Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create II . . .

We get to do it! We get to do it! Karen said yes! 
We will be hosting her post of Where Bloggers Create II
created by none other than 
Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage.  

OK . . . ready? A~hem!
I'm Jorja - the PRINCESS GIRL dog - I'm on the left.
Yo! I'm Harley - I'm a dude - I'm on the right.

WELCOME! to our doggie room Karen's studio!!
Where dogs rule us pups have a little space too.
Come in! Let us show you around. Have you been here before?
Please pardon the doggie gates . . . yeah, we tend to chew, wander, take a leak,
Uhhhh . . .get into trouble when we are up here so 
Karen locks us up where she can see us..
At the top of the stairs - hang a right please turn right.
This is where Karen's computer is.
Come on through here and we'll show you 
the most important part of the room!
Our beds! 
Whoops, I mean. . . Gee we are so lucky that Karen
gave us this tiny little space under a table in her studio!
Now if you were here last year . . . 
you might remember her studio looked like this! 
It was green. And had a lot more room in it.
That's cause she didn't have so much crap, junk, stuff in it.
Mark liked it better 'cause he could come up and sit with her.
BUT! She wanted pink! All us Girls like pink!
Plus she's bought  a lot more crap, junk, uhhhhhh STUFF!
Now - remember how she was complaining that 
the sun hadn't come out in days?
Well, we snuck in here and took some pictures early this week.
We kinda got in trouble . . . but then she was glad. 
Even if she did have a mess. 
She's like that. She has always said ,
"It's our home - not a showcase house.
Come on in and make yourself at home."

OK  . . . this was a normal day, nice and tidy.
And this just happened to be on the day we took pictures. (hehehe)
It looks like there is so much stuff in here . . . 
but there really isn't. 
Karen keeps it very clean. She hates dust!

Did you notice you ran smack dab into 
first encountered this low table when you entered the room?
Justin hates doesn't like that table. 
He says he's going to run into it one night when
he gets home so late and it's dark.
Karen told him he could move out any time! :)
Karen loves what is on this table.
She is a visual person.
She likes to be able to see all of her junk everything  . . . 
All her very special velvets! 

It all makes her smile.

OK, she told us to be quiet and just let you wander on through - 
so we'll be quiet now. 

(This figurine and the plate were her Mom's . . .)

Over to your left . . . 

Back over to the right of the paper table . . . 
Her special little yard sale find!
It's actually a wine display case from the market!
Special stuff she can't live without stored on top!
Yeah but . . . where's the wine?
Oh Harley! 
Movin' on continuing to the right . . . 
This cabinet she uses for storage of things 
she doesn't use all the time.
Her inspiration board! She loves this.

Cards and special things from her Mom.
And her niece Heather . . . 
Movin' on before she starts bawling, crying . . . 

Special "one of a kinds" . . . 
Very special books and gifts!

Special projects from Savannah . . . 

Her sewing table . . . 
Her very special pin cushion from Marty at
A Stroll Thru Life . . . 
Appropriately in a cloche! 
Her other inspiration board (I know! She has TWO!)
and her typeset tray with the rest of the BLING in it.
And loads of paper underneath it.
Her fabric stash
Her vintage hats. She just can't tear them apart.
Her friend Joy says she isn't going to let her buy any more.
(That pink one on the right is new - 
she found it Saturday while out flea marketing with ~ 
who else? Joy!)
What's in front of her . . . on a clean day! 
Can you read what's written on the wall?
How sweet is that?

Everything in it's place ~
Just look at all that #@!@**#. . . 
You remember Lillian don't you?
("Hi Sophie!" {{wave, wave}})
Well . . . that's the doghouse
errrr .  . . Karen's studio. Mess and all! :)

We'd like to thank you for joining us! 
See you next year!
No we won't . . .
Yes! We will . . . 
Nope, Karen's gonna be all mad cause I called her stuff junk.
Well she won't be mad at me . . . I'm a girl!
Yes she will! You get into just as much trouble as me ~
maybe even more because you always start it!
Harley! Shhhhh, they're still here! They can hear you! 
Well, I'm right and you know it . . . 
You are not.
Am too!
Are not!

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Let me know how those two rascals did!


Doris Sturm said...

Oh, how I loved your dogs (and your hobby room as well) but I was all into your cute dogs...looks like you have enough junk (ahem stuff) to keep you busy a life time ;-)

Thanks to your doggies for giving us the tour. I'm glad they didn't fall down the stairs.

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Oh oh oh, I SO LOVED this post and I love your creative space! BOY I thought I had a lot but I guess I don't, tee hee! You have so MANY beautiful things!!

This is such a FUN party!!! I love peeking into everyone's special little corner!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

That room is just amazing Karen!
I could spend a whole day in there just looking at your stuff! And girlfriend, do you have some gorgeous stuff! And I think any Mom that raises boys should get a girly room all her own!
Jorja and Harley were the bestest of hosts! They are very well behaved and polite! hehe. Love it!
Enjoy your time away!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oooh! Jorja and Harley... this is the cutest post I have seen! You are most gracious hosts! (and hostess!) Thank you for taking me on a tour of your room, I mean your mom's room... it is absolutely beautiful! And I love all her "stuff"... especially the things that belonged to her family members... priceless! Your personalized beds are just "the cat's meow"! (sorry, I hope you like kitty cats!)... and I love the photos of you two sneaking back down the stairs... Big slobbery doggie kisses to you... please tell your mom I stopped by! xoxo Julie Marie PS I love her things from Savannah!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

So many pretty and creative ideas, Karen! I can't wait to get my craft space all set up again! ♥

Connie said...

It's adorable, honey!!! Truly. I know what you mean about not seeing the sun. I had to improvise with lighting also. But you did a fantastic job and I love the pink more than the green. Girls gotta have pink, chick, right?! You have outdone yourself, sugar, truly delightful.

Collected Treasures...for the home, heart & soul said...

All so delicious! Fun, fun, fun space...I love it!

Claudia said...

Oh, those dogs are the best tour guides! They are adorable. I love your space - its chock full of fabulous things. You must have a ball in there!


Netty said...

Terrific tour from the incredible duo. Brilliant. Annette

Home and Heart said...

WOW!! You must be truly inspired here!! I love the pink, and all our craft goodies!! Thanks for the peek!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Your sweet doggies did a great job. They really know your stuff well...and you DO have stuff girl! Beautiful room....can't wait to see it in real!!

Cindy said...

Karen those two were great commentators for your room!! They are just like that in real life..I know that is what they are thinking!!
My daughters dogs..I swear..if they could talk would sound just like them!!
The room is fabulous. I just saw last years room..what a change.Do you miss the color? I think I would. but I'm not much of a pink and I had 4 girls.

Good luck..Cindy from Rick-
Rack and Gingham

I see the bridge! Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Aaahh Karen, my first stop of the day while I am trying to upload my photos for my post and I adored my visit.
I love your creative space and your treasures and most of all your furry tour guides!
Thanks for sharing, I know wher to stop for a bit of prettiness next time I need a fix.
Kiss Noises Linda

Lisa said...

Oh my how great you shared the sacpe with us! No real way to have a space without room for the furbabies!!
I really enjoyed the junk OOOPPS the Wonderful treasures to create with ;)
Hugs, Lisa

Elyse said...

oh karen, your little puppie-guides are too cute.

i thought the green was very cool last year but i am loving the pink! you have so much AWESOME stuff! how much fun you must have in there. awesome space. diamonds for sure!

so fun to see where you create!


sissie said...

Oh my goodness Karen, I am on creative overload this evening. Everyone's blog post is amazing. They just keep getting better and better!

Your doggie babies have done a wonderful job showing us around. Don't be too hard on Harley for calling your stuff junk. If he only knew, "junk" is good!

Hugs and thanks for showing us your very beautiful place.


Lisa said...

Beautiful Karen! It looks like the perfect place to play.:)
PS Your sweet fur babies are the perfect hosts.:)

Nancy said...

I love your creative's beautiful and inspiring. Please tell the tour guides how much I enjoyed it!

Theresa said...

Oh girlfriend! I would be "like a kid in a candy store" in there! The tour guides were very nice and showed us ALL of your beauties! Now I will go back and zoom in on all of the goodies but DANG Woman, you have everything and all gorgeus!

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for having me! I am gonna see that room one day with my own eyes:)

Love you!

Shelia said...

Oh, these little cutie pie dogs! They are a hoot! :)
I love your space! You have so much room and all of your storage pieces are wonderful. You're so fortunate to have all this wonderfulness!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

((((( Karen))))) I love your space girl it looks just like you darlin' warm and wonderful and how nice that the fur babies let you use it ha ha!! love the dress form with the french apron and your desk is just wonderful girl...Aesome job you did here...All your photos are great...Hope you have a GREAT weekend my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

MosaicMagpie said...

2 great tour guides you have there, and a great looking workspace with fun stuff in every corner.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Those two rascals rated an A+ and let's add some bonus points because they didn't tee on the carpet! yay!!!! ;)

Girl, pretty soon the boys will have to leave so you can take over the whole upstairs!!! It's stocked in there but all with "have to have" beautiful things :)

You have a lot of memories in there...that's my favorite thing about a creative and inspiring's so you :)


Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Love your pups!!

Your space is awesome!! I can imagine what lovely stuff you create working in there!!

Beth A. said...

What a great space you have! I loved it!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...



Barbara said...

Wow I loved this post by your little doggies! You have an amazingly beautiful craft room. So glad the dogs didn't get into trouble. I love it that you have so much um...stuff. I do too!

Hugs XX

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Great job, Jorja and Harley! Now you're waiting for some treats, right? I'm sure Mommy has some yummy ones for you.
Please tell her that she has a wonderful space, filled with so many beautiful treasures to play with and so many lovely memories. I love her Savannah projects. They all turned out beautiful.
Thank you for showing us around!
Have a wonderful weekend and remember not to chew on anything that your Mommy loves!
Some strokes for you and hugs to Karen,

Lululiz said...

Your doggies did a grand job of showing us around. I hope they got some special treats for their efforts.

Joyce said...

Fun tour! I wish my mess, er... stuff, were this organized!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh my word Karen, you have so many fabulous things. I can't believe this. Your room is wonderful. I can't wait to see it for real. Love all the storage and you are so organized. Beautiful place to create and have fun. Hugs, Marty

Christine Edwards said...

Jorja was a most gracious hostess, but Harley doesn't seem to get it (like most guys). The pink walls seem much more soothing than the green, and conducive to lots of creating. Thanks for sharing!

zandra said...

Oh Karen, so beautiful. I loved the old one, too. Love your vintage jars. So, loved my visits with you today and always! And, of course, those doggies are so dog~gone adorable! Enjoy the rest of the party!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

They did a fabulous job! Love your studio and all your wonderful stuff too.

Cindy Geilmann said...

What a cleaver way to show us your space. Cute little doggy's. I especially like the inspiration board.

come visit

BLISS angels said...

Dear Karen
Thank you for sharing your room and dogs are are so funny. Willow and Acorn (my two monsters-- sorry my hand slipped while typing (angels) were laughing out loud. and one can never have enough junk---- sorry hand slipped again useful crafting supplies...Hugs ~wendy at Blissangels

Ginger said...

Hi Karen:
Long time no see, lol. I loved the tour that your fur kids gave us. Darling post, with your creative comments.
I'm not blogging any more. Just don't have anything interesting to write about. Once in awhile I stop in to say to my special blogging friends though.
Looks like life is treating you well.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Oh my I am in love with it all!!!

Ok mainly your pup ...that aside...

Such a beautiful post and studio. This is my fist time to visit you and expect to come back many more times.

If you ever think you might be interested -- join in our meme on Fridays as we celebrate the beauty in our lives. You would fit in perfectly!

Janet Bernasconi said...

I really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful pictures. Your work space is beautiful and I love your dogs.

Janet's Creative Pillows

Lou said...

Oh Karen loooved your post!!! :) Way toooo cute!!! Love love love your creative space... looks totally wow! and so much inspiration!! Totally gorgeous... definitely love the new pink and white look....
Lou xx

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh my gosh, I would love to have a huge space. I would really love to be at your estate sale ha! I am your newest follower, I have an itty bitty boring room, but I would still love if you in the dogs get a chance, drop in and say hi to me and Billie the cat!


stefanie said...

it gorgeous!!! i love the pink walls, I love all the storage, but my fav is all your treasures...I love how you have them everywhere so you can enjoy there beauty...and what sweet friends you have!

Liz said...

LOL! I love the puppy version of the tour! :) They are the sweetest little things! Your room is awesome! love it all!!


debi said...

Jorja and Harley, thank you for the did a wonderful job! Karen has such a pretty studio.

I'd love to come and play in your stuff Karen! Beautiful!

Ginger said...

Oh Karen you puppies told your story so well and their tour was magnificent. You have the greatest space I would love to come set with you and craft all day long. Looooooooved it. Thanks for sharing all your goodies.


Kit said...

I just love your space. So very pretty, organized and just plain fun to look at! Thank your dogs for me and I hope they got to visit my site in Montana too! Yes, it is like being on vacation all the time when you live here. :) Love your inspiration board! And I thought mine was full.....LOL Kit

Queen Bee said...

Fabulous space, adorable puppies! You have LOTS of beautiful stuff!
Queen Bee Studio

Our Back Porch said...

What a F*U*N post! Jorja and Harley are just precious! What a wonderful host/hostess they have been. O*M*G your studio looks FABULOUS! What fun I would have in there. I'd never want to leave! Thanks for inviting us in to see all of your yumminess! Hope you had a good weekend!

Creative Blessings,

JoAnne said...

What a great post! Those guides are just too precious, and your studio is to die for!!!!!

Cathee said...

What a joy to follow your fur babies around the studio! JUST lovely!!!Noticed your editions of Heidi I ahve them also! Was one of my favs as a child!

June said...

They did great Karen! So this is where all the gorgeous stuff you make comes from. I now know why it is so beautiful. There is so much to look at and drool you mind if I just come over and see it in person?

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a wonderful creative space!

I adore your storage solutions. You have inspired me to work on my own crafting paradise.

sewingseeds4U said...

What a beautiful room and you can never have too much stuff as long as it inspires you to DREAM!

Charlene said...

I LOVE it that the fur babies told ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL your secerets!!!! I recognized some of those goodies like the parasol & manni from Savannah (not to mention your pretty from Ms Tiffany's Class). We have similar tastes in treasures. The hats..... Oh I can't stand to cut them either but, keep buying them. Maybe I need Joy to shop with too. Hee Hee. I soooooooo wish you were going to be playing mermaids with us! DARN that I'll miss you there. But, family vacations do count of the chart of events don't they. Thanks for sharing your studio. And by the way, I put you on my sidebar so I KNOW when you have a new post. That's even better than Following isn't it! HUGS! Charlene

Sherry said...

What a wonderful couple of tour guides you have. I had fun and a few laughs touring your studio. All of the detail and special touches make it so much fun to look at. I think I will take one more look before leaving your blog. Thanks for sharing and for visiting and leaving your kind comment on my creating space.

Chris said...

What a wonderful creative space! Love all your fabulous touches here and there! Your little doggie companions are adorable too!
Best wishes,

Michelle May said...

Hi Karen! So glad to meet you! A fellow critter lover is a friend in my book! Love your space and love your blog. I'm following now so I can keep in touch!
Hugs to you and critters too!

Anonymous said...

Ha...that was great fun! The doggies were splendid tour guides, and your treasures were intriguing to peruse. My husband never believes that some people have even more stuff than me!

Thanks so much for allowing me to visit. I will see you at the sorority rush!


Shelly said...

Oh my Stars Karen! I loved your post and your space! Too funny to have your dogs do the narrative! I should have thought of some of my "home zoo" doing some of that,as they are always underfoot!

I'm following now to see what you are up to!

Stop by my little blog and humble Studio and say hi..... I'm having a little giveaway to commemorate the event!
And,,,since you like animals,,,you'd best check out my post from yesterday (Sunday) and see what I GOT to do on Saturday at work....Oh my Stars..I was in heaven!! LOL Too cute! I know, a tease isn't it???


Drop by "Bungalow Bling" and say "hi!"

The French Bear said...

What a sweet your room and the tour guides!!! It has been so much fun to see where and what other artists create!!! I love to see all the inspirations that people have and give when you peek into their studios!
Margaret B

Lisa said...

How precious! Love those two!! Your studio is just beautiful! You have so many pretty things- can I come over and play? Ha ha!!
I am partial to the pink, too :)
Have a great day!

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Wonderful place to create, Karen! You've hoarded, I mean, collected stuff that all speaks my language. Even your pups are my dream doggies! Love the makeover! Xo, Sue

Debra@Common Ground said...

Oh Karen, the pups are great tour guides and they take a mean photo too!! I'm wild for the pink this year. You have an incredible creative space. I love it all!!!

Gail said...

Hi Karen, thank you for visiting my studio and for the kind words your left for me. The twins (er hosts), did a very good job, giving us a tour of your studio, which I can tell you reflects your spirit. I am looking forward to next Friday, glad you spotted my Bloggeretts. Grin, I was wondering if anyone would.

Shelley said...

You have such great taste Karen! Your hobby room is especially beautiful! And I love those 2 pups of yours - I would love to give them a hug!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Karen:
Those silly pups! Thanks for the tour. It's a great space!
See you for the Sorority party. I'm posting up on Thursday.

Dawn said...

Karen you have the cutest dogs in blogland! I loved overhearing the conversation as they ran down the stairs!

I'm afraid I didn't join the sorority. I decide I needed to get my own house in order before committing to go play at someone else's house! I can't wait to see what you all do though!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh my - I laughed out loud over the 'discussion' at the end. Your puppies are SO cute. Thank you for having us over!

Lynn Stevens said...

Well you can tell your little angels they did a fantastic job showing us around your beautiful studio! Junk? what Junk? hey what do guys know anyway!!!

I don't think I would ever leave!

IsabellasCloset said...

What a lovely room, great photos & so much to see! I sure enjoyed my visit..
Blessings ~Mary~ :-}

Manuela@TPOH said...

The pooches are so adorable! You really have a great space to work in. I'm dying for those vintage hats in the drawer! Thanks for the tour!


kluless said...

Your room just takes my breath away. I could spend hours looking at every little thing!! Thank you so much for big bite of eye candy!

Sheila Rumney said...

Love your puppies and love all creative space!

Violet said...

Karen, that was so much fun, and your doggies gave a wonderful tour! I loved seeing your treasures displayed so wonderfully. I too, love vintage hats, well, not just vintage, and if I could depart with them I could start a hat store. And an art supply store. yikes. Anyway, back to your studio. It is fabulous. And I love your sense of humor. And I realize I should have thrown in some 'messy' photos of mine, because it doesn't usually look so tidy, I mean, how could it with projects going on?

Your BLoggerette Society sounds fun. I'll be back!
~ Violet

Lovey said...

Too funny! Your tour guides were perfect...too funny. Great post and studio. It's so nice, spacious and filled with the greatest eye cany1 i love it!!

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Karen,
I love your dogs. I have a black and white one too!
I really enjoyed the tour through where you create. I noticed you live on the West Coast in So California?? I live in Corona. Are you near me? Sounds like we have alot in common, crafts, dishes, crafts, dishes, LOL

Beth said...

Whoa! That's a lot of pictures. Thanks so much for the great inspiration. I especially love the file box from Target- the one with the pretty flowers and such. It is from their UK/British Tea collection they had out earlier this year. I was/am so in love with that print. Your use of the box is simply charming.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This was too cute. I can tell that Bleubeard needs a companion to help with next year's tour after seeing your lovely dogs. They did such a great joy showing off your beautiful studio with all its stuff. Your storage spaces are beautiful as well as functional, too. So enjoyed this visit. Thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

Oh My what a wonderful place to create!!!
I love all the pink accents. Love all the fun ideas to store and display.
Glad I got to stop in from the blog hop

Amy Arnaz said...

If I had one-tenth of your energy & creativity I would be a Goddess. Fun post. Thank you! Amy

Crazy4Art4U said...

Wow, I love, love, love your creative space! It is so inspiring and organized. My space is loads smaller but I have definitely gotten some ideas from your studio!
Thanks soooooo much for sharing! Hope you get the chance to stop by my meek little space...

Terri said...

Beautiful creative space and I really enjoyed the tour of all the treasures and storage that you have but I think mostly I like that there are beds in the room for your puppy dogs. Sweet!

donnaj said...

great space with so much to see-and inspire. love the dog beds-i can only allow ONE of my dogs in-the others are too young and still chew on whatever they find. thanks for sharing~

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Wow! I love your studio and your two did a wonderful job with the tour! haha

I would love a space like that with all that to pick from!

Blessings & Aloha!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Karen! I finally made it over here! What a special treat I received when greeted by your two sweet babies!
I loved the tour. It was fabulous, and I really like the new pink walls! Thank you so much for joining the party. It would not have been the same without you!
My Desert Cottage

Miss Sandy said...

Awesome studio and adorable tour guides! What changes you have made since the last tour! Love both looks. Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

someplace in thyme said...

Well Karen, after seeing all your fabulous stuff I feel like I need to shop. You have so many wonderful things to see and share that I could take days to go thru it all. I love your space and of course, the dogs stole my heart. Ya just have to love them. I could create up a storm in your special space, Char

Halle said...

What a fantastic space...and filled with even more yummy things! I could spend the day opening containers and sorting through all of it.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty girly room - almost felt like I needed to put on a tiara and ball gown to enter - lol. :D

The quote about an aunt is just too sweet, but my favorite part of the entire space is your inspiration board--all those yummy details!