PRICEY! Then we packed it all up and all stopped at one last one on the way out of town. Tobin James. VERY fun place!

So until next year . . . a fabulous time was had by all!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Long weekend . . .

Guess where I've been? Our annual trip to Paso Robles! Wine Country! For 3 days! WHOO HOOO!!!!!
For anyone not familiar with where Paso Robles is - Central California, right smack dab in between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and not quite on the coast by Morro Bay (Hearst Castle), but it gets enough of the marine influence to grow some fabulous grapes and make great wine!

Entering into the valley . . . 
Gorgeous weather. A little chilly with the wind, but better than 
last year when it was 110 in the shade.
Our campground . . . 
Our spots were great - all three together sharing the same patio areas.
Duane and Sheryl behind us.
Dale and Joy across the grass.
By 10:30 AM Friday morning - the ladies were off haunting the antique stores.
But 3:00 rolled around and were ready to taste!
OK - Let's go!!!

First stop Friday afternoon ~ Wild Horse. O! M! G!
Karen became a member. Had to. Awesome wines.
You can get their wines in some markets.
But you can't get the good stuff!

Tasting. Joy brought us ladies fresh leis she had made.
She has been a member here and told us they're having a big luau!
So we went - but she got the dates wrong. 
The luau was the next day.
Taste on - and enjoy the barrel tasting and food in the back
amongst the giant vats of aging wines. YUM!
(Dale is such a snuggler . . . )

I'm busy doing my thing - and I hear Mark cry out "OH MY GOD!!!" 
I turn around and there are our old friends, Benji and Gidget.
(yes, those are their real names - no nicknames.) 
They had escaped up to Paso Robles for their wedding anniversary!
You know their son Brandon - he goes to Glamis with us.
He celebrated Justin's 21st birthday with us.
I've posted him on several occasions. He might as well be my son.
Our Justin and their Brandon have been like brothers
since Jr. High.

How awesome is this? So they joined our group and 
came back to our camp with us for a private tasting in the RV park 
and then dinner at the coachs.
After the tasting where I didn't take the camera,
we started with some fresh shrimp cocktails, dips,
cheeses and crackers.
Great time! Great food! Great friends.
Dear old friends! Happy Anniversary! We love you!
The only shot I have of Joy's fabulous chicken kabobs!
We continued the Hawaiian theme with my Wailea Salad
Sheryl's grilled veggies . . . 
Some fabulous fresh fruit
My first pineapple of the season and it was so sweet!
And some GREAT wine!

Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow. :)
Thanks for coming along!