Friday, March 18, 2011




Theresa said...

I can do that:) HUGS!

~CC Catherine said...

Hope you're having a great day Karen! I can do this too! ;)

Amy Arnaz said...

Good Morning Karen~
I came in late on this one. It's March 22. I missed the day of Silence. It must be referring to a day spent sending Prayers to the people of Japan? If so, I am with you on this. I was a little irritated yesterday because my wooden deck has to be redone while those poor quake victims saw their decks washed away. That tragedy changed my perspective on almost everything. When we first met I told you how much I loved the title of your blog and to me, finding a diamond in my day, means even seeing something about myself that is unnecessary ~ like having a reaction to a 15 year old deck falling apart. Fix the deck and drop it! A long comment, but you inspired me this morning. xoxo Amy

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh Karen, you have a blast! (don't need to tell you that!) Wish I was going with you! I have never been to Big Top but have heard a lot about it!!! Nothing like being with friends. Your trip reminds me of a trip I went on with Sisters on the Fly. From here to Tombstone, AZ pulling my little trailer!

We must get together when you get back for lunch and a chit chat! Have a safe and fun time!