Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Justin!

Today is my youngest child's birthday. 
He is 22 years old.
Where the H#*@!* did the years go?
Happy Birthday Babe.
We love you so much!

The year Justin was born was incredibly cold! We had lows in the upper 20's, there had just been a big fire in the hills the week before, and the stomach flu was rampant. Being 4 days before Christmas - all of our friends pretty much stayed away from the hospital because it seemed most had the flu and were trying to get over it before Christmas. 
So other than our immediate family, we had one friend show up to see me. 

I was laying in bed, Mark was there. 
I had Justin in my arms and 
a head popped in the door. 
It was our friend Mark with a HUGE bouquet of flowers and a grin just as big. I will never, ever forget that. (He - being a guy - has no idea how much that meant to me.) I was feeling quite neglected! ;)

And I am happy to share with you that it was his daughter Holly who gave birth to her first baby yesterday, a girl they named Avery. Both Holly and her husband Jeremiah are ecstatic, as are the grandparents and aunts and uncles. 
Way to go Holly! Love you Girl!

With that, I am staying home today - the rains are continuing and today is supposed to be the worst day, when the cold system and the tropical system merge and we are supposed to be SLAMMED this afternoon and evening. I am going to do some baking and 
finish my wrapping and I have a foot doctor 
appt this afternoon. 

And where is my 22 year old son heading out the door to? The slopes of course. I sure hope he finds snow!

Have a wonderful day and for those of you in So Cal - stay safe and dry. 

Merry Christmas!



Rebecca said...

I know right...the time just slips by. My youngest just turned 23 in November. Happy, Happy Birthday to Justin! And {{{hugs}}} to his GREAT Mom!

Love ya,

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Happy Birthday to your Justin! I too had a December baby. Born Dec. 2nd, she is my oldest of two daughters and just turned 34 years old! Eeek do I feel old!! LOL! But she is still my pretty baby...and I remember the day she came was also cold, rainy and a dreary Thursday. Time does fly!! Have we had enough rain yet?! Okay...I think I need some sun!! Heading out to Loma Linda for an appt. then it's right back home to the fireplace and some good movies! Have a great day.. and a Merry Christmas! Hugs!

Debby said...

Happy Birthday to your son, who is by the way, very handsome.
Tell that rain to stop. My daughter (from Colorado) and her family are at Disneyland. My granddaughter is 4 and a half and in that magical state about the princesses. This can't be the best time to see them.
You have a Merry CHristmas. We have snow here in Ohio , I could send you some. It is alot better than rain.

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday to your Justin, I love that name:) I hope he enjoys his birthday and I know you will make sure of it!

Stay dry my friend! I have been watching it on the news... Sounds like it isn't letting up:)

Have a blessed day dear friend! HUGS!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Happy Birthday to Justin!
Oh, to be 22 again!
He sure is a handsome fellow Karen!
I think he has your eyes!
That sure was a sweet story about the birth too.
And the rain, oh my, stay dry. Too bad we weren't closer. My hubby could build you an ark! hehe.
Hope it doesn't come to that.
We got more snow and I am going to post the pics later today.
It's actually the really pretty really fluffy type.
Big Hugs and Happy birthday to the Mom of Justin too!

janis said...

Awe How Sweet♥ My "Oldest" daughter, Emily, turned 22 on Saturday, December 18th. Wasn't it wonderful to have a baby at Christmas time♥

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your handsome son, Karen!!! I hope he was having lots of fun today.
Your Christmas tree is awesome and HUGE! We've put up only a small one. I can't fill a larger one with vintage ornaments and handmade vintage decorations yet. When I carry on collecting and making them the tree will increase over the next years :-).

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family!!! Enjoy the holidays!

Christmas hugs,

Connie said...

Happy Birthday to Justin! I remember him and Dustin playing together at my house when he was two!! Yikes...time flies!

We are floating away out here too! I've got water up to my back door...It's about 2 inches deep. I love the rain too! I have to go out in it tomorrow though...hoping it lets up a bit!

Merry Christmas! Connie

P.S. I wrap on the pool table (it's covered of course!).

Hootin' Anni said...

It's funny, when I woke up this morning and doing my early morning walking, I was thinking that my youngest will be 39 this coming year [2011]...whoa!!

Happy Birthday to Justin. And may I add, even tho I'm at a loss of young hormones, your son IS a hunk!!! Love his blue, blue eyes. [don't tell him I said that tho...he'd just think I'm a horny ol' lady!!!]

Anonymous said...

Happiest of birthday's to your son - oh the sweet age of 22 lol I have to say he is indeed handsome!

I alas have no children so I get to share in the joys of my friends children...thanks for sharing this day Karen. I hope you are well and all of your family - a most happy and cheerful holiday season.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Christmas Blessings to you and your family, From my mountain to yours Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Ginger said...

Happy Birthday to Justin. What a handsome guy.
Glad Holly is okay and baby too. Avery is a popular name right now.
My granddaughter just celebrated her birthday too...Gotta love these Dec. births.
It's been raining like crazy in Vegas too. Getting tired of it.