Thursday, October 21, 2010

Whatcha doin?

Whatcha doin?

Well . . . I can tell you what I'm NOT doing!
I am not worried about an upcoming trip.
I am not worried about an upcoming class.
I am not worried about an upcoming swap.
I am not worried about cleaning my house.
I am not worried about work.

In short - I am not worried.  :)

I am not doing ANYTHING to cause myself stress for the next 2 1/2 months!
I am going to  work (obviously) a slew of hours
because that is what is required right now.
It's kinda driving me crazy, but I love them both
so . . . whaddya do? :)
I am going to  HAPPILY decorate my home for the Holidays. 
 I am going to COOK! 
I am going to SHOP! 
And - all in all - I am going to really 

For tonight (Tuesday), and ummmmm . . . last night too- 
I am very happily spending my time here.
In my studio . . .
(although lately I'd be more inclined to call it a pigpen!)
Doing what, you ask?

Sorting THIS!
(horrible lighting - sorry!)
Is this awesome  or WHAT?

A few weeks ago, I was hastily trying to visit a few blogs before I left on another of several-in-a-row trips. One blog which I love is one of our very own Sorority Sister - Lululiz in Lalaland. I first met Liz met when the Sorority began. It was FATE! :)

I visit her often, she has fabulous stories to tell of her UK life. A cottage in France in the summer . . . (pitter patter goes the heart - you know - things dreams are made of.) She has a FABULOUS sense of humor and has had me rolling several times with her antics and tales since she came back from her cottage of dreams.
She love the "hunt" and her FINDS are to die for!
And then - we connected.
In just a matter of hours I knew we were kindred spirits.

I went on her Etsy shop - and fell in love! Here was a woman after my own heart! SHE LOVES LACE! But even better - because she lives in the UK, she loves FRENCH LACE! Now . . . some of you might not think that is a big deal.
But . . . IT IS TO ME!

So - gasping for air - I asked for MORE!
She mentioned she was a "hoarder"
and had "quit a bit".
And proceeded to send me pictures. 

I almost had a heart attack.

Immediately I went to my "cash stash" you know -
the piggy bank that everyone else has
 that says "vacation fund" or "car fund" or "college fund".
Mine says "play money".
And what better to spend it on than
Sigh. Be still my heart. OMG!!!!!! 

OK, figured out what the exchange rate was between the UK currency and the dollar - DISMAL!! :( But - BITE THE BULLET KAREN!
 "Just DO IT!!!")
I wrote her back and said -
"no fluff - no frills- no cards to add weight to the postage,
 just STUFF it all in an envelope. Whatever!
I'll love whatever you send!"

And so she did. Several hours of pay later . . .
and a package arrives yesterday.

Now - be prepared. Get ready! 

You are going to be PEA GREEN WITH ENVY!

Take a gander at what the FABULOUS MISS LIZ SENT ME!
And STUFF it she did!!!

This one is shimmery

Just LOOK at this one! Sigh! :)

And - look what else she sent. BIG SIGH! 
Oh the stories this piece could tell!
If only . . . 

I could just go on and on.

This post is now 2 days late getting posted. It is now Thurs evening, I just got home from work and am dead tired. My brain just won't shut off and it's exhausting. I know . . . DUMB!

Gotta begin dinner, but wanted to share my beautiful lace with all of you.
Thanks again Liz! I! LOVE! IT!

SWAP PARTICIPANTS - everything should be in the mail to your partner tomorrow! Let me know if there are any problems! I don't want anyone being disappointed! BE HAPPY!



marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh my word Karen, all of your lace is gorgeous. I absolutely love it. I know you will cherish and enjoy every single piece. So pretty. Hope you get a little rest too. Hugs, Marty

Blondie's Journal said...

The lace is beautiful, Karen...what a great stash you now have!! Can't wait to see some of the projects you come up with!! Have fun!


my cup of tea said...

WoW the lace is so BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful envelope you received! Looking forward to seeing the projects you will do with it!

Doni said...
gorgeous, lovly, wonderful...oh boy I know what you're going to be doing this weekend!!!
Have a Blast!!!
Blessings, Doni

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Oh must be in lace heaven! So pretty! Swap is mailed...I'm totally insecure, but I did it!

stefanie said...

oh, its all so beautiful!!! how fun is that...I need some of that stash cash!!!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

How fun you will have with all this lace my Dear friend...I can see your mind just a chruning already for the many use's you will have for it...Get some rest girl the Hoildays will be here before I'm ready for them...I did do some Christmas shopping again today almost done now..Now I can have fun in my house maybe ha ha!! Come by girl and enter my give away for my 2 year blogging party...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Heather said...

love the lace. I like lace too.

Oliva said...

Oh my! There's nothing like true Fench lace. Pea green here...yup!

Suz said...

Unbelievably beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Be still my heart!!!!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Karen, The laces are very yummy :-)! I had been watching out for laces for you but haven't found any by the yard for months now. Everything I found were doilies and lace fabrics. So I'm glad you got to buy some from Liz to fill up your stash. Have lots of fun playing with them :-).
Big HUGS to you,

Lululiz said...

Karen, you are such a darling! I had tons of fun picking out lace for you and I am thrilled to bits that you love them so much. It really was a pleasure. Have oodles of fun with it! Perhaps one day you'll make it to France and we can go lace hunting together. Liz xxx

Theresa said...

WOW, that is a big pile of gorgeous lace! I can't wait to see what you do with some of it! That lace SHOULD last you a while:) Love you bunches! T

tina said...

i love lace,your is gorgeous! have a fun!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

The lace is fabulous! And I'm soo envious you got to go to Art Camp. Wahhhh!

Have fun on your next art gig...aren't they fun?

Suzanne said...

The lace is beyond beautiful! So happy for you. And I agree...let's all NOT WORRY and enjoy the little...and BIG things. (Like your lace:)

Home and Heart said...

I am FAR more than pea green!! You deserve it though Karen, and I am glad you have such good friends!


Oh yes, yes, yes--stunning lace!

CHERI said...

Your lace is beautiful. Isn't it amazing all the people (friends) you can meet while blogging? I know you are going to make something beautiful even if you do have a busy time ahead of you. Can't wait to see, you creative thing, you!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Karen. I wanted to come by and say thank you for sending up a prayer for me after reading Cindy at Rick-Rack and Ginghams post. Your prayer was a blessing to me and I won't forget it.

I love all your beautiful lace. It looks like she was very generous. Now I want to go to the UK and search for lace for myself. (Not gonna happen but a girl can dream).

Anitra Cameron said...

Oh, my. Oh. Wow. What a treasure trove she sent you! Smiling all over for you. =oD