Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monday's Messages and OFF I GO!

One Bloggerette Message for today.

Charm Bracelet Diva

is having a Vintage Jewelry Giveaway!
Check out her September 22 post!

And now . . .  OFF I GO!
First stop - Seattle!
Second stop - 
Terri Brush Art Camp 
in Lincoln City, Oregon.
Yes! Four days of being 
absolutely SPOILED ROTTEN! :)
Yes, I will take pictures.

Yes, I will have a marvelous time.

Yes, I am going to learn A LOT!

Yes, Tiffany - 
the Fancy Farm Girl
is our hostess one night in her
home and ...YES! 
She has the most 
You gotta check it out! 

Yes, I will go junkin' and without question come back LOADED! I am taking 2 empty suitcases just for that purpose. Thank goodness 
"Bags fly free!" on SouthWest Airlines! 

Yes, we will find a decent bottle of wine 
to drink on the beach.

Yes, Joy is just as excited as I am!

And finally - I will miss you 
all my dear friends!

Have a wonderful week and I will be back on the 5th!

Friday, September 24, 2010


I'm so excited about my upcoming  trip - 
I don't even know what to blog about. 
My mind is full of a bazillion things right now.
I'm looking forward to climbing aboard one of these . . . 
With my friend Joy . . . 
 Finding little out of the way towns to explore . .
well . . . to go Junkin' in!!!!!!
While headed to a little of this . . . 
For a three day Art Camp with Terri Brush. Sigh.

But first it's going to HEAT UP this weekend. 
WAY UP!  Into the 100's . . . sigh. YUCK!
Didn't Fall begin two days ago?
Can someone please help me tell Mother Nature?

ps. . . Joy thanks for letting me "borrow" those two shots! Hehehe

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bear with me . . .

Having a little Email problem - I'll get it fixed though.

But for all you Fall Findings Swap participants - be patient, I will have a letter to all recapping the swap before I leave for Washington next Tues. In the meantime - if you don't see your name over on my sidebar to the right under "Swap Participants" - let me know ASAP!

On that note - I will be out of town (with Joy - having WAAAYYY  TOO MUCH FUN!) 9-28 through 10-4. I have no idea if I will be able to communicate with anyone . . . and we'll be in planes, and on the road and in a 3 days worth of classes. So don't plan on hearing from me until later on that week.

I got almost all of my projects done this weekend! I will post them when the time is right . . . very fun. At the very last minute I had to make something for 29 Meet and Greet ladies for our classes up at Terri Brush Art Camp in Oregon. But - I got them all done! I looked at my husband last night and said "My brain is fried. I cannot create another thing." He told me to go have a glass of wine. LOVE THAT!!! :)
I needed it . . . 

Today it has been 12 years since my Mom died. 
I miss  her so much - sometimes I can't stand it.

And tomorrow it will be two years since 
my husband's best friend Kevin died.
Miss you too Kev.
Mark really misses you . . . 

Hugs to all . . .

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Favorite Time of Day

You have to move fast 
to catch it...
You know - that time alone each morning...
Before the rest of world comes rushing in.
When the sunlight comes streaming in...
Turning everything it touches into 
something of beauty.
Even my disaster of a studio.
Projects that MUST get done this weekend... 
lay waiting to be completed... 
Can I possibly get it all done?
 A lot going on around here . . . 
perfect weather . . .
no time to play today . . . 
must get to work . . . 
But tomorrow is another day!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Extended Anniversary & A Tour!

Last Friday afternoon we took off 
down to our dear friends Mike and Jeanne's 
beach house. (Yes, our friends that I work for.)
They wanted to take us out for a very special 
dinner for our anniversary.
So we got all gussied up and off we went
driving down the coast to Newport Coast.
We went to a restaurant called Mastros.
Elite. Divine. Out of this world good.
Mike had arranged for a patio table and we
enjoyed cocktails while we watched the sun set.
Sigh. What an evening.
And of course I forgot my camera. DUH! :(
So iPhone photos are all I have.
(If you love the Beach Boys - turn up the MUSIC!)
Our view of the ocean . . . sigh. 
It looks much farther away in the pictures. 
It's actually just right across the road.
Here are Mike and Jeanne a few minutes later, 
right as the sun was setting.
I love these two people . . . 
We were having so much fun - 
and we sat there for over THREE HOURS just talking.
TOTALLY forgot pictures! 
Someday I'll remember to remember . . . 
But I did remember at dessert. 
The restaurant treated us to a piece of 
five layer chocolate cake that was DIVINE! 
and a very special whipped ice cream. 
Jeanne & I would've been happy with just the
whipped ice cream - it was to die for!
Oh my gosh, it was so good. 
Everything was so good! Each and every bite!
We all agreed, that was the most delicious meal
we had ever had. EVER! 
It was a very special evening. 
One we will probably not experience again in a long time.
That restaurant is kind of out of our league -
if you know what I mean. (Ahem!)
What a treat. I wish everyone could experience a night
like this at a restaurant like that! 
(BTW - Mike and Jeanne are our friends that also
own the ranch up in Montana. BIG SIGH!)

So by now it's really late, we go back to their house, 
and decide to walk off our dinner. So off we took, 
just walking around all the beautiful beach homes for a 
couple of hours. Hit the sack around 1 a.m.

Did I mention Mike and Mark grew up together?
Yup - played on the same little league teams.
Reconnected when Jeanne and I became
good friends when our oldest kids were in Kindergarten.
That would be . . . 20 years ago. HOLY COW!
I went to the school after telling Mark about her and said 
"I'm supposed to ask you if your husband's name . . . "
and she shouted "YOUR HUSBAND IS MARK!"
LOL.Who knew? Very cool!

Would you like a quick tour of their beach house?
If I could have any home in the world, this would be it.
Every square inch of it is SCRUMPTIOUS!

Dining room windows at the front door.
Living room french doors on the other side.
LOVE the dutch door! So welcoming!
Come on in!
A little history. They bought this home several years ago.
It was one year old. They have since redesigned every single
solitary inch of it - except the kitchen and the bathroom 
cabinets and fixtures.
John Cole is Jeanne's designer.
I LOVE that man. Someday when I win the lottery -
he promised he would come do my house too! YAY!
They spent almost 2 years designing this house decor.
Worth every minute.
It's the details that I love.
To the right is the living room . . . 
This is the most incredibly comfortable down sofa
in the world. You NEVER want to get up.
Chairs in front of the french doors leading
to the small front patio
On the other side is the dining room.
Look at the lantern. It is HUGE!
It took three men to hang it.
In this house it is all about the details.
A silver lobster, crab and hermit crab.
and a hiding starfish . . . 
Little coral starfish on each placemat . . . 
The kitchen. Perfect. All they did here was change
the pendants and add the bar stools.
Barb! Look at that rooster! (that NOBODY touches!)
He is so special they designed a carved wooden base
for him to stand on - just in case.
This lady is an old, old figurehead.
(Figureheads are found on the front of old sailing ships.)
They had a stand built just to accommodate her.
She is hundreds of years old.
She is American - you can tell by the style of her dress
and she used to be painted dark green.
  Just imagine where she has been!
Past the kitchen is a small hallway leading to the
downstairs bath and the "?" room.
I call it the "?" room, because 
it really doesn't have a name. 
The original owners who built this house 
used it as a music room.
They installed these barn doors because
that was the only way they could get
their baby grand piano in the house.
The ships above the sofa . . . very old pieces -
with the sails made from antique flags.
Wall opposite the sofa.
Again, the details . . . I love these two antique end tables.
Let's head on upstairs.

These are my favorite stairs in the world.
They are not high, and they are deep, and
it makes climbing all of them so easy and
comfortable. There are three floors, go on up to 
the third, I'm right behind you.
We enter the bonus room. 
With two balconies on either side.
One side faces the bay, the other side faces the ocean.
They are two blocks from water either way.
You hear the surf crash on the beach -
and the sea lions bark in the bay.
Bay side . . . see the sailboat masts?
Ocean side . . . see the water in the background?
Kinda hard to see. You have about five
peek-a-boo views of the water from here.
Back down the stairs. Look at all the antique framed 
dried flowers. They are early 1900's from Germany.
Middle daughter's room (My Sorority Inspiration Girl's!)
Oldest daughter's . . . OURS! Sigh.
If I could redo my bedroom, this would be it.
I don't need the tv at the foot of the bed. 
We don't watch tv in our bedroom . . .  
Sigh. Perfect.
BTW - every inch of this house, including the ceilings
is wallpapered. First a base covering, then the paper.
GORGEOUS! So subtle, sometimes 
you don't even know it's there.
The master bedroom. TO DIE FOR!!!
very comfy cozy 
The fabrics are just dreamy.
I cannot say it enough - it's the details.

Well, that's the end of this tour. I have 7 pages left to do on a fabric fatbook swap I am involved in and I MUST get going on those.

But first - the dogs need a bath. Yup - you heard me right. I am going to give baths to those two monsters. My groomer broke some ribs and can't lift them.
Hmmmm . . . I'll keep you posted on how this goes. . .