Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rosette Swap Party

I had such fun with this swap! Thank you to Jill from Gypsy Brocante for hosting such a fun party!
Have I mentioned lately that I get to meet Jill this coming Friday?  :) I am so EXCITED that she is here in So Cal teaching a jewelry class and
Sigh! Fabulous! I can't think of anything better than to meet such a talented Bloggerette Sister from the East Coast on the West Coast! Well . . . me being on the East Coast would be even better, but hey! Beggars can't be choosers!

Well - On with the party!

Jill matched us up secretly with our swap partner. We knew who we were sending to, but didn't know who received our name! Sneaky huh?  :)

Jill from  Jill Ruth & Co. received my name. 
I opened the box to find . . . this!
STINKIN' cute card that Jill made
with a rosette on the front!
And then my Rosette or . . . Rosettes!
Is this not just adorable?
What a great idea!
I'm curious "What did she do with the cover?"
I recently received a gift 
from a good friend of just a cover - embellished,
and wondered "what did she do with the book?"
Now I can put two and two together. :)

Love this Jill. Absolutely positively love it!
Thank you so much!

I received Renee from The Chateau of Remnants name.
She loves all things pink too, so that made it quite easy for me.

I'm hooked on making these gift bags.
Very fun.
Put my Rosette on top . . . 
then filled it up with goodies.

I really hoped she liked it. 
I had such fun making the bag, and 
creating the big rosette, and then 
picking out everything to go inside. 

This was a very fun party! Thanks again to Jill! Now go see what everyone else got!!!

Have a great day!


In the mail . . .

Look what came in the mail!
Look at the postage! what a "royal" stamp!
All the way from 
in Scotland!
ooh la la is right! :)
Just because!
LOVE this! Isn't she gorgeous?
Thank you Lynne. This was such a treat!
And yes, she is now hanging in my studio! YAY!

Have a great week!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Monday's Messages

Hello Bloggerettes!

Grab a piece of paper and write all this down because you don't want to miss a thing!

is having a giveaway and a "Trial" link party.

Doris of - Babydoll 1962 Creative Corner
is having a giveaway.
You just have to laugh at Google Translator . . . 

Maria of A Journey That Starts Here is hosting a swap! 

Mary from The Curious Quilter is having a giveaway.

is having a 5 Fall Favorites Link Party and Giveaway.

WHEW! Got all that? The Bloggerette Sisters are one busy bunch of gals!! I thought I'd start posting pictures of their events. Do you like that little touch? :)

Saturday I had the BEST day! 
I got to meet a fellow Bloggerette 
and just a wonderful and incredibly talented gal.  
Sandy from SMN DESIGNS!
OMG! We have so much in common!!! :)
We didn't even know we were "neighbors" until recently.
So we met up at Victoria Gardens -
our beautiful outdoor mall -
(and I do mean BEAUTIFUL)
which was a halfway point for both of us.
We had a GREAT lunch at California Pizza Kitchen
and gabbed and gabbed for almost 3 hours!
It was a beautiful day in So Cal and 
I could've sat there for another 3 hours!  
Sandy has invited me to be in a 
private swap with seven other gals
and we got to talk about that and just exchange
ideas. BOY! The pressure is on!
Sandy's work is BEYOND beautiful and so
is the art of all the other gals. 
Sigh. I was so honored to be included.
Man - do I have a lot of work to do.
I really need to get my creative juices FLOWING!

Make sure you check out the Rosette Swap Blog Party at Gypsy Brocante on Sept 1st. Thank you to Jill for hosting such a FUN event. And I am now going to brag that I get to meet Jill this coming Friday! She is a Jersey Girl coming to So Cal to teach a class and I couldn't sign up fast enough! So Joy and I will be headed to Escondido on Friday! I cannot even imagine the traffic ... but I don't care! I get to give Jill a hug in PERSON! WHOO HOOOO!!!!!!!! She is teaching a FABULOUS jewelry class - OMG I can't wait!

And be sure to check back here on 9-2. I'm having a Bloggerette Swap and will release the details on that day. In the meantime - be looking for a cigar box! :)

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Friday, August 27, 2010

CeeKay's Swap

I'm pulling this post off quite late. "Life" just happened and UGH! But here we go. Better late than never!!! :)

Months before  my two wonderful friends CeeKay and Marty came from AZ, CeeKay and I had decided to do a private swap. We themed it Summer, but . . .
well . . .it didn't quite go that way. Look what we did!

My gift from CeeKay started with this CUTE bag!
Tied with a vintage hankie . . .
and a sweet tag . . . 
I was cracking up at Cracker Barrel fans. 
We don't have Cracker Barrel in California.
But Mark and I always go when we are
driving thru AZ. CeeKay and I had dinner
there when I was over to her
place this past Spring. LOVE IT!!!
A little vintage sewing box filled with GOODIES!
LOVING the tiny bottles!
And the piece of lace . . . sigh.
Thimbles, beads . . . velvet!
Yummy vintageness.

CeeKay has become very creative . . . 
by making one of her favorite photos 
that she shot of the desert into postcards!
She even made me some cute little magnets . . .
Which I placed on the cloche that holds Marty's 
pin cushion she made me! Along with
my PRIZED chandelier crystals Jodie and I
found in Savannah.
LOOK! A vintage pill cup. My Mom had
one EXACTLY like this!
FUN things to create with.
I put this soap on my worktable
because it smells Heavenly
CeeKay's home is filled with treasures from
her and her hubbie's childhood and ancestors. 
When I was there she showed me 
these feather hats she had. I loved them! 
Well . . . she GAVE me one! GASP!
And wrapped in this OLD piece of newspaper . . .
was this FABULOUS old photo album!
You guessed it - very crushed velvet . . . 
Filled with so many wonderful layout pages.
I don't know what I want to do with it yet . . . 
But I'll think of something!
So what did I give Miss CeeKay you ask?
She was easy. She always says, 
"We don't have stuff like that here.
I can't find all those good things!"
So - I found some for her.
All the little things she "can't find".
HAD A BALL on the hunt!
Found a cute box!
Added my own touches . . . 
Then filled it up!
yummy old lace, trims and wooden beads
a tag of watch parts and VERY old crepe paper
My grandma's buttons. 
And a little orange trim
cause that's CeeKay's favorite color.
Teal for our connection. More orange on a
very old wooden bobbin spool.
Pure silk . . . . yummy!
Laces underneath . . . 
The shell (click to enlarge)
I SWEAR that is a picture of the 
Nativity inside. AMAZING!
Do you see it?
I'd been hoarding that shell for years
until I found the perfect person to share it with.
Old brass findings, old keys, and wonderful
glass beads.
an old needle case some old velvet and 
yummy old flowers.

It was a very fun swap!
We both squealed our way through 
opening and exploring it all.
Love you CeeKay!
We'll do it again!

I also sent CeeKay and Marty home with a cute wine bag I made for each of them (and forgot to  take pictures of!!) and placed a FABULOUS bottle of Almond Champagne made here in California in them. YUMMY!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!