Thursday, June 24, 2010


Welcome to our new 
Bloggerette Sorority! 
I cannot believe the day is finally here! 
From a lunch date with a girl who 
might as well be my daughter - 
listening to her as she 
talked about her Sorority - 
to a hair-brained idea come to fruition.

And today is RUSH day! 

What does that mean?
Our rush project was to take this photo... 

And create something beautiful 
with these lovely "sisters".
No other rules - well except one. 
We have to take our new creation 
and take our picture with it.
Now we can all see what each other looks like! 

That's my Mom - I mean me! (really?)
(Let me tell you - I have earned every line and wrinkle I have!) 

So here I am 
in our backyard with my picture. 
I am a born and raised 
Southern California girl!

I stained an artist canvas 
and worked around it from there.

 Having never been in a sorority - 
I am really looking forward to meeting everyone!

And remember, if anyone wants to host 
a Sorority party, just let me know.
Some awesome women have stepped 
forward and volunteered.
So stay tuned for some scheduled events 
in the coming months.  
I think we are going to have a 
good time as we embark on this journey.

Thanks everyone - this "sisterhood" we have discovered in each other has literally changed my life. I just can't imagine what life would be like without the incredible, wonderful women who are now a part of it. I love you all!

Click on the Sorority blogroll 
on my sidebar 
to visit all our Sorority Sisters!
I can't wait to see everyone! 

NOTE! Some of our newest Sisters - from Jill at "Untie the Ribbons" on down - have joined just today! They might not have their Rush project done by Friday but they will get it done. Give them some time and be sure to visit each of them over the weekend! Thanks!

Have a great day!!!



Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Hello sister!!

I can't tell you how excited I've been waiting for this day to arrive!!

I just love your "rush" project, so beautiful as are you!!

Lines, what lines?!?!?! Too funny, I'm a Northern California girl, born in San Francisco!

I am looking forward to lots of parties with my sisters!!


Cindy said...

Howdy from Texas!! Girl you look just fine!!
I thought you would of been wearing your pearls..but that's okay! lol

I'm up and running in my blogging neighborhood..we Texans can't wait to visit with the rest of the world.

Big hugs..and Big thanks for all your hard work!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Rebecca said...

Hey girly! YOU LOOK GREAT! I cheated and put a photo of me and my hubbs in my picture. HOPE that is OK!

Love your RUSH project. You are sooo funny and sweet. Your talented little self is BEAUTIFUL, too~

Thanks for the GREAT parTEE!


zandra said...

Hi Karen! Love your project, especially, the roses! ;o) Hope, you got your little package. Thanks for hosting such a great party! Can't wait to meet everyone and for the upcoming events!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Karen, I have enjoyed meeting you at this wonderful rush party. Oh, I hope I get in to this sorority because I look forward to lots of fun swaps and parties and maybe meeting some Virginia sisters. :) Come on over and help me put up posters. xoxo Lynn @theVintageNest

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Karen my dear,
Your creation is stunning! You really outdid yourself girl, what a beautiful job!
I am so happy that we have gotten to meet and I sure am going to try to get out there in August.
This is such a fun idea and I better go work on my post!
Kudos to you my dear! And you look adorable too!
Hugs, Cindy

sissie said...

Hi Karen my Bloggerette Sister!
I am having so much fun looking at everyone's projects. This is so much fun and I'm glad to be participating.

I love what you have made and you look wonderful posing for the camera.

This is just the beginning of some very good times.


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh Karen, I love your picture. All the beautiful rose and detail with the lace and everything that you always do is just stunning. You look wonderful, and I havn't seen any wrinkles. This is such fun and I am just amazed at all the wonderful creativity. Love ya. Hugs, Marty

Debra@Common Ground said...

Karen, this is just such a fun and fresh idea, I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's individual "take" on their project.
Love the concept of "sisterhood", and that's what this blogging community really has become.

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen I am starting to see the 'rushes' come up and they are precious, so guess I will get mine up.

debi said...

Karen, you Cutie! I'm so excited about this sorority...what an awesome idea!

Your canvas is absolutely Gorgeous!!
I'm thinking that by the time I finish 'copying' everyone's beautiful ideas, I'm going to have that picture everywhere! hehe

Anonymous said...

Wrinkles...schminkles! We've all got them! You're adorable!

And wonderful picture of the BLOGGERETTE Girls!

I'll be posting mine in a moment!

Thanks for being our QUEEN!


Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Hello look great! Beautiful picture. I love those flowers...I can't wait to see all the creations. My post is up!!yeah, I made it!!

TheNormanFive said...

I just saw this on Cindy's post at Rick-Rack and Gingham. I would love to join if it isn't to late....

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, this is just so cute! You did a great job and your idea really came to life. I am coming across some neat things on my blogroll. I would have participated but I am so not the crafty type. This is, however, inspirational!! You did a great job and you look darling in your photo!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Sister Karen. That is just gorgeous. All that detail. This is just too fun. I guess I better go post mine now. I think I got my mom's picture in mine, too ;~)

Doris Sturm said...

Your project turned out lovely - as did some of the other ladies' that I saw - - -

I guess I'll have to be kicked off the list, because I didn't manage to do my project on time - but I guess one less won't matter since you have so many participants. I'm very sorry. I had grand ideas, but time got away from me.

I hope you don't mind if I still check in once in a while to see what you all are doing?

BLISS angels said...

Woo Hoo at last.. I didn't think this day would ever get here...I'v been so excited and now it's here.

and as your sister I have to say I don't see any lines, what are you talking about??? oh! maybe you mean lines on the canvas??? you are so funny... Hugs ~Wendy from Blissangels

~CC Catherine said...

Girlfriend, I can't believe how "popular" you are these days! :) I'm loving it! I still remember how we met when you won my drawing... Too cute! This Sorority Idea is tremendous and what you did with the photo is as well! I love it! The little satin flowers are priceless, and I'm sure of it, made them!

You, my dear, are lovely as well! And wrinkles? They are not wrinkles, they are love lines that over the years define the depth of your heart to those that come closest to you! Be proud of them, I am of mine~ :)

Best of luck with this new venture ~ If I can ever get life to slow down enough, I'll be blogging more again. I'm not sure it's gonna happen though unless I start getting up in the wee wee hours of the day before I go off to work.

Hugs Friend....Did I tell you that the court situation was a Victory in our favor? God PROVIDES! xoxo ~CC Catherine

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Karen, so happy to be joining you. Your post is beautiful.

Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting this together for us.

We love you girl!
Barb ♥

bj said...

O, Karen, this is so sweet..just darling.
This is all so much fun..and altho I don't have a creative bone in my body, it was fun working with the cute photo... and I feel just as you do...I love all my sister friends in Blogland.
And, speak softly when you say the word might not know me well yet so I will get things straight, right off the bat. I am 72 years old and my ...shhhh...
wrinkles are now turning into craters...bwaaaaaaa...
xo bj

Jo said...

How great! I love your project it is beautiful! I misunderstood I thought you meant we had to be in the photo...

The Paper Princess said...

What a gorgeous project Karen - I'm so excited to be a part of this!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sister Karen,
That kinda sounds like church, but whatever! Thanks so much for being our housemother! Your art is gorgeous! I too am a Californian from Bakersfield transplanted to Missouri. This is gonna be fun! said...

Looks great! How fun!!

Roberta said...

Woo Hoo Karen...I'm all done with my RUSH and have come to join the PARTY! I took a different spin on my project and did a RUSH RIBBON...but don't worry it has both photos on Have a great evening and I'm off to drink some wine and find all the Sisters!

Ginger said...

Karen I just love your creation with the canvas. It is too cute. I just love it, so girly!! Thanks for all you did to get this great sorority going. Looking forward to more surprises Im sure you have in store for us.

glitter and roses

June said...

Karen your project is beautiful, just like you! Great picture of you and your artwork!!! Hey, now I've got wrinkles and I too have earned them. I just turned 55 yeaterday, so you can just imagine how crinkly I am getting.


Lori said...

i have been over to visit some of the sisters, and i wanted to pop over and tell you that this is the cutest idea...i am loving seeing what the girls made with their images...your creation is beautiful!!!

Lisa said...

Your art canvas is spectacular! But I knew whatever crafty thing you did would be fabulous! Thank you for doing this and for being such dearheart.:)

MosaicMagpie said...

I too wondered how my mother had gotten a hold of my project and had her picture made with it! :)
Your picture is lovely and I am having so much fun visiting all the sisters. I never had a sister before now more than 100! Thank you so much for starting this great idea.

A Vintage Chic said...

Karen--this is so much fun! I'm at my parent's house after a long trip yesterday...we're about to go out to dinner, and I just couldn't resist popping into blogland to check out what was going on with the party!

LOVE what you created--and you're absolutely beautiful, my friend! I really think we need a California gathering one of these days! (I'm in the Monterey area).

Can't wait to visit everyone...such a wonderful bunch of ladies!

Thanks for getting this started--so looking forward to everything!


The French Bear said...

Karen, thank you for hosting this great event. I have my posting up and already received some wonderful comments!!! I am off to see what everyone else has made! I love your art picture...I knew it would be lovely!!!
Margaret B

debbie said...

Hello Sister Karen,
I just joined this evening at 5:25pm and I have accomplished everything on the list project is drying and I need to take a picture. TALK ABOUT RUSHING. I did not see Simply Debbie on the list but I know how very busy you are.
Your project is so very pretty and you have a beautiful smile.
Hugs and Blessings
Simply Debbie

BelleSouth said...

Hello sisters!!

I put mine up earlier today and have already had some stop by and have visited a few myself. I don't see my name over on the left though, so not sure what's happening. I'm Rebecca from A Rabbit In The Garden.

Noticed we had two Rebecca's in the group- shall we do last name initials, such as I would be Rebecca C.?

Let me know, don't want to have confusion!

Rebecca C


BelleSouth said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Liz said...

WOOHOO! My post is up!

I am so excited! Thank you Karen so much for coming up with this great idea and sharing it! It is sooooo much work for you.

I love your SisterFriend creation! It is darling. I'm hanging mine by my desk. :)


Shelia said...

Oh, Dear Karen, now what do we call you? Sorority Queen? :) Sorority Mom?
Well, this was just genius of you to put this together! What fun I've had 'creating' my Rush projects!
Now your creation is gorgeous! Love your roses and how you've dressed up the photo.
Thank you again for thinking of this fun party!
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Rhondamum said...

Hey Karen! You are gorgeous and I am so honored to have your as our sorority's president, lol. I LOVE what you did for "Rush". Did you make the flowers yourself? I am still learning how to make flowers like that. I used some on my project as well, but mine were a gift.

I am really looking forward to getting to know you and the other sisters better. I can't wait to see what adventures are in store and I'm sure I will host a party at some point as well. If I can do anything, just let me know.

Hope to chat soon!

Elyse said...

hi pretty karen!

i am so sorry. i just didn't get a chance to make or post anything. :( the boys and i spend all day at our local pond and at night i've been pooped from the new summer routine. i love your inspired idea and am so excited for you at all of your sisters. great idea to have everyone include a photo, too.

sorry to be a "bad" sister. i'm visiting though! hope that counts. :)


Beth A. said...

Karen, Thanks again for hosting our sorority! You'll never believe it but when I looked at my picture, I thought I looked like my mom too! Glad to know I'm not the only one. And I'm starting to act like her too! Love your art and so glad to be a part of the sisterhood!

Shellbelle said...

A lovely project, I adore roses and your ribbon roses are beautiful. I lived in Southern California most of my life and it is still my favorite place in the world!

Thanks for starting this sorority, I do believe we are going to be having a lot of fun getting to know each other.

Happy Rush Day!

Our Back Porch said...

Oh Karen! That is just gorgeous girl! But I knew whatever you made would be! Thanks again for getting this going for us! I have visited half of the list tonight, and will finish up the other half tomorrow and Saturday. Thanks again, sweet friend.

Hugs and Blessings,

Theresa said...

Oh Sweet Friend! I love your creation but I knew I would! It is gorgeous just like YOU! Thanks for hosting this party, I can't wait to hop around and see what others have created!

Love you bunches my Susta!


JoAnne said...

Happy Rush Day Queen Sister! You look beautiful, your rush project is beautiful and so is this awesome idea. Off to visit some sisters...

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

I love those colors, Karen! Thanks so much for hosting! ♥

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Karen:
I did my project and posted it yesterday...but missed the part about taking my photo with it. Darn! I'm in Wisconsin until Monday, but will add my photo as soon as I get home. I hope I can still be in the sorority!
Thanks for being such a fine hostess!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Hey there my sista!
Im up and running and proud to be a member of such an elite club!

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Hi Karen,
what a beautiful "rush" project- certainly doesn't look rushed. It's a work of HeART!!! Hope you'll mine! Thank you for thinking of this- it's fun already, and it's just started! Patsy from

Maria said...

Hello from Australia,

Karen your altered canvas looks beautiful, thankyou so much for bring us sister's together....
This has been such a fun project to make for our Rush.....
Here is mine

dana said...

Whew!! I finally GOT ON MY COMPUTER (my daughter needed it for course work she's taking this summer semester....rats!!!). Anyway, Karen, I think you look darlin' standing there with your Bloggerette Creation!! Your work was wonderful...and after visiting your Where Women Create post...I can see you are a professional designer!

You don't know what real wrinkles are, girl, until you take a look at MY face. I truly do look just like my mom did...I earned many, too, but mom gave me the rest! :)

The only sorority I was ever in was an educational one...years ago...and it was BORING!! I'm thinking this one of yours will be such a blast!!

OK..I'm really tired...I'll be back in the morning to visit the many other sisters....I can hardly wait!!


PS Thanks for the computer advice..did I see an IMac and wireless keyboard in your "studio"? :)

Cortney Lyon said...

My 'Rush' is complete and posted! Yes! I love the flowers you created! Have you ever posted directions on how to make them, or will you be posting instructions? I'd love to learn...

I'm off to explore all the sisters! Thank you so much for hosting, I look forward to the next event.

Mimi said...

I feel terrible, I hope to have my project done by FRIDAY!!!!
I have been sick all week with a sore throat and have had company and watched baby 3 full days!!!!OH MY, so many excuses, I use to be a get it done early so I could rest and relax kind of girl, or in school so I could PLAY!!!!
I promise to get it done!!!may not be anything as great as yours and a few I have seen already, BUt I will get it done!!!!
I also need my daughter to get the button onto MY blog, or can I copy and paste it????
OH I have so much to do on friday!!!!
Love yours!!!And the darling pic!!!!I saw NO wrinkles!!!!!

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Karen, my project is done, but I forgot to post a pic of me, sooo.will have to take care of tha in the morning Friday because right now I am in my jammas..well that would have been interesting lol.

Im all for a California blogger get together!

Babydoll1962 Kreativ Ecke said...

I just finish my projekt. I may not be an Angel but it felt so right to be an angel on my pillow, Thanks for this heavenly projekt.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Absolutely a perfect job of framing the photo. Since I have no printer working, I tried the next best thing---I used my computer program to 'do the initiation'.

Thanks for the invitation to join!!

This will be a fun and exciting venture!!

My 'framed work for initiation/rush' is now posted---scroll down below the flower photos! Do come by if you have time today, I'd love to have you visit with me.


Becky said...

I love how your project turned out. Thank so much for all your hard work!

Patty said...

Good morning sweet Karen!

Your RUSH project is absolutely beautiful as you are too!

Can't wait to meet more sisters...especially in Kansas.

Enjoy hugs & a fun party all day long!

Patty Cake

Mollye said...

Hi Karen, Please thank all the sisters for remembering me and my family during th death and funeral of my son this past week. I love you all so much and have been so touched.

Your creation is beautiful. I did post something just now with my image but it is not finished. Love sll you sisters, Mollye

Kim said...

You look beautiful! Love what you did for the party. Have an awesome weekend!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Karen, what an exciting and grand day! I am excited about having a new sister and just a clever one too! I love your rush project, it's awesome! Thank you for getting the great Sorority started, as you can tell, it's a huge success! I so nice meeting you, you photograph is just lovely of you!


Leann said...

Well Sista, you look fab and so does your canvas!

I had to take a quick self-portrait this am - uck!

Can't wait for all the fun!

Gail said...

Morning Karen. Rush day. It will be fun to meet every one and see their project. Your is so pretty, nice to "see" you.
PS. I was born and raised in So Ca. now relocated though.

Penny said...

your rush project is stunning, I just love those shabby ribbon roses.

Thanks for letting me join the Sorority at such a late date.

Great Party you're hosting.

Denise said...

Looks like you girls are gonna have a ton of fun :) Love what you did with your photo, the roses are so pretty.
I hope to visit some of your lovely 'sisters' over the next few days... blog hopping is fun.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs Denise

Charlene said...

Hi Karen,

Love what you did with your "Sisterhood" picture! I just my post up this morning, I hope to get around to visiting everyone this weekend!

Charlene @ A Virtuous Woman

Debbi said...

what a lovely creation with the old photo! The details are just incredible :)Thanks for hosting this fun event!

Kathy said...

Hello SISTA!
Lovin your Rushing project...
Such fun for you to host this little Sorority party!!!
Amazing connecting with Bloggerettes around the globe!
Have a wonderful time viewing everyones creativity!!!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Jacalyn @ said...

Well yours is so very pretty! And, so are you! I am glad to be part of the sisterhood!


Lululiz said...

I am thrilled to bits to be part of this. My RUSH project is finally finished and posted, phew.

I love your canvas, the fabric/ribbon flowers are so beautiful. I wish I could make flowers like that, sigh.

Thank you so much for coming up with this wonderful idea. I am so looking forward to lots and lots of fun with all my new sisters! xx

Sherrie said...

Your project is beautiful! This was so much fun :0)

Anne Fannie said...

Hi, what a great idea! I just joined this morning so I didn't have time to make anything :(
Can't wait to go off and visit all the other blogs!

The Knitwit Knitter said...

Loving the sisters song!!!! I am having a blast looking at everyone's projects!! Thanks for setting this up, Karen!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Good morning my Dear friend...girl you are too pretty for words...Love this party you are hosting my friend..Wow !! you again did a great job with your lovely picture...Sorry I could't join girl am not feeling up to stuff right now ha ha!! May you have a GREAT party and weekend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

stefanie said...

what a great cute, I would of joined but my picture would of scared all the other sisters!!!!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Ohhhh darlin' what a beautiful piece of work!

Lou said...

Gorgeous smorgeous creation!!!!
LOL re earning your lines.. where are they exactly???
Hate to tell you that I am "fashionably late" for the party..... soo sorry.. working extra night shifts as they are short staffed.. (nurse in ED..)
But will post on the weekend ... hope that is ok???
Back soon..
Love Lou xx

Cassandra said...

What a wonderful piece of art! Thanks so much for doing this. I just wanted to mention I did my post. But sadly I do not have a pic of me holding my art. . . long story. But there is one on my blog, hope that might count. xo Cassandra

Diane said...

Hey Karen
Love your Rush item! Ahhh I just remembered I forgot to add a picture of myself. EEks. Anyways, I need your address so that I can send you something. Swing on by my blog to see what it is! Thank you so much Sista!

porter place cottage said...

Totally fine if we use the saying that I found! This is going to be so much fun!
~Seperated by Land & Sea, Sisters we will always be!~

The Paint Splash said...

Karen, Thanks again for putting this awesome sorority together. I've only had a few visit but have enjoyed visiting others. Debbie

Terri Gordon said...

Hi Karen, thank you so much for including me, I love this wonderful idea. I love your beautiful picture, love, love, love your flowers. Congratulation on this wonderful idea. Looking forward to getting to know you better. Have a wonderful weekend. Terri

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh, Karen--your picture is beautiful!!! I LOVE the roses!!!
AND you look totally young to me!!!
whimsical musings
(lol I still keep forgetting my new blog name!)

Barbara said...

Hi there Sister Karen! I'm so glad to see such a great interest and participation in this Sorority! I've posted my "Rush" project, but it leaves something to be desired. I've had company and then been gone for a week now. I know quit making excuses. hehe Glad to be in the Sorority and can't wait to see what happens next.

Hugs XX
Moore Whimsies

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Thanks so much for putting this together. It's been soooo much fun working on the project, as well as getting to meet all these fabulous women! I can't wait to see what's next!!

Olivia~ said...

Oh wow, this is a darling picture, love the idea of staining canvas, and the pretty embelishments make it oh la la. I am going to go check out some more of these awesome girlies. Nice to meet you,

Olivia~ said...

Oh wow, this is a darling picture, love the idea of staining canvas, and the pretty embelishments make it oh la la. I am going to go check out some more of these awesome girlies. Nice to meet you,

Karen said...

This has absolutely been so much fun!! I've met some really nice "Sisters" and hope to stay in touch with them.
Love your frame!!
Adios from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas...
Ladybug Creek

Anonymous said...

Your project is beautiful, sweet with the luscious roses and the scrollwork..and great photo of you, too! Wish I could be so natural in front of a camera...

Thank you so much for setting up this wonderful affair, and for your kind comment on my page. I've never been in a sorority before either. Now I have wonderful sisters all over blogland. I'm thrilled! It may take me a while, but I'm going to visit each and every one over the next few days.



Lisa said...

Love your creation! Thanks for doing this for us, it was fun!
Thanks for the visit to my blog... I've added my RUSH project since you were there. Come see what ya think?
Have a great night!!

KC Mom said...

I am 39 minutes late! :)
But better late than never!!
I've had fun checking out everyone's projects! So much creativity!

Annesphamily said...

I know I am late late late but I will have my photo up and ready tomorrow!

I have been struggling with Vertigo and my migraines.

I will put it up with my apology for the late post but I did not want to miss out on this one!

Thank you . Your idea was terrific too! I love the rosettes around the frame. What a talented lady you are!


Fleur de Bee said...

STUNNING!!! Oh...and the book is too :)

Thanks for being our President Elect!! Thrilled to be rushed in!

xoxo Molly

Anonymous said...

Karen, I love your project! Unfortunately I had to go into the hospital this week because of some complication with a surgery incision...I will keep the details to myself and not make you gag, but I am enjoying seeing everyone's project. My goal is to make mine this weekend and display it proudly in my office :)

Kimberly said...

Hi Karen,
Lovely project and lovely you! Thanks so much for this too fun sorority. Time to blog hop.
enJOY Your Blessings,

Jenny in Maine said...

Hello sister!! I love your 'rush' project, simply beautiful!! I'm looking forward to meeting our sisters and off to visit each of them right now!


Beth said...

Karen, What you did with the sorority picture - it's STUNNING! Very pretty! Thank you for starting the sorority. I'm really looking forward to participating. I have found that bloggers are the nicest people! Hope you are having a great weekend!

Valrie said...

WHAT a fun sorority! Are you accepting new petitions for enrollment. I wwould work like a mangie and a harpie to get it done by Friday!

Your creation is lovely and screams of shabby cottage chic!

Stop by for a visit and enter my PINK giveaway!


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Karen, Just dropping by again to tell you how much fun this rush party has been. I have met lots of new and wonderful bloggers. Looking forward to a great summer and thank you for this fabulous idea. ~ Lynn @thevintagenest.

Rettabug said...

Karen, your rush project is just totally awesome! Such wonderful attention to detail,'re a pro at this!

I've been so busy having fun visiting all the sisters that I failed to stop here first thing. My apologies for that & for misspelling your name *blush* I must have been still sleeping when I way typing.

Thank you so much for hosting this wonderfully inspiring meme. I've gotten SEW many ideas...I can't wait for my finger to improve so I can get busy!


2amscrapper said...

What fun. Sorry I missed the party!

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

What a great idea you came up with! I just love it! I have been so busy lately that I totally missed out on this, but from I read from your post there will be more fun activities in the future. I will keep an eye out for them! I love your frame .... so pretty! I like your picture too!! Well... I will be busy in the next few days checking out the other "sisters" posts! Oh... love the song on your playlist too! Bravo! Great party!!

ritad said...

It took be a little while, but after several sessions I have been able to visit with everyone of your sisters. I wasn't able to leave a comment with each one, but loved every visit. What a fun Rush Party. I loved seeing those who had completed the rush project and how creative each one was.
Great Party!

Charlene said...

Karen, It looks like RUSH was a HUGE success! I LOVE what you did for your project & I loved your photo. Great idea to have everyone do a picture of themselves with the project!!! You are right that we really don't know what the other look like!!!! DARN I hate it that I missed it. Just couldn't do the doctor appointments, getting ready for Paper Cowgirl, going to Paper Cowgirl, meeting swap deadlines for Les Sirenes, & RUSH all done in the same week!!!!!!!!!! But, I'll bust my booty to get ready for the next event. HUGS! Charlene

Lady Katherine said...

I love your picture! You look great too! I just might make one, even though I missed this lovely rush!

Angela Harris said...

beatiful ribbon roses. Love the name of your blog :)

Nelly said...

Hello Karen, from PA. Your creation is stunning! Truly beautiful. Thanks for this wonderful idea. Unfortunately I posted mine just today and hope you forgive me. I'm enjoying visiting all the other sisters. Have a great 4th!

Dolly said...

Karen you are beautiful inside and out sweetpea!
I love your project! I am so sorry I missed the party .... we are in the process of moving and have been out of touch with the computer world for over 9 days {talk about withdrawals} I am so unorganized right in two homes and each a mess of boxs and packing supplies! Oy..... we should have a moving party at my house! :-)

Take care and thank you so much for organizing this wonderful sisterhood!

Hugz, Dolly

Something Special said...

I love your wired ribbon roses. I love to make ribbon roses, and I do it two different ways. This was one of the best ideas anyone has ever come up with for a blogging challenge. Thanks so much, I have already met so many wonderful women because of it.