Monday, May 23, 2011

The Good Life...

Guess where I've been?
Here are a few hints...
FABULOUS spring weather...
The aroma is awesome...
Row after row...
Who said California doesn't have Spanish Moss?

"Only the beginning..."
 Presentation is everything -
And LeCuvier does it perfectly.
 They are moving to their new facility -
(I'm going to miss the old one.)
A sneak peek of the new one.
Everyone gathered around for some
wonderful wine pairings...
Lots of laughter!
Our favorite picnic spot - Thatcher Winery.
We all pack a picnic basket and 
lay out quite the spread. :)
 With the goats. 
 Wonderful days with friends.
  And mile after mile...
beauty around each bend...
Not sure when we will make it 
back to Paso Robles.
I am missing my mountains -
I think we will go to Silver Lake in the Fall
instead of back here for the Harvest.

Until next time!


Sunday, May 15, 2011


Where does your inspiration come from? 
Have you noticed sometimes it comes 
from something you least expect?
We are getting ready for a major painting expedition throughout much of our home. And I needed to find just the right accent color for the living room, entry, stairway and downstairs hall. 
Piece of cake right? 
I thought so but NOT! 
It took me forever! 
I knew exactly what I wanted 
but you get cross-eyed after 
staring at all those little squares. 

Trip after trip - I have more 
sample paints than I can count! 
Too blue - too bright - too nursery.
My poor walls! LOL. :)
I am a visual person. I have to see 
color before I can choose.
I had to put a small sample of 
each one I tried on the walls 
that are going to be the accent color.

Seemed like it should be so simple.
But it turned out to be very difficult.
Until yesterday when I was wrapping a
birthday gift...
That's the color!
I went running to Mark
And he looked at the ribbon 
I held in my hand and said 
"I think you've finally got it."
I took in to Lowes, they matched it,
I brought it home and threw a square 
sample up on each wall... 
That's it on the left.
These "sea glass" bottles from Pottery Barn
were my inspiration. 
As for the other color that will be on the majority of walls, I'm just going to carry the color I already have in the dining room into the entry and living room. Easey peasey! 

Decision made! 
I'm so glad because I really was going cross-eyed... 

I've ordered my drapes...decided on the hard ware... had to change my plans for the sofa and loveseat - it's looking like I'm going to have them recovered. I just have to find FABRIC!


:) Karen

Monday, May 2, 2011


Today I am puttering around my house, 
which has turned into a BIG project. 
Now remember, we've lived here 8 years now...

It all started with...
the view from our front door.
Notice anything BAD?
(other than the lighting)
 YUP! Right there.
on our 22' high ceiling 
in the living room.
 A leak. But it is fixed now.
Gotta get that taken care of.
Which leads me to this.
GOLD paint. 
Can you see it, the painting technique?
I know it's hard to see in the pictures.
While the family who lived here 
before us with their two 
little monsters boys probably paid 
someone a fortune to come in 
and faux paint all of this...
I am so over it.
Do you see those painted-on faux
"works of art" over the windows?
TWO of them, one on each side!
I'm over the furniture too!
"JUSTIN! When are you moving out 
and taking this stuff with you?"
And the embarrassing.
While we are on the subject 
of "faux" how about this one 
over your dining room table?
 Over it too!
Then of course there are all the 
little - oh- for lack of a better word
let's call them "bumps and bruises"
a house comes with it when you buy it.
Here's one! (left over from the 
monsters little boys who 
used to live here.)
Right at the front door.
 Removing those pictures down
that hallway is not an option. 
She had about 40 pictures
hanging down the hallway. 
And very nicely filled the holes with 
white filler, and did not leave
me the colors of the faux painting
when she left. I did my best but...
See that spot? 
Right there in the middle?
This is on the very first landing 
going up the stairs.
It's the first thing 
my eye goes to going either 
up or down the stairs.
It is varnish from when I had 
the woodwork refinished.
The painter accidentally hit their
brush against the wall.
No way to remove it! 

 And I must do something different
with that alcove up there.

Are you sensing a theme here? 
 YUP! We are painting! 
I hired the contractor last week.
And my husband is not happy.
He likes the paint.
"But it looks fine Karen! 
Why are we going to waste all that money, 
painting over a fortune in painting, 
to make it look like plain old 
tract home painting?"
"Honey, do we have computer, stereo and home theatre equipment from 1998?"
"I rest my case!"

"You are just going to have to trust me Honey!"

MAY 31st it begins. I cannot believe the amount of work that lies ahead of me...the living room, the dining room ceiling, the downstairs hallway, up the stairs, the upstairs landing and the hall down to my craftroom where my entire desk area is...all at the same time...

I know, I know... SHOOT ME NOW!!!
painters in my house...

But I am so excited! OMG! 
I have waited so long to do this.

So, to the birds who built a nest in the unlikely spot of the flashing alongside a vent right where the two parts of the roofline come together, which in turn caused the leak up on our 22' high ceiling - 
Bless your little hearts!

(Ok, Theresa made me do this. I'm supposed to tell ya'll it's my birthday today! 
I'm 39 .... again! :)