Sunday, November 28, 2010

Whatcha Doin?

I hope everyone is taking 
some time for themselves. 
 Light a few candles . . . 
 And take a nice 
long . . . soak . . . 
 Then curl up by the fire 
with a nice hot 
cup of tea and read 
a good book, 
or flip through your 
favorite magazine.
(I know - there are a TON 
of them in my tray 
that I need to get to.)
This is my reading spot 
in our bedroom.
It's raining tonight. . . 

In the meantime -
It's beginning . . . 
 to ...
look ...
a lot . . .  
like ...
Around here!

For our Monday's Messages -
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Untie the Ribbons
for her GIVEAWAY!

Have a wonderful week everyone! 
And it's official - I can now say


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Well . . . I don't know what to say. 
I had this great post all written, 
all I had to do was upload the pictures -
 nothin' to it right?
Leave it to Blogger to do this to me on Thanksgiving.
It is saying "REJECTED" to every picture that I try to post. 
Nothing has changed. 
I'm doing it the same way I always have.

Hmmm..... Lord give me patience.

Well - I am off tomorrow - 
hopefully they will have it fixed 
and I will try again!

Have a happy day!

Monday, November 15, 2010


"I cannot believe Karen is going to post this!"
"I know - what is she thinking?"
"Do you know how embarrassing this is for me?"
"You? You're the one who gets into flour and eats it."
"HARLEY! I did not - well - you did it . . . too"

So today I did NOT go in to work (I say as my cell phone rings . . . hmmmm could it be Him?) I've neglected my house long enough and with the Holidays here . . . I just needed to CLEAN! I always have Mondays off up until lately but today! I'M OFF!

It all started when I opened my spice cupboard this morning. After reading Julie's post and deciding I MUST give the cinnamon roll recipe she posted today a try - I needed to see if I had all the ingredients. "Hmmmm . . . open jar of molasses expired 2 years ago - (toss) why do I have 4 jars of cinnamon and all but one have expired? Guess I better check the brown sugar and yeast while I am at it ... OH MY STARS!"

Do you have expired spices? Do you have expired food? I know you can keep some of it past the expiration date but ... SEVEN YEARS? I don't think so.

So everything came out of the 
cupboard before I realized I should 
probably take pictures :) 
(hey better late than never right?)
 Stale tea anyone?
 How many cans of Pam 
does one household need?
 Do you do that too?
"OH BOY! It's on sale - I'll buy THREE 
because I just KNOW they'll get used!"
warehouse prices vs.

I didn't save any money 
because now years later 
I'm throwing them away because 
they are expired and 
they DIDN'T get used.

So now I'm good to go again!
Clean and organized!
Do you have friends and family who shop 
at all the wonderful specialty shops 
because they know how much 
you love to cook and they 
buy you rubs, marinades and seasonings 
and you think - "I'll use it someday".


"Hmmmm - maybe I better 
check a few more of my 
other cabinets too..."
The oils, vinegars, marinades 
and sauce cupboard!
Before - well kinda -
I had already tossed the top shelf . . .
After! YAY!
Maybe I better check the pantry -
 Oatmeal anyone?
KAREN! (I hear you Mom!)
Hmmm - expired cans.
 But now it is all nice and fresh.
It was never messy - 
I just didn't know what I had,
or worse, how long I'd had it!
So- open your cupboards before the Holidays really get here and check your expiration dates on all your baking goods. Hope you don't find what I found! 

I feel soooooo much better now ... and I am off to the market to buy JUST A FEW replacement items. 
(Like yeast, cause I am soooo going to make Julie's cinnamon rolls . . . )


Sunday, November 14, 2010


Guess what I've discovered...
first hand?

I discovered that this . . . 
Has a MUCH bigger 
cargo area than this! (duh!)
Which is exactly the 
reason I bought it!
(Plus I love the double sun roof!)

Anyway - after a FULL day of shopping with Miss Sandy of SMN Designs yesterday, I was VERY thankful to have a nice large cargo space. Because I can pretty much guarantee that what I bought would've NEVER fit in my old cute little red sports car.
(Hint - we went antiquing, enjoyed a cajun catfish lunch :), more antiquing, Tai Pan, and finally hit Victorias Gardens - oh lalalal!) 
And nope! Can't share much because most of it is gifts!
And one thing is an experiment . . . we'll see if I can pull it off! Not sure . . . we'll see.

OK Monday's messages! 

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It is on her November 9th post.

And . . . Miss Heidi
from Sugah Beez
has posted her Rush Project!
She did a BEE-utiful job - 
go check it out!
Also on her November 9th post.
(sneak peek)

That's it for today!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Ready? Here we go - 
fair warning - LOTS of pictures.
This is the RV Park we stayed at 
just south of Lone Pine.
Those are MY mountains! :)
The Mighty Sierra Nevadas!!
 Home for 2 days. 
Not exciting, but it worked!
 Heading out in the Jeep 
Saturday morning to explore.
 Stopped in Bishop at our FAVORITE
place - Schat's Bakkery. They don't allow
cameras inside. :( 
 Fabulous food.
Mouth watering food.
We had a quick breakfast 
and grabbed our fresh roasted turkey
on fresh baked Sheepherder's Bread
sandwiches for lunch too!
 Pups waited in the car - all strapped 
in for four wheel driving!
 Destination? None really - 
looking for Lake Sabrina 
and South Lake 
and Bishop Creek.
 Autumn in the Sierra's. 
 Found Lake Sabrina!
Good thing - they close the
road after the first big snowfall.
 Also found a little road leading back to
North Lake. Lots of hiking and
mule trail rides available in summer.
For now, the pack horses and
mules have been taken 
down to Bishop until Spring.
There is the lake - between the trees.
 The sky is beginning to 
look interesting!
"Please rain! come on, come on!" 
 But that ain't rain! :)
 Then we found Bishop Creek! 
WOW! Running FAST!
 I couldn't cross this little 
bridge because the dog's paws 
went in between the slats.
But Mark mosied on across.
 The sky looking north . . . 
 And the sky looking South! 
This is South Lake.
Turns out they are emptying it 
part way before it freezes, 
to allow for spring snow melt-
hence the reason Bishop Creek 
was so full!
 So after exploring around there 
for a while we headed on back 
down into Bishop and found 
a cute little park to have lunch.
 What greeted me when I 
opened the Jeep door.
 This is also Bishop Creek - 
just several miles downstream.
It literally encircles the little park.
 Ready for food!
 It was just so pretty. 
I couldn't get over it!
 See - it goes all around our table!
 Didn't see the shoes until I downloaded
the pictures onto my iPad. HA!
 We stopped in Bishop and did some
shopping and then headed south to 
the RV park in Lone Pine. 
These mountains had 
no snow this morning . . . 
 Now they are truly gorgeous!
 The sun peeking through the clouds
 This storm was just south of 
the RV Park . .
 I had every pair of fingers and 
toes crossed I could manage . . . 
 But - it just moved slowly east.
Sigh. No rain for me this day.

And that was pretty much our 
little exploring weekend.

Hope everyone is having a good week!