Friday, July 30, 2010

Start the car!!!!

I knew I was in trouble when 
I barely made it in the front door 
of my favorite antique mall
and my arms were full.
I spent three hours . . . 
exploring, gazing, imagining, 
wondering, digging, reading, 
examining, laughing, thinking...
and then I spotted it. 
In the furthest southwest 
corner of the place, 
sat a dirty old box of dishes. 
Being the dish-a-holic I am, 
I began to dig ~ and sneeze. 
The first thing I saw 
was a covered casserole dish 
with it's very own price 
tag of $40 on it. 
Ugh. But then, on the floor,
right next to the box 
was a sign that read "$25 - all". 
?? ALL ??
4 dinner plates, 4 bowls, 
4 dessert plates, 
7 berry bowls, 
creamer and sugar, 
med. platter and 
covered casserole. 
Hmmmmm . . . 
"Haviland - Germany"  
Then ~ upon glancing around 
to see if there was anyone else 
who had discovered what I had 
discovered - I spot it! 
Hanging on the wall! 

40% off entire booth

OK- it's time.
OMG they were filthy!
I could only imagine the critters 
that were probably crawling 
around in that box. 
{{{ heebie}}}} {{{{jeebies }}}}}
No matter!
Up to the counter I go to ask
someone to carry it up for me.
They very nicely repacked it all,
made sure I had no uninvited
guests in my brand new car...
and as I drove away

Get them home, and straight 
into the dishwasher they go!

OMG! I love them.
Love them, love them!
They're pink! :)
Not one chip! NOT ONE!
They are perfect! Sigh.
I mean, you can't even buy
a place setting for 4 at 
Target for this amount!
Let alone Haviland China.
Needless to say I am 
And there's more!
The best part was - 
every single thing
was ON SALE! :)
Anywhere from 20% to 60% off.
Too cute!
Love this!
Can you say"Vintage velvet"?

Found these adorable
tea stained clothespins.
She has a blog! 
Sissy Dre
Go check her out.
Great stuff!
But . . . I kinda bought all of
her clothespins, so you'll
have to wait for her to make
some more. Sorry ;) (hehehe)

What a great day!
I couldn't wait to share it with all of you!
(Yes, I'm still working on my giveaway . . . trust me, it's getting better and better. Especially after today!)


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Off they go ...

   ... to their new homes. 
Three "Petite Bead Boxes"
Miss Cassandra was our Hostess.

Created with love for 
three lovely swap partners. 
This was a very fun swap. 
I hope they arrive safely . . . 
I can't show too much . . . 
they haven't received them yet! :)
I love my little tags. 
Aren't they adorable?
I won those from Stefanie at
I got to choose from a 
HUGE selection in her 
Etsy shop. It was wonderful!

Now what?
Well, have to get ready for 
my AZ guests coming in 
next week! I have a little
swap planned with Miss CeeKay, 
she is slowly but surely 
getting HOOKED!
But more importantly, 
I am planning
a few days of what I hope will be 
a fun mini-vacation for them. 
They don't have much time,
so it'll be jam packed -
or leisurely. Whatever
they want! :)

I haven't quite finished the details about my giveaway.
But I will . . . and I'll post it as soon as I do. As my Mom used to say "Good things come to those who wait". :)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old Friends and ?????

Yesterday, I met for lunch with a group of gals whom I have now known since my oldest was in Kindergarten, that would be 1990. These are the gals who I think I will always stay in touch with. You know? Even if it is only once a year . . . we'll always stay in touch.
(l to r - me, Connie, Jeanne, Theresa, Laura (seated), Debbie, Tricia, Diane, Susan)

We were all in PTA together, for years and years, through thick and through thin, and we played Bunco once a month, for years and years. We've had babies, watched them grow up and for about half of us, watched them marry and begin their own family. (Some of us are still waiting for that one!) Our glue is one gal - Laura - who had to move away to Dallas when her "kindergartener" finished 5th grade. But she has come back every year since and we all meet for lunch. Most of us are still local in the city where we raised our families, or close by like me; one of us is about an hour away.
We were commenting about how we all still look the same. Well, as along as we leave our reading glasses in our purses and don't look too close. LOL. 20 years will do that to you . . . we had a fun time!

On another note . . . I have a new baby! 
And yup! She's RED!
Isn't she cute?
(look at all that rear cargo space!)
She is a Cadillac SRX Crossover.
Love the two seat long sun roof! 
Good thing Saturday is almost here . . . 
I smell a good yard sale with 
something BIG that I need to buy!

I cannot express my gratitude for everyone's thoughts, ideas, prayers, hugs and stories of their own regarding my silly feet. Thank you - each one of you. What a silly thing to complain about huh? But who better to listen than all of you! Cause that's what we bloggers do. Sigh. I'm so glad I have all of you for my support group.  

Life is so good right now. I'm looking forward to whatever is right around the corner.

Hugs to all!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New friends

(*card creation by Sherry)

Every once in a while you hit upon a new blog that just makes you smile. And you just want to share. That happened to me today. I was behind on adding the new sisters to the list and I felt bad for this one new gal because it had been a couple of day since she wrote me. Well I went over and said hello and welcome, and kind of got drawn into her blog. It's really not anything all that different, full of her love of crafting - but it was the stories she was sharing that I just loved. Her name is Sherry and her blog is Scrapping with Sherry. Please go visit her, and in particular - read her post named "An Angel named Karen" (nothing to do with me.) What a truly wonderful story. I wish something like this could happen to each one of us. And even more so - to each "Karen" in the world.



Monday, July 26, 2010

Well criminey! No wonder!

You know - my Mother taught me 
it isn't polite to laugh at people. 
So I'm expecting you to abide 
by the rules I grew up with. :)
(These lovely photos were taken 
in the mirror so they appear backwards.)
Here is my new attire! 
Wait it gets better!
Can't you just see me 
next week at the beach?
Look what I can do when I 
go out into public. 
I can "change outfits".
Much better don't you think?
At least they match!
Problem is - I need orthodics...
hence the cute slippers! :)
Or tacky tennies when I'm outside.
WHOO HOOO!!!!!!!
These adorable little black things 
(hello? can't anyone make WHITE ONES?)
are supposed to keep my tendons 
all nice and tight and 
held together and in place
so that hopefully
they will heal and the 
inflammation will go away.
But first - we have to solve the "reason"
for the inflammation.

Sorry - but I just have to laugh. 
My feet just hurt so flippin bad - 
if I don't laugh, I'll cry.
Which is precisely what I did 
in the Dr office this morning 
when he took ahold 
of my right foot to move it.
(albeit as gently as he could, 
not knowing my pain level.)

Yup - I cried.

AFTER I kicked him.

Didn't mean to - it was pure gut instinct.
How embarrassing :(

He told me this is going to be part of
 my dressing table ensemble.
Me! I never take a pill. Never.
My pain tolerance is incredible.
I had an emergency appendectomy
and never even took a pill for
the pain. Not even in the hospital.
And went back to work 2 days later.
Granted, moving rather slowly.

You see, part of my problem,
the horrible burning sensation 
that shoots up the back of 
my leg is tendonitus (sp).
Take a gander at this Xray.
This my right heel.
The white on the right and on the 
bottom is the inflammation. 
It isn't supposed to be there.
See the "talon" growing out of 
the bottom of my heel?
That is a heel spur. 
Hurts like the devil - I mean 
I just cannot tell you -
when you put weight on it - :(
It is tearing into my tendons...
causing them to bleed; 
the blood flows with gravity 
and then calcifies and 
creates the "spur"
which is causing the inflammation.
(which came first 
the chicken or the egg?)
This is my left foot.
Same thing here. 

But I have to admit - this "situation" for me - well it's "just a little inconvenient". That's all it is. Yeah it hurts. A LOT! But so what! It isn't life threatening. And for that I'm grateful. There are so many of my friends who are dealing with truly "bad" situations. So I'll take "a little inconvenience" if that's what I am meant to deal with.

Now I just get to wait until the insurance company approves a Podiatrist and then make an appt. and go see him.

Wonder what he's going to do about those little suckers . . . any ideas? 

Love to all from your new trendy footwear friend! Think I'll start any new styles? 

Sigh. Did I mention my feet hurt? . . . 


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mondays' Messages & more . . .

Here we go!

Now - I hope I am understanding this first one correctly. (Google translate can kind of leave you guessing sometimes!)

Biljana from Biljanashabby wants to share a swap she is doing with a friend.  She lives in Croatia - everyone pop over and see what she has created and say hello to our Croatian Sister!!

Then Ramona from Create With Joy is have a Vintage Christmas Giveaway! You better hurry up and enter!

Finally, Jill at Gypsy Brocante is hosting a Rosette Swap AND a giveaway . . . too flippin' fun - make sure you go see what that is all about.

And that's it for this week!

Now! I have to share these two boxes that my lovely mailman delivered last week!

First - I won Marsha from Sassy Mini Dolls'  giveway! YES REALLY! Oh my gosh I was so excited!

Love the quote on the card by Laura Ingalls Wilder!
Too fun . . . .
A beeee-u-ti-ful frame and 2 stuffed full bags!
This was the never-ending bag. 
It just kept coming . . . 
and coming!
Pretty tags, and laces and buttons. 
Bits and bobs, corks and cards.
Clothespins and an old glove!
A beautiful large glass crystal and
my very first antique clothespin!
wrapped with this . . .  :)
Look at the cute french rubber stamps
This tiny dress form was wrapped in an old pattern.
This was the other bag! But I got so excited - I mixed it all up!

Thank you Marsha! I love each and every piece. I have it all sitting in a pretty vintage mirrored tray so I can keep looking at it. And yes - HOARDING! :)

Now the next was a surprise! I had no idea this was coming. Made me cry - yes indeed! Now you remember Miss Cassandra from My Artful Adventures who hosted the wonderful covered box tutorial last week? I had taken one of her month long E-Zine classes earlier in the year but I got to meet her in Savannah this past April when we attended the same art event! And I just loved her instantly! I knew I would!
Anyway this box came in the mail on Saturday and when my son handed it to me, I couldn't quite figure it out. I am involved in a swap of Cassandra's but I couldn't think of what she would be sending me! ????

Just take a gander!
(now might be a good time to breathe . . . )
Now what would make you think that Cassandra? :)
Be STILL my heart!!! GASP!
Cassandra sent me her Rush project! 
OMG! It is a journal.
The journal cover has just
layers upon layers upon layers of
yummy vintage goodness on top.
Sigh! It is beautiful!
And then! 
She sent me her covered box she taught us!!!
Again, layer upon layer of vintage yumminess.
But wait - there's more!
(Go ahead take another breath, I'll wait . . . )
She filled it with even more YUMMY TREASURES!
bits and bobs, lace, pearls, buttons and 
those little vintage flowers are ceramic!
And to top it off - yet another little bag.
The cutest little pink bag ever!
Filled with all this. Sigh.

(Go ahead - one more breath before we're done)
Wrapped up all by itself in the bag - was this.
Cassandra made me a bracelet. (Sniff)
Thank you. You didn't need to do all of this.
My goodness!
I have it all together in a pretty dish in my studio
so I can TOUCH IT ALL!

I am sitting here shaking my head. Can you believe all this?
I just cannot believe the kindness and generosity of these wonderful women I am meeting through blogging. I mean . . . look at all of this! My gosh!

So - as I told Marsha - it makes me want to have a giveaway!

And a giveaway I shall have! I will post more on it later in the week when I iron out all the details.

Thanks everyone.
Isn't blogging just the greatest?
And next week - I get to see my ARIZONA BLOGGING SISTERS again! Yup!
CeeKay and Marty and Jamie are coming for a visit! WHOO HOOO!!!!
(Can you say SHOPPING?)  And YUP! We'll be driving around in my new car!!!! More on that later!
Thanks for visiting everyone!
Have a great week!