Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Loading Up and Heading Out!

Why to Round Top, Texas of course!
With my best shopping pal Joy!
And we are DRIVING! 1427 miles! 
Yee Haw!
What are we going to be 
doing there you ask?
At one of the largest antique fairs
in the country! :)
Farmers rent out their barns,
their pastures and even line up 
along side the road just
waiting for people to come and find their
most wanted treasures. Thousands
of vendors, and thousands of people!
Miles and miles of shopping 
for antique and vintage pieces.
For the best deals and the
perfect pieces.
I want that buffet cabinet in back...
 Love this little chest... I want 
a bigger night stand...and
love the pitchers too.
 I want another Baker's Rack 
for my bedroom. Every time I see 
a cute pillow now I think of Sissie!
Does that happen to you?
We carry our favorite bloggers in 
our hearts and minds every where we go!
I would LOVE to bring 
one of those old tubs home.
And it'll be so fun looking at it all.
I have a list - cause I can't remember
it all, so I can just read 
the list occasionally and hope 
I find even just a few of my 
"wants - don't need" :)

Everyone said in the hot 
Texas sun you must wear a hat.
So I bought a new hat at Target
and spiffed it up a little.
I know, I know - it isn't a cowboy hat. 
But I look positively ridiculous 
in a cowboy hat. This one actually 
looks pretty cute. :)

I bought a new bag at Target too
and spiffed it up also.
 I needed something that if it got dirty 
I wouldn't have to worry about it.
 A little lace here...
 A little lace there...
And I made a little flower 
to add onto it too.

I really like them both!

I also saved two of my favorite pairs 
of jeans from the Goodwill.
 Can you see why they were 
in the Goodwill bag?
The pockets were separating from the
jeans, and leaving holes.
Now nobody knows those 
holes are there but me.
Well....and you...shhhhhh.
I needed more jeans, to last 11 days. 
Yup, that's how long we are going to be gone.
Two days driving there, 
and two to three days driving home. 
(It'll depend on if we are 
pulling a big trailer full of 
FABULOUS STUFF behind us or not.)

And six days at Round Top
in Antique Heaven.
Catching up with friends we 
haven't seen in a while. 
And seeing some for the very first time!
(Are you jealous, I get to 
hug Karen Valentine!)
Holy cow. I can't wait!

I am going to miss a special little 
Someone's first birthday - 
agggghhhhhhh! :(
But her presents are ready for
Uncle Mark to take to her party.
 And Miss Taylor's Mommy and 
Daddy have exciting news! 
They are expecting again!

I sure hope to find me some Texas 
cowboy boots while I am in cowboy country.
Joy is picking me up at 
6:00 am sharp tomorrow morning...
well, if you know Joy it'll be more 
like 6:15. But that's OK. 
Were going to have a great trip! 
I'll be up and waiting for her...
So off we go - 
headed towards aTexas sunrise. 
See ya'll in a few weeks!
With hopefully lots of fun adventures to share!


Friday, March 18, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Just a little behind...

I have to laugh. I was waiting for the coffee to brew this morning. This corner of my kitchen is command central on Monday mornings. Monday is my day off - my day to get stuff done. The first thing I usually do (besides playing Words With Friends on my iPad- THERESA!) is plan the week's menus. I've already been thinking about them...and have an idea. So the cookbooks and recipe cards get stacked up in the cookbook stand and I make my grocery lists. 
I happened to glance up at the calendar...
Now I am a really organized person.
I like things in their place. Occasionally things get out of hand - like my junk drawer in the kitchen.
But doesn't everyone have a drawer like this? 
I mean...you NEED this stuff. :)
But for the most part it is all good.
My everyday dishes cupboard. 
Yeah I know - I like dishes.
You should see the rest...(ahem!)
I know - that one shelf is kind of empty.
Those dishes are out on the table for spring.
(hehehe) Did anybody else see it?)
See that red heart box?
That was the whole purpose but I didn't think I'd actually really forget about it!
It's my Valentine Candy from hubby. :)
I only like one piece out of the entire box of See's candy. (I know... I know!) So he gets me a whole pound of the one piece. When I opened it this year I kept thinking "Karen, you can barely get into your jeans as is...you are going to Round Top soon and you are going to be just MISERABLE! you better NOT do this." 
Cause I could've! 
I could've eaten the entire box in like 3 days. 
So I hid it. Hehehe. GOOD JOB KAREN!
'Cept now I've found it again ....hmmmm.

I forgot to show you the cute little not-so-vintage spice rack I got last weekend in AZ. LOVE IT! Doesn't it look old? NOT! Brand spanking new!
OH! And while waiting for the coffe to brew on Monday March 7th, I changed the calendar too!
It's raining here - 
and we got an inch last night! YAY!

Have a good day all.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

This and That

OK, fair warning - this post is all over the place... :)

Last weekend we went to AZ for 4 days for a Nascar race. My first one. And can you believe I forgot my camera at home? DUH!!!! Anyway - I really only enjoyed the final race event with the big boys. I don't know - I just can't get excited about a bunch of cars going round and round. It seems all everyone does is wait for a wreck or for someone to pull ahead...give me hockey game!

Of course the last night we were there Jorja just HAD to give us some drama. The little turkey. I had set a bottle of my prescription pain medicine for my feet in my cup holder next to the front seat in the coach. I had had them outside that morning because I was telling everyone how IMPOSSIBLE it was to get this childproof container open! Then I just set them up there just inside door and didn't think twice about them again. The chair was facing backwards anyways...

Well - apparently not so hard for Jorja to get open. I calculated that within 8 minutes of me turning the seat around to face forward because we were getting ready to leave very early in the morning...she had found that container and got it open. We must've walked in on her but she jumped down and we didn't notice it right away. I hear "OH SH#@* KAREN! We have a HUGE problem!" There they were, all the pills, some only halves and lots of powder on the seat. Oh criminey! 

Well the first thing I thought of was that they are supposed to be taken with food and lots of water or they can cause bleeding in your stomach. So I fed the dogs. No matter that it is 10:45 at night, I fed them a 1/2 portion and made them drink. (I knew it was Jorja - wasn't too concerned about Harley.) Then I googled the medication. UGH! Not good for a 15 pound dog to ingest a 500 mg pill. They listed poison control's phone number and I called and explained what happened. They told me to give her 2 tsp of 3% hydrogen peroxide and wait for her to throw up. If she doesn't puke in 10 minutes, repeat. (tapping foot here while waiting and just DIEING on the inside!) Nothing. She was happy and seemed OK and we just kind of looked at each other like "Well...what do we do now?" We were out in the middle of nowhere ... had no clue where the nearest emergency vet could be.  At 11:30 we went to bed. Not to sleep, but to bed. And at 1:00 AM she puked (of COURSE on the bed!) 


But at least it had came up. I didn't sleep a wink all night, I kept feeling her to make sure she was breathing. Next morning we left at 6:30 to head home. I fed her about 1/4 of her normal meal and she wolfed it down. We thought all was fine. We get home, back the coach in and I was just coming inside to CALL the vet to see what they recommended and I came in to a MESS everywhere on the kitchen floor. Called the vet, "bring her in NOW!", threw her in the car and headed down. My heart was pounding. I was so scared!

Well, they kept her the rest of the day, took X-rays, ran every test imaginable on her pancreas, intestines and stomach, gave her some prescription stomach coating, drew blood work and pushed iv fluids through her. I did the math with the pills and figured she could've gotten one MAYBE two down. For some dumb reason I had saved the towel of throw up. The vet asked me "Did any come up?" "Uhhhhh...I never looked!" Needless to say when I went home I looked and YUP! One whole pill.  YAY!

$600 later .... one lucky little rat girl.
 While it may be Karen proof, 
it is definetely NOT dog proof.
It's a horrible feeling to have this happen.
How stupid can I be? I know she is a trouble maker. 
From now on - we are checking and double checking everything and now she is permanently locked up 
in the kitchen and family room downstairs. No more roaming around the house looking for trouble for Miss Smarty Pants.

But she is fine now. Thank God.

So anyway while we were in AZ, Mark and I met CeeKay and her hubby for dinner at CRACKER BARREL! We don't have them here in CA, so it is a treat for us to eat there. Let alone SHOP! We had such a nice evening with them. I just love CeeKay's hubby.  

Then early the next morning I met up again with CeeKay we drove up to Glendale and went shopping. GREAT STUFF!  We each bought an adorable hand towel and we are going to create something with it, and then share them when she gets back from her trip back east. Mine is green for my family room. :)
Then we met up with Marty and had a wonderful lunch, then shopped some more. She gave me this box. 
"I figured you could do something with it..." It is big and deep, and I can't wait. She told me her husband looked at her and said "You are giving her an empty candy box?" And she said "She'll love it!" 
Men! They just don't get it! :)

 I always have such a good time with those two. And to think we met through blogging. Now I can't imagine my life without these two women. I just love them!

CeeKay and I went to a fabulous store called Melrose Vintage in Phoenix. I could spend HOURS in there. 
We each found some old stamps with our initials.
Aren't they great? I already had the K, 
and found the a, r, e, and n. 
I also found these adorable magnets at a little boutique in Glendale. 
One of my cousin's friends at our Nascar camp, 
Kathy - she lives in Montana (sigh) 
is an INCREDIBLE quilter. All hand stitched. 
Not a machine to be found. Well, she taught me 
how to felt! I have been wanting to learn. YAY! 
I have to perfect it, but I am going to do something with new found technique. You can felt on to any fabric or felt. Instead of applique, use roving! I'll keep you posted on what I come up with.
 A few weeks before we left for AZ, I had some free time one weekend and finally made something that had been on my mind for a while. 
 I had so many of these vintage empty thread spools, and knew I wanted to do something with them.
So I did. I wrapped each one with french lace and trims and little vintage flowers and jewelry. 
I love it. 
Yesterday I went into Michael's. 
I hadn't been shopping in probably 2 months.
Found some cute boxes for a future project.
And these faux books. 
I want to change the accent color of our bedroom to that pretty shade of blue. 
Today we are cleaning the coach 
and I am getting READY FOR ROUNDTOP! 
Joy and I leave in 2 1/2 weeks and I am so excited - I just can't wait! I hope we find AWESOME STUFF!!!!
I've never been to Texas, let alone driven there. I love exploring! And seeing new things! And we get to see everyone! I get to see friends I haven't seen since Savannah last April, and I get to actually "meet" and give a real life hug to Karen Valentine! I can't wait! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!