Thursday, February 17, 2011

Inside-out, upside-down and BACKWARDS!! 

This poor little cart that I bought for my upcoming trip to Round Top looked a little naked.

Both my friend Joy and I bought one so we won't be carrying everything around all day. (Can you think of anything worse?) Joy says "We can make them cute! Come on - you can do it!"

What exactly was I thinking? 
I don't really sew... I never have done anything really difficult, just easy patchwork quilting, pillows, shams, curtains, EASY STUFF. I did make a lot of my own clothes when I was a teenager. But everything always had a PATTERN! 

Well I thought to myself "How hard could it be?" Joy wrote down the size pieces to cut and then she kind of left me to my own devices. I looked at hers and then went home and began mine.
Cutting it out was a piece of cake. 
 "I can do this! YAY!"  
Then I started sewing the pieces together -

At first it was easy...
Then I really had to start thinking.
I didn't buy enough fabric for a pocket 
so I just sewed a doilie on.
That'll work.
I pinned everything together first...
And just when I thought I had it....
Nope - unpin and try again.
OK, that seems to work, stitch it...
But how do I ...
(insert four letter words here)
Call Joy...
"Nope - you did it wrong. Rip it out and do this ..."
(insert more four letter words - 
only underline them this time)
How on earth...?
Oh my stars!
I got the ruffle! kind of...

afternoon, I got it. 
Or maybe I better say -
this is as good as it is going to get.
I made a little flower with a vintage pin in the center.
 And I made another pocket on 
the back to throw my junk in.
I am so stinkin' proud of myself!
I finished it - and lived to tell about it.
 So if you see me at RoundTop - don't laugh.
Just smile and say "GREAT JOB KAREN!"

Note to self - do NOT let Joy talk you into doing anything like this again...


Sunday, February 13, 2011

From Our Heart to Yours...

From our hearts to yours...

 (Mike & Jeanne)   (Karen and Mark)

I love my duck...

personally - I like the pink hearts best!

Happy Valentines Day!