Thursday, September 9, 2010

We're back - and a sad note

Well, here we are up in Ventura.

We stayed at an old hotel - OLD being the operative word. UGH! It wasn't old and quaint, it was old and needed to be torn down old. LOL! Falling apart old. Mark started cracking up in the bathroom. I went in and asked him what was so funny and he said "Look at the floor." It was SLANTED! Literally.  OMG!

We had a nice time. Had a FABULOUS lunch at the Harbor on the way in - YUM!

A nice couple - I think they 
were visiting from Italy took our picture for us. 
I looked at Mark and said "It's 6:00 at Theresa's 
house in GA..." and we promptly ordered
an early cocktail out by the pool.

 We did walk a few miles on the beach - 
you had to walk a ways to get to it, 
there is no beach at the hotel. 
It is all rocks. 
Then came back and hung out on the chaise lounges
on the grass and watched the sun begin to set.
LOTS of surfers ... and other guests. 
By 7:00 we were starving.
Which is what brings us to this place year after year.
Jeans, T-shirts, the Pacific Ocean and a 
bottle of FABULOUS old wine.
A pear and goat cheese salad to DIE for . . . 
And then we promptly sat there for almost 2 hours, 
drooling over every single sip and bite -
and totally forgot to take pictures. Sorry!

The next morning we got up - went to the local Harley Davidson Store, went out for a FABULOUS breakfast and then headed for home. I looked at Mark and said "You know - we could go to the Reagan Library while we are all the way up here . . . " HINT HINT! And he replied, "whatever you want to do Honey". WHOO HOOO!!!!! I have been wanting to go there for YEARS!

You drive up a very long windy road to get there. 
And all along the way are pictures 
of each president on the light posts.
The entrance

I got goosebumps just walking up . . . 
An exact replica of President Reagan's Oval Office.

The Presidential Seal on the ceiling.
Life size photo at the beginning 
of the very long hall leading to . . . 
GASP! There it is!
Air Force One.
Intact - just as it always was - protected.
and HUGE! From every angle.
Tilted at a slight angle as if taking off . . . 
I wish I could've taken pictures from the cockpit 
to show you . . . no cameras inside.
Absolutely amazing!
To think- I touched a place inside this plane
where President Reagan touched. 
And President Bush, and President Carter.
Each of them used this particular plane.
From the front veranda looking back inside . . . 
My favorite shot . . . 
Marine One

So much to show you . . . not enough time -
His Presidential limousine

A piece of the Berlin Wall.
This is HUGE!
The suit that was cut off of him when he was shot.
The day "Everyone is a Republican Mr. President."
A huge room called the Miniature White House.
A to scale model of the entire White House.
AMAZING! Couldn't get it all in one shot. 
Having never been to Washington DC, 
I had no idea it was so BIG!
It always looks so small from the pictures.
Onward. In every hall - huge, huge pictures.
Couldn't get it all in the picture . . . 
Inside the museum . . . 
The 21 cartridges from the 21 gun salute
the day of his funeral.
And finally . . . 
The final resting place of
President Ronald Reagan.
So much more there, but . . . my little 
iPhone camera just doesn't do it justice.
(YUP! FORGOT my camera at home!)

But you get just a taste of it. 
The main "biography" part of the library 
is being remodeled. It will open in February of 2011. 
Trust me - I WILL be back.

Well, that was our weekend. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

On a sad note, we lost a Sorority Sister on Sunday.
Cici from Lace'N'Ribbon Roses passed away.
Please visit her blog to leave your condolences.



Parsley said...

My husband wants to visit the RR Library soon. Sounds like it would be worth it.

Ginger said...

Karen, I love seeing the pictures of the Reagan library. I had no idea it was that big. I want to go there some day. It looks beautiful.
Glad you enjoyed your dinner and the ocean view. Had to laugh about what Mark said about the bathroom in the hotel room.
I think you did good taking pictures with your phone!!

Anonymous said...

I'll probably never get there so I appreciate your picture tour!!!
It really is someplace I'd like to visit.


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Oh wow, that coastline is awesome! You and hubby look so cute together and like you had such a good time.

I read about the death of CC yesterday, and already found my way over to her blog to leave condolences. It is rather amazing to me how severely this has affected me - - - another evidence of the "ties that bind" blogging gals together!

I also sent an e-mail containing my password to my daughter.

Blondie's Journal said...

Wow!! What a great weekend you and hubby had. I would have enjoyed every second of it! Your pictures are fabulous!! I've never been to the RR Library but you made me want to go!! Air Force 1 is awesome and I love the replica of the White House! Very cool.

I heard about Cici last night. It breaks my heart even though I didn't know her or her blog very well... scares me to think of someone we might know really well...


Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures from your beach trip! AND Oh my gosh, I want to go to the Reagan Library! How wonderful that Mark was such a good sport to take you there! I know you guys had the best time! Happy that you talked about me so that you could drink early, hehe!

I am so sorry we lost a Sorority Sister! I will surely go by and leave a note!

Love you bunches and happy you are back home safely! HUGS!

Connie said...

We WILL visit it the next time we go back to visit the kids, honey. I can promise you that. I loved that man and wish we had more like him.

Ooooh, thank you so much for the visit and pix of it.

Joyce said...

Wow... I checked out your post from Theresa's... great pictures. I want to go see the Library now. I am going to put that on my list! Great blog!

stefanie said...

wow, that place is amazing!!! i think we need to go!! thanks for the great photos, looks like you two had fun!

June said...

I am beside myself over the visit to the Ronald Reagan Library. What a thrill for you to be able to go. I am so glad to see that you guys had a great time on your get-away Karen. You look so darn cute in all the photos. For every 100 photos of me, I take one good one. I just think I like being behind the camera best. hehe!
So glad you'r e home safe.
hugs to you...

mya said...

Your pictures are a good advertisement for the library. I saw a similar White House in Miniature in DC at the Building Museum, and yes, it is so much larger than you would think.
Thank you for posting them, and the sad note about Cici.

shannon i olson said...

What a wonderful visit! YOu did an amazing job with the camera you had! Thanks for sharing your great trip and the sad news of Cici.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Karen,
Looks like a great time my dear and romantic too!
That was very cool seeing the Reagan Library. I love history and anything to do with our Presidents.
I've been to D.C. twice. Once as a child and once as an adult. Hubby has never been so it may be on our to go list soon.
What to join us?
I feel terrible about the Blogger who passed away. I will check on her blog.

Jo said...

Thank you for letting us know abt the passing of one of our sisters....

~CC Catherine said...

Karen, I'm soooo sorry to hear about Cici. I didn't know her, but I'm sure she was a lovely person! :( Your trip sounds like you had much fun, laughter, and relaxation! I think I need to do the same...all these babies are making me tired. :) But I'm loving every minute of it at the same time! Hugs friend! ~CC Catherine

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about Cici...thanks for letting us know, Karen.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time in Ventura, though...such a beautiful spot! And I've never made it to the RR library...must get there soon! Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos from your beautiful get away!


Connie said...

What a nice weekend. Dwight and I were just talking about places we wanted to visit and I wanted to see the Reagan Library. Thanks for the pretour!!


CHERI said...

What a fabulous trip. Reagan, in my opinion, was the last really good president we had. Sure wish he was still around to help out today!

Cindy said... throat has been so many tears..and I hadn't ever met her.Yet CC was always commenting..and making me smile..she always had something positive to say. There was one email from her..she told me to pull myself up and get my big girl panties out of a wad..I needed that!!! I will miss her and I know you will!!!!!To think we can feel this way in blogland..and some say this is a joke..blogging..I it isn't!!! It is real to me!! Your trip looked awesome..I will go back and look at the pictures again soon. I am glad you and Mark were able to have a nice time!!

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

It looks as if you had a wonderful trip. You are a better sport than I am...I tend to check out if the hotel is that bad:)

I'm sorry that we lost a sister...sad.

Barbara said...

I'm so happy that your Anniversary turned out so well!

Hugs XX

The Polka Dot Closet said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time! the pictures are gorgeous! Nothing like a good long dinner with a view!
CiCi's passing is just devastating! It is so hard to believe!


Christy said...

It looks like you had a great time! Gotta love those slanted floored bathrooms, hehe.

Ive never been to the RRL but have been to DC quite a few times and yes, there is SOOOO much to see. I love it and want to get there again.

Take care!

Mimi said...

I loved your little get away!!Some times those old funky motels are just so nostalgic, but I know what you mean, I have stayed in a few!!!
I went to the Ronald Reagan Library last Oct. when we had to go to Malibu for Miss Camdyn's Photo shoot for those baby shoes she won a photo shoot with!!
I had only 45 minutes to look around as they were closing, so we ran from display to display, but did not make it to the plane, but I WILL be going back there soon too, the area was AWESOME-- love that entire area!!Calabassas was incredible, that is where we stayed as not alot of Cheaper Hotels in Malibu, and they like it like that!!
have a great weekend

huntedtreasures said...

This is amazing, you did a great job, I just honor President Ronald Regan, I wish we had more Presidents just like him. I miss him so much and loved his work. Thank you for reminding us on what a great President he was.

Maria &Ruth

Joy Campbell said...

LUSH.....(I only say that because I am jealous!) love ya..


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

What a fabulous anniversary get away!!!!
Hey girl, old uneven hotels need love too Karen! hahaha! If slanted floors really bother New Orleans is NOT the place you want to come and stay! hahahahahahaha!!!!
When I come visit you, can you take me to the library? It looks fascinating and I'd love to see it!
I see you had your P&P shirt on...too cute!
ok...I'm going work on my pages...thanks again for the gloves! I owe you big time!!!!!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

This sounds like a wonderful trip! Great photos of you and your hubby.

Thanks for sharing your trip.

Blessings & Aloha!
and I will be going over to CiCi's blog.

Rosalyn-Sue said...

Ohhhhh, Karen! I so wish I could make that trip...RR was one of my favorite Presidents, only second to President Polk :) Thank you for sharing with us...

Sending all the best to you from GA...

Big hugs,

Amy Arnaz said...

Wow Karen~ I love this post about the Reagan Library. I have never been there but after seeing your superb post it's now on my Must See list. Thanks for posting so many photos. A most enjoyable post! xoxo Amy