Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy day and something very special!

Good morning!
I'm Harley and I want to share 
a little bit of our Christmas!
We only got in trouble once 
for snooping under the tree 
on Christmas morning ...
But we just knew there would be
some presents under there for us.
Karen helped Jorja open hers...
And Brandon helped me open mine!
Justin was very excited over 
new plastics for his dirt bike.
And Brandon got a new pipe for his... 
Mark was pretty jazzed with
his new Harley watch 
(named after ME of course!)
 Karen was surprised by a gift
certificate to her favorite antique store,
(and check out that 
new PINK Coach purse!)
But the best gift was what
 Mark got Karen them both.
They were hidden behind the coach.
 Karen's is pink for crying out loud!
Jorja loved that.
She was so excited she jumped right on!
So did Mark!
His is black and looks like
a chopper! A manly man bike!
 The boys had to get in on the fun!
Everyone was racing up 
and down the street! 
 You'd never know they are over 50 by
how excited they were over these bikes!
Just a couple of kids on a 
BEAUTIFUL Christmas morning!
They can't wait to take them
in the Coach. Now they can cruise 
around the RV parks they stay in.

Christmas afternoon they left 
us behind and headed for 
Karen's sister JoAnne's house.
Miss Taylor was there - 
 With her Mommy and Daddy -
Staci and Andy
And her Auntie Heather 
(who holds her all the time!)
and her boyfriend Cedric
(who Karen LOVED!)
JoAnne and Doug 
 The "not so new" newlyweds
Steve and Jess...
Brandon brought his 
new girlfriend Jennifer... :)
And of course Justin!
They had way too much fun without us.
And that was their Christmas -
short version style!
I hope everyone had as wonderful of
a Christmas as we all did!

And now - 
Karen has a special something
for the Bloggerettes.

Good morning!
Harley has been entertaining you I see! 

You might all remember Patty - she was my swap partner for a Tussie Mussie swap back in May.
Well - she has some exciting news and asked me to share it with all of you. Patty holds a special place in my heart, I am so pleased to see her spreading her
beautiful wings and diving headfirst into blogging.
And much more - so read on!

 ‘Bloggerette Sorority Sisters and Blogger friends’

 Blooming in Kansas, Patty in Oz (stwant2be) 
has dusted off a dream and
the N2 God Store is opening January 1st.  
Because we have our Sister connection…
Patty invites EVERYONE to join in the fun…
even if you're not in Kansas anymore (ha ha).
Eventually, Patty said she'll share 
on her blogspot ‘the store journey’…
which she says has been 
"very interesting from the get go".

If you have time, please stop by
Patty’s blog at
and ‘share your favorite scripture’ 
January 1st thru 8th 
(just leave a comment on one of her posts).
Your name will go into the ‘Prize Drawing’ 
for a very unique Vintage Item
and a sweet and wonderful item 
for your journey.

A little quote she found to share…
‘We make a living by what we earn. 
We make a life by what we share’.

The store, God’s Store is open 
‘most’ Saturdays 813 W. 2ndWichitaKS
and online 24/7
Her husband is presently ‘fine tuning’ 
the… his baby.
They offer gifts for the Spiritual Journey, 
Antiques and ‘Old Stuff’.

Patty extends heartfelt thanks to all of you!
Be blessed.

Go visit Patty!

Have a wonderful day and if I don't see you before then - have a wonderful and safe New Year!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Sleepless night ...

Santa comes tonight...
Have you stopped to think about 
how many children will not 
sleep a wink tonight in 
anticipation of tomorrow morning? 
Were you one of them?
I sure was.

Well, the soup is on the stove. 
Last batch of cookies are
in the oven.
The tree is trimmed and twinkling.
The gifts are wrapped 
and under the tree.
It's such a magical time
of year. 
I wish Christmas Blessings for all of you 
and a safe and very Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Past and Present

This time of year everyone is so busy with friends and family. It's such a happy time for me and my family - I hope all of you enjoy it in your own way just as much.

This  year we will have a new baby girl
(to clarify -  my great-niece) :) 
to enjoy on Christmas Day. 
Miss Taylor is now 8 1/2 months old 
and just a cutie. How fun to be able to 
watch her enjoy her first Christmas.   

On a different note, Mark's brother and his family moved to Colorado at the beginning of this month ( I am PEA GREEN WITH ENVY!) This is our first year without them and I will truly be going through WITHDRAWLS without my favorite Sister-in-Law by my side. Christie and I have deemed each other Sisters of the Heart, because we have such fun together. Each being married to "one of the brothers" our marital experiences are often very similar which makes us just crack up! Every time I think about them and the little boys not being here - I start to cry.

Here is our annual picture of all the grandsons taken  on the stairs at my in-laws house. This was taken this past Thanksgiving - one week before the little ones headed off to their new life in Colorado. Evan is 9 and Zack is 5 and I miss them so much.
Our nephew Christopher is top middle. 
He is Mark's sister's son.

You might remember these shots 
from last Christmas. 

We bought them a dirt bike 
(but said it was from Santa)
and let me tell ya, 
they have loved it over this past year. 
Chris says there is LOTS of places 
to take them riding in Colorado.

Here is me, my MIL and Christie.
I could not have hand picked a more perfect SIL. 
I just love her to pieces. 

But I feel like didn't take the time to truly appreciate the boys when they were here, and now I am really regretting it. I wish I had gone to every single one of their little league games and Church plays. 
But ... who knew.

But now I have every reason in the world to go to Colorado - Ohhhhh ... I'd say at least 6 times a year! Do you think that is reasonable? LOL! :)

I ran out to get the mail when there was a lull in the storm this afternoon and here is what I saw! 
Haven't seem blue sky in nearly a week. 
We are pretty sogged out but the brunt of the storm hit south and east of us. (I was really hoping for a good thunderstorm but ....not to be.)
But the blue sky was nice.
I did not make it back to the front door and it was pouring again.

Have a great evening. 
I should be posting once more before Christmas.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Justin!

Today is my youngest child's birthday. 
He is 22 years old.
Where the H#*@!* did the years go?
Happy Birthday Babe.
We love you so much!

The year Justin was born was incredibly cold! We had lows in the upper 20's, there had just been a big fire in the hills the week before, and the stomach flu was rampant. Being 4 days before Christmas - all of our friends pretty much stayed away from the hospital because it seemed most had the flu and were trying to get over it before Christmas. 
So other than our immediate family, we had one friend show up to see me. 

I was laying in bed, Mark was there. 
I had Justin in my arms and 
a head popped in the door. 
It was our friend Mark with a HUGE bouquet of flowers and a grin just as big. I will never, ever forget that. (He - being a guy - has no idea how much that meant to me.) I was feeling quite neglected! ;)

And I am happy to share with you that it was his daughter Holly who gave birth to her first baby yesterday, a girl they named Avery. Both Holly and her husband Jeremiah are ecstatic, as are the grandparents and aunts and uncles. 
Way to go Holly! Love you Girl!

With that, I am staying home today - the rains are continuing and today is supposed to be the worst day, when the cold system and the tropical system merge and we are supposed to be SLAMMED this afternoon and evening. I am going to do some baking and 
finish my wrapping and I have a foot doctor 
appt this afternoon. 

And where is my 22 year old son heading out the door to? The slopes of course. I sure hope he finds snow!

Have a wonderful day and for those of you in So Cal - stay safe and dry. 

Merry Christmas!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

And the Rains Came...

As I sit here at my computer
I am listening to the rain 
pounding on the roof.

I am having the most wonderful day.
It has been raining for 3 solid days.

 Today and all last night 
was the hardest .
It never let up.
 We are a little flooded . . . 
but I just love, love 
the sound of the rain.
I could watch it for hours.
I sat in the living room this 
morning, drinking my coffee 
and looking at my tree. 
It is a big one!
It is the only
one I put up this year.
I really do love it.
Year after year, subtle little
changes here and there.
I still love it.
So does Mark! :)

My girlfriend Sandy's daughter 
is having her first baby today!
We are on baby standby!
Go HOLLY!!!!

I got some wrapping done today. 
I only have a few more gifts to buy.
I baked my first batch of 
gingerbread cookies! YUM!
I have a big pot of Carmelized 
Onion and Shitake Mushroom 
soup on the stove.
Smells Heavenly in here.

A fire in the fireplace...
Christmas music on...
and it's raining. Still.

Life is good!
Merry Christmas everyone!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where Do You Wrap?

Normally this is my guest room.
I have to laugh. 
The room was clean . . . 
and within 20 minutes - 
a tornado hit.
All the boxes full of supplies 
lugged up the stairs . . .
full of bags, boxes and tissue.
 Lids off - ready for action!
Trash bag open and at the ready.
I set up an extra table I have . . . 
I used to use my ironing board.
 Tape, scissors, pens and tags . . . 
Ribbon right behind me
(note to self - 
I do not need any more ribbon!)
I also don't need any more bags, but . . . 
can you guess who this one is for?
It was a mandatory purchase!
Well I for one, was starting 
to feel a little bit of the crunch time.
Christmas is next week after all!
So yesterday I hit the road running!
Now I just have to wrap - 
finish my cards -
and wait for the mail orders!

While I was out shopping yesterday
I picked up a few things that 
I didn't need
but bought anyway (hehehe).
Love these big blocks -
 And this big wooden card

 I found the prettiest 
glass candy garland 
for my kitchen Christmas Tree.
(Yes, Marty and CeeKay -
I took you to this store.)
 I think it added just the 
right amount of BLING! :)
And finally - I  felt like making 
something newJust little 
hanging pieces I put on the
hutch in the downstairs hallway.
 I love the old Vintage Photos.

 I had fun creating these!

So that's where I wrap, and what I've been up to.

Where do you wrap?

Have a wonderful week everyone!