Saturday, January 29, 2011


Yes - it's finally time! 
The Sorority has a new home.
My wonderful friend Debi at 
has agreed to take over the role of 
"House Mother" (hehehe). 
She has created an entirely 
new blog devoted just to our Sorority.  
The name of the new blog is 
and Debi has done a 
wonderful job designing it.
I love, love, love our new picture! 

SO! For those of you who are currently members of the Sorority - please replace the old Sorority button with the new one from the sidebar at the new blog. 
(I am having a heck of a time 
with Blogger this morning - 
but I will get the new button 
on my blog sidebar ASAP!)

And if you happen to see Sisters out there with the old button on their blog, please leave them a comment and let them know we've "moved". 
Help spread the word!
Now pop over to the 
new blog
and introduce yourself to Debi, 
(if you don't already know her.) 
She is creative BEYOND BELIEF and 
she has so many wonderful things 
in store for all of you. 
We talked on the phone for 
several hours the other night 
finalizing the details and 

Thank you so much Debi for
continuing my dream with this Sisterhood
idea. I had no idea it was going to become so large when I began it, and I hate having to give it up due to my work schedule, but I know you are just going to do a fabulous job! 

Big hug to you my friend!

Thanks everyone! 
Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

But I don't have a porch...

I am so excited to share this with you!

One of our Sorority Sisters, Jill at Gypsy Brocante is starting something wonderful! She is calling it her PORCH CLUB! You don't have to join or anything like that. You just pick a Monday morning when you feel like having a cup of coffee or iced tea on "the porch" and JOIN IN! She is even going to feature a Porch of the Month! 
 Sigh! I wish I had a porch. 
But Jill says it's OK if I don't 
- I can still join in on the fun! 

She has all the details on 
her Jan 24th post over at Gypsy Brocante.
 (I know - you'd think I would've 
learned how to link up the posts 
and dates and all that - 
but I have no clue. 
I can get you to her blog - 
just not a specific date. SORRY!)

I just love Jill to pieces, I took a jewelry making class from her last summer when she visited So Cal and just had a ball. You'll love her too. She is so genuine and warm and friendly. So put Monday - January 31st on your calendar. That is the first party and join in on the fun!

Very fun Miss Jill!!!!! :)


Monday, January 24, 2011


I sat down to my computer this morning - just to check out what was going on in blogland and hopped over to see my friend Liz at Rose Vignettes.

It was meant to be.

She had posted about her last Saturday morning when she made homemade laundry soap. At first I thought "what?". Then I kept reading. She got the recipe from a blogger who about 50 miles away from me - MaryJane at The Beehive Cottage. And after reading both of their posts - I knew I wanted to give it a try. I'm all for saving a dollar here and there - and just the act of doing this - made me feel good. You know? And it's good for the environment - I'm really big on that too!

So off I was to the store where I thought I could find all the ingredients. I am not a Wal-Mart shopper, I love Target. But I headed to Wal-Mart just to see. Bingo! All but one ingredient. I was so excited! Headed to Target next - nope - nobody had even heard of Arm and Hammer Washing Soda. Came home to put everything away and got on-line and found out Ace Hardware carries it. I called our local store and YUP! Dashed down there, hit Lowes, the post office and the market on the way back and was done running around.

Gathered all my wonderful new things together and began. Talk about simple. Open and dump - then grate the soap - voila! done in under 5 minutes. TOO EASY!
Here we go!
 The soap came in one big bar. 
Just grate it with your cheese grater.
 All done. 
Everything in an air-tight container.
 mix it up ....
 I put the lid on the container and
shook it all around
and mixed it up because I 
wanted to make sure it really was 
mixed together well.
Isn't it pretty?
Now all I need is a pretty vintage
tablespoon to measure it with.

No problem, it's Monday - laundry galore.
Now normally I rotate my 
bed sheets, but not today.
I want to sleep on these tonight! 
Here comes the good part.
1- 4# box of baking soda
1 bar of Zote Soap
1 1/3 bars of the pink Zote! 
Add $.33!!!
1 - 4# box of Borax
1 - 3.7# of Washing Soda 
 For a grand total of ...
Should be $9.87!
Now considering a box of 
laundry soap at Sam's Club is about $17 -
 this looks pretty good to me. 
And you only use TWO TABLESPOONS 
per load. YES! 
The other thing they suggested 
was using white vinegar as 
your fabric softener. 
I bought some. $2.28 for a gallon.
I used 1/2 cup on my sheets.
And when I took them out 
they didn't smell like vinegar at ALL!
Now I just need to find a pretty,
vintage glass 1/2 cup measuring cup.

I'm a happy camper. 
A happy domestic camper. 
And my hands smell REALLY good
from grating the soap.

Hey - how did these get in my
Target bags? ...

Thanks Liz and MaryJane!!! 
This was FUN!
Happy Day!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


It is a BEAUTIFUL Saturday morning here in So Cal. For two reasons -

1) Yup - Justin broke his left leg. 
His fibula - right above his ankle.
The good news is - NO SURGERY! 
(That's why this is a GREAT DAY!)
Can you see it?
(Gives me the heebie-jeebies!) 
He has it in a boot cast 
which is WONDERFUL because 
he can shower. But he 
needs crutches whenever he 
is up and about. Not easy to 
do on the stairs. But - 
we're working it out.
It could've been MUCH worse,
so I am very grateful.

I finished it up last night 
and this morning. 
I am one very happy woman!
OK, so here comes one of 
my more embarrassing moments 
(the dogs are rolling their eyes...)
(Holy cow I can't believe
I'm showing y'all this.
Good thing we are all friends!)
 You could walk into it 
and turn in a circle.
No floor space.
 Forget getting a step stool 
in here to reach something 
that is up high...
 I deny doing this to the sheets.
It's called a guy looking for a sheet! 
He makes a mess every time.
These used to be labeled....
wonder where they went?
 Just a mess! Everywhere you turned!
In my own defense - 
it didn't look like this until 
BOTH boys moved back home. 
I had my linens all hanging up, 
nice and organized in their closets. 
Then BOOM! 
Move it all out and put it where?
Everything just got stuffed in here.
I now have one closet back - 
so the runners and tablecloths 
are hanging once again.

Here it is now! :)
 Everything is labeled
 Easy to reach with or 
without a step stool.
 Love my IKEA boxes.
 I am going to go back and 
get a few more magazine boxes.
 Sheets and placemats.
 Napkins, bags and boxes
All I have to do is roll 
the vacuum cleaner back in.
Sigh. I love it. 

After a CRAZY week dealing with Doctors (and his incompetent staff!) and insurance companies ... today I wake up with a big sigh of relief that it is all behind me. Now his healing begins. That's just time. 

And I have one less big project on my "to-do" list.

Thanks for allowing me to humble myself to share my big secret with all of you. It feels so good to know that most of you will probably understand!

OK - so anybody else got a big secret in their house? (hehehe)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

FUN Trip!

Hello Everyone! I'm back. 
What a great trip. Five fun filled days 
- and TONS of driving! 
I'm ready for a vacation! :)
I left Wed morning and arrived 
that afternoon at CeeKay's house. 
Lots of hugs, and lots of trying 
to get her little Bentley to accept me. 
He did eventually - but each morning 
I had to reintroduce myself. 
He is too flippin' cute.

(Now I apologize, I didn't have my camera so I stole these pictures from Cindy, CeeKay and Marty!)

Thursday morning we were up early and drove to a little town about 10 miles away and picked up Cindy at her son's house. We only got lost a couple of times! Then we headed up to the northern part of Phoenix to meet Marty and do some SHOPPING!  
 Carolyn was downstairs 
and we were upstairs. 
We heard this 
(Great shot Carolyn!) 
Then onward we pressed to meet some 
of the AZ bloggers for lunch.
Jamie, CeeKay, me, Cindy, 
Marty, Liz, Laura and 
Laura's daughter who is dubbed 
"the Fashionista".
Lunch was way fun - I like the smaller groups because you really get to talk to EVERYONE and I like that! There were 8 of us for lunch and we had a great time visiting and catching up!

The next day Carolyn and I 
began our 
It was WAY fun!
Carolyn sat right across from me 
and was intimidated at first 
but she caught on!
 We made fun 4 1/2" by 6" "houses"
and then "tied" them together. 
We got to personalize them 
any way we wanted.  
Then soldered it all! Way cool!
For this project I choose my parents. 
One side - my Dad. 
Other side - their dating years.
I don't have many pictures of my Dad.
He died when I was 8
and I thought this would be a great
way to honor his memory.

 the back
This is it's new home!
I LOVE it.
The next day we made a 
sterling silver bracelet.
We created each link and 
put it all together.
We learned to stamp 
letters on silver...and
then learned how to "wrap".
That is a mother-of-pearl bead
that I wrapped.
My bracelet is called "imagine"
We even got to 
use one of THESE! SCAREY!
(middle of the picture - a TORCH)
VERY FUN! Easy peasey!
Here are some of the girls
hard at work.
Yes that is my friend Joy-
the blond on the end.
She flew over to take this class. 
She stayed at Marianne's, 
who is sitting next to her.
We met Marianne and her SIL Barb
at Terri's  Art Camp we 
attended up in Oregon!
 It was a fun time.

Attending these types of classes is so fun. 
You get to catch up with people 
you haven't seen in a while.
And make brand new friends.
I made three new friends this weekend -
Monique, Gwenn and Charlene. 
Very fun!
I hope I see them again someday.

Isn't blogging the best? 

Good thing I love my car - 805 miles later...

:) Hugs! 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Boxes and Monday's Messages

Boxes and more boxes. 
There is some organizing 
going on at my house. 
Two down - 14 to go ...
 Love these boxes from IKEA.
Hope my fingertips hold up
until they're all put together!
 Why you ask? Well - see this door?
It is directly behind my office chair. 
And it is my best kept secret.
It is a walk-in linen closet.
It is a MESS!
And no - I am not going to show 
you just how bad until AFTER it 
is organized. And I don't think I'll
get it finished today - so it will have
to be another post. 
But trust me. It's bad. 


We have a Monday's Message for all the 
Sorority Sisters!

Sharon over at Faith, Hope & Cherrytea is doing a Tea Cup Trade! How fun does that sound? Go check it out!
(I love her blog name. What a cute play on words.)

So that's it for now! 
I am trying to get lots done before I take off for my FUN short week in AZ! WHOO HOO!!