Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two Little Treats

Sigh. Ever had something unexpected just show up in your mailbox? 
That happened to me last week. It just made my day!
I think I've created a monster.
CeeKay from Thinkin' Of Home
has turned into an ALTERED ART MANIAC!!!
She is now entering swaps and creating beautiful things!
She is asking about classes and on-line classes too!
And to think, when I first got to know her, 
I thought she didn't know what crafting was . . .
I was trying to introduce her to it . . .
HA! Little did I know!
(Since then, we've gotten together a few times and
I've had the privilege of getting the "grand tour"
of her WONDERFUL home. You must go visit her blog!)
Anyway, she sent me this darling little box she made, 
full of wonderful little beads -
for no other reason than "because".
Life is good! I just adore you Miss CeeKay.
Thank you Babe!

And then - wonder of wonders - a few days later, 
this little guy arrived! 
I had won an "extra" giveaway from 
Is he not the cutest little thing?
He is flat! She made him out of paper!
Doesn't he look 3D?
I wish you could see the detail. 
He is just waaayyy too adorable.
Zandra has the most amazing talent for scrapbooking and crafts. 
Please go visit her blog. Her posts are just amazing 
and you'll just sit there and drool all over your keyboard. 
Guaranteed. I did! You'll be so happy you 
did! (not drool but visit her I mean . . . )
Thank you Zandra. He now has a special place 
on my Inspiration Board
I'm so glad he arrived safe and sound. :)

So these were my two little treats - my wonderful new treasures that make me smile that I just had to share with you!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Did you hear . . .

Have you heard the news?
There are over 200 Sisters 
in the Sorority now!

WOW! That's all I can say! WOW!
This is so COOL!

But there's more! 
Here is a list of the newest "sisters". 
Go on over and say hello!

The Norman Five
 Starlight Primitives
 Janet's Art Play
 Grammy Girlfriend
 Something Special
 Peggy's Mixed Up Art
 EMS Arts
 Roses, Cakes & Pearls
 Fabric Art 
SewNso's Sewing Journal                      
Jerri's Junque
Fabulous Finds Studio
Elbows on My Windowsill
Candi's Eye Candy
Anne Fannie's Green Acres
Through My Garden's Gate
Shabby Cats and Roses
All my Artist Trading Cards
My Gramma's House
Calamity Anne's Adventures
Paper Craft Pleasures
Dena E's
Primitive Country Treasures
Hunted Treasures
Feathering An Empty Nest
Frippery, Fluff and Finery
Another Summer of Fun
Poems My Way
Homemaking in High Heels
Restoring Her Legacy
Dogs Mom
Artful Interludes
A Danish Bearmaker's Studio
Piece's on My Mind
Pawprints and Papercrafts with Ginger
My Grama's Soul
Biljana Shabby
Kimberly's Korner
Everything is going to be all right 2
A Vintage Obsession
Sew Loquacious
Mania to Create, Recreate, Invent
A Dancing Mango
Tres Chic
Tea Party Land
NatahsaMay Art World
Sally's Journal
Crazy 4 Art 4 U
Ragamuffin's Studio
Kuntry Charms
Life and Fibromyalgia

All of the links on my sidebar should take you directly to a blog. If it doesn't - please let me know. If you don't see your blog, please Email me directly. There are a few who signed up that I cannot find out there in blogland and left no Email.

I will try and update the list every few days. 
We're exhausted!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Very quick . . . I'm going to rearrange the list!

But I wanted to give you fair warning before I do. I know a lot of you will go down the bloglist and visit each one who has "rushed".  But what I need to do is add 35 more blogs who want to be in the Sorority. To do this - I need to alphabetize the list. Which will mess everyone up who is following along on the sidebar. So my advice would be to print the list now! Just copy/paste it to a word doc or a pages doc if you have a Mac.

I will keep a copy of who has rushed in sign-up order, just in case anyone wants to refer to it . . . just email me and I'll email it out to you. But as of Monday or Tuesday morning, the sorority list will be updated and alphabetical. SORRY! I never EVER dreamed there would be this many Sisters! (how awesome is this?)

I hope everyone had a great time at the party and working on their projects. They all turned out so wonderful - I am amazed by everyone's creativity!

I have a few things in the works and as soon as we put something together, I'll let you know what is next on our Sorority agenda!


Thursday, June 24, 2010


Welcome to our new 
Bloggerette Sorority! 
I cannot believe the day is finally here! 
From a lunch date with a girl who 
might as well be my daughter - 
listening to her as she 
talked about her Sorority - 
to a hair-brained idea come to fruition.

And today is RUSH day! 

What does that mean?
Our rush project was to take this photo... 

And create something beautiful 
with these lovely "sisters".
No other rules - well except one. 
We have to take our new creation 
and take our picture with it.
Now we can all see what each other looks like! 

That's my Mom - I mean me! (really?)
(Let me tell you - I have earned every line and wrinkle I have!) 

So here I am 
in our backyard with my picture. 
I am a born and raised 
Southern California girl!

I stained an artist canvas 
and worked around it from there.

 Having never been in a sorority - 
I am really looking forward to meeting everyone!

And remember, if anyone wants to host 
a Sorority party, just let me know.
Some awesome women have stepped 
forward and volunteered.
So stay tuned for some scheduled events 
in the coming months.  
I think we are going to have a 
good time as we embark on this journey.

Thanks everyone - this "sisterhood" we have discovered in each other has literally changed my life. I just can't imagine what life would be like without the incredible, wonderful women who are now a part of it. I love you all!

Click on the Sorority blogroll 
on my sidebar 
to visit all our Sorority Sisters!
I can't wait to see everyone! 

NOTE! Some of our newest Sisters - from Jill at "Untie the Ribbons" on down - have joined just today! They might not have their Rush project done by Friday but they will get it done. Give them some time and be sure to visit each of them over the weekend! Thanks!

Have a great day!!!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sorority Update

As of this writing we have 137 Sorority Sisters! 
From all over the world!

Belgium, Germany, Great Britain,
Canada, the Philippines, 
and the United States

Needless to say, Friday is looking like a big day! I was thinking in order to accommodate everyone's time zones, if you can have your "Rush" post ready to go by Thursday at 3pm PST, that'll help. 
If not - no worries! 

To sign up for the Sorority - please leave a comment on the "sign-up" post.
Just click on the button on my sidebar!
It's never too late to join!!!

Be sure to visit all your new Sisters 
and get to know them. 
I am just amazed at the 
diverse group we have! 
It has been suggested that we leave the name of the Country or State you live in on your "Rush" post, and maybe we can begin some real get togethers! 
Thanks for the idea Cindy!

To visit everyone, you will just click on their blog name on the Sorority List on my side bar. I've tried to keep the list in order from who joined first . . . but after the party if we continue to add more Sisters, it will be in alphabetical order. It's just easier for everyone and will be much easier for me. 

I hope I have everyone listed. If you don't see your name, please let me know.

I'm so excited! 
I can't wait to see what everyone has created!

As for future Sorority plans - you will be so pleased at the people who have volunteered to help! We have tutorials and swaps beginning to shape up . . . so stay tuned! I think this will be a fun adventure for us all! 


See you at the PARTY!!!!!!!  
Oh girls - this is gonna be fun!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create II . . .

We get to do it! We get to do it! Karen said yes! 
We will be hosting her post of Where Bloggers Create II
created by none other than 
Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage.  

OK . . . ready? A~hem!
I'm Jorja - the PRINCESS GIRL dog - I'm on the left.
Yo! I'm Harley - I'm a dude - I'm on the right.

WELCOME! to our doggie room Karen's studio!!
Where dogs rule us pups have a little space too.
Come in! Let us show you around. Have you been here before?
Please pardon the doggie gates . . . yeah, we tend to chew, wander, take a leak,
Uhhhh . . .get into trouble when we are up here so 
Karen locks us up where she can see us..
At the top of the stairs - hang a right please turn right.
This is where Karen's computer is.
Come on through here and we'll show you 
the most important part of the room!
Our beds! 
Whoops, I mean. . . Gee we are so lucky that Karen
gave us this tiny little space under a table in her studio!
Now if you were here last year . . . 
you might remember her studio looked like this! 
It was green. And had a lot more room in it.
That's cause she didn't have so much crap, junk, stuff in it.
Mark liked it better 'cause he could come up and sit with her.
BUT! She wanted pink! All us Girls like pink!
Plus she's bought  a lot more crap, junk, uhhhhhh STUFF!
Now - remember how she was complaining that 
the sun hadn't come out in days?
Well, we snuck in here and took some pictures early this week.
We kinda got in trouble . . . but then she was glad. 
Even if she did have a mess. 
She's like that. She has always said ,
"It's our home - not a showcase house.
Come on in and make yourself at home."

OK  . . . this was a normal day, nice and tidy.
And this just happened to be on the day we took pictures. (hehehe)
It looks like there is so much stuff in here . . . 
but there really isn't. 
Karen keeps it very clean. She hates dust!

Did you notice you ran smack dab into 
first encountered this low table when you entered the room?
Justin hates doesn't like that table. 
He says he's going to run into it one night when
he gets home so late and it's dark.
Karen told him he could move out any time! :)
Karen loves what is on this table.
She is a visual person.
She likes to be able to see all of her junk everything  . . . 
All her very special velvets! 

It all makes her smile.

OK, she told us to be quiet and just let you wander on through - 
so we'll be quiet now. 

(This figurine and the plate were her Mom's . . .)

Over to your left . . . 

Back over to the right of the paper table . . . 
Her special little yard sale find!
It's actually a wine display case from the market!
Special stuff she can't live without stored on top!
Yeah but . . . where's the wine?
Oh Harley! 
Movin' on continuing to the right . . . 
This cabinet she uses for storage of things 
she doesn't use all the time.
Her inspiration board! She loves this.

Cards and special things from her Mom.
And her niece Heather . . . 
Movin' on before she starts bawling, crying . . . 

Special "one of a kinds" . . . 
Very special books and gifts!

Special projects from Savannah . . . 

Her sewing table . . . 
Her very special pin cushion from Marty at
A Stroll Thru Life . . . 
Appropriately in a cloche! 
Her other inspiration board (I know! She has TWO!)
and her typeset tray with the rest of the BLING in it.
And loads of paper underneath it.
Her fabric stash
Her vintage hats. She just can't tear them apart.
Her friend Joy says she isn't going to let her buy any more.
(That pink one on the right is new - 
she found it Saturday while out flea marketing with ~ 
who else? Joy!)
What's in front of her . . . on a clean day! 
Can you read what's written on the wall?
How sweet is that?

Everything in it's place ~
Just look at all that #@!@**#. . . 
You remember Lillian don't you?
("Hi Sophie!" {{wave, wave}})
Well . . . that's the doghouse
errrr .  . . Karen's studio. Mess and all! :)

We'd like to thank you for joining us! 
See you next year!
No we won't . . .
Yes! We will . . . 
Nope, Karen's gonna be all mad cause I called her stuff junk.
Well she won't be mad at me . . . I'm a girl!
Yes she will! You get into just as much trouble as me ~
maybe even more because you always start it!
Harley! Shhhhh, they're still here! They can hear you! 
Well, I'm right and you know it . . . 
You are not.
Am too!
Are not!

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Let me know how those two rascals did!