Monday, May 2, 2011


Today I am puttering around my house, 
which has turned into a BIG project. 
Now remember, we've lived here 8 years now...

It all started with...
the view from our front door.
Notice anything BAD?
(other than the lighting)
 YUP! Right there.
on our 22' high ceiling 
in the living room.
 A leak. But it is fixed now.
Gotta get that taken care of.
Which leads me to this.
GOLD paint. 
Can you see it, the painting technique?
I know it's hard to see in the pictures.
While the family who lived here 
before us with their two 
little monsters boys probably paid 
someone a fortune to come in 
and faux paint all of this...
I am so over it.
Do you see those painted-on faux
"works of art" over the windows?
TWO of them, one on each side!
I'm over the furniture too!
"JUSTIN! When are you moving out 
and taking this stuff with you?"
And the embarrassing.
While we are on the subject 
of "faux" how about this one 
over your dining room table?
 Over it too!
Then of course there are all the 
little - oh- for lack of a better word
let's call them "bumps and bruises"
a house comes with it when you buy it.
Here's one! (left over from the 
monsters little boys who 
used to live here.)
Right at the front door.
 Removing those pictures down
that hallway is not an option. 
She had about 40 pictures
hanging down the hallway. 
And very nicely filled the holes with 
white filler, and did not leave
me the colors of the faux painting
when she left. I did my best but...
See that spot? 
Right there in the middle?
This is on the very first landing 
going up the stairs.
It's the first thing 
my eye goes to going either 
up or down the stairs.
It is varnish from when I had 
the woodwork refinished.
The painter accidentally hit their
brush against the wall.
No way to remove it! 

 And I must do something different
with that alcove up there.

Are you sensing a theme here? 
 YUP! We are painting! 
I hired the contractor last week.
And my husband is not happy.
He likes the paint.
"But it looks fine Karen! 
Why are we going to waste all that money, 
painting over a fortune in painting, 
to make it look like plain old 
tract home painting?"
"Honey, do we have computer, stereo and home theatre equipment from 1998?"
"I rest my case!"

"You are just going to have to trust me Honey!"

MAY 31st it begins. I cannot believe the amount of work that lies ahead of me...the living room, the dining room ceiling, the downstairs hallway, up the stairs, the upstairs landing and the hall down to my craftroom where my entire desk area is...all at the same time...

I know, I know... SHOOT ME NOW!!!
painters in my house...

But I am so excited! OMG! 
I have waited so long to do this.

So, to the birds who built a nest in the unlikely spot of the flashing alongside a vent right where the two parts of the roofline come together, which in turn caused the leak up on our 22' high ceiling - 
Bless your little hearts!

(Ok, Theresa made me do this. I'm supposed to tell ya'll it's my birthday today! 
I'm 39 .... again! :)


Kathy said...

Wow Karen, really big job ahead, but I am sure you'll love it in the end - it is always like that when we make something our own!

Theresa said...

Honey, what are you doing? Tell Mark "thank you" for the Birthday Present!

GIRL, you are supposed to say... TODAY is my Birthday! TODAY IS KAREN'S BIRTHDAY EVERYBODY! I sure hope my card and gift made it today, if not... tomorrow! Snail mail stinks!

Happy Birthday my SA-WEETest Friend! Love you bunches! Enjoy your dinner with the family tonight! HUGS!

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Karen! I've got the painting itch too. I'm about over the darkness of our red dinning room. Hubby says I have to finish the paint job I started in our son's room last year first!

debi said...

Happy 39th *wink* Birthday Karen!!

Have fun with that painting. I would love to repaint my livingroom and kitchen but, it's just too big a job. And my entire house would fit into your livingroom!!

Theresa said...

You mind well:) Love you!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Karen!!!!!!!!! I hope it the best day ever!!!!!

I can't wait to see the newly painted rooms!!! Good luck with all the work you have to do before the actual painting!

Jacalyn @ said...

Oh karen I bet you are soooo excited! I can't wait to see the after pictures! Your husband sounds just like mine! Never wants to change but once done is thrilled, ha!


PS Happy BD!!!!!!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh Honey your going to be up to your ears in work here ha ha!! Now you'll have to redecorate everything and it all started with birds buiding a nest who would of thunk!! Happy 39th once again's almost my 29th anniversary since my 39th BD ha ha!! Love ya girl..Thanks for all your prayers for Len and me..Hope to be back soon..Hugs and smiles Gloria

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Since I already said hi and Happy Birthday....I will ask you what color????

Char said...

It won't be fun while it's going on Karen, but oh when it's's going to be so worth it. Hubby will come around, Char

Charlene said...

Oh I soooooooooo need to re-do some of the rooms in my house too. Mainly Master Bath & Laundry Room. I too am OVER the wall paper in both. We did the paint year before last. Did it neutral so yeah it may look track but, it's easy to decorate around. Enjoy the fresh clean look you will love when it's done. In the meantime... have a few glasses of wine. YOU'LL NEED IT! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Karen!! Hope you are enjoying your special day!

Oh I can't imagine doing all this at once!! I am just trying to get one bedroom done and it is taking me forever!!!

Charlene said...

NOW........ we have the decorating discussed let's talk about WHY DIDN'T I KNOW IT WAS YOUR BDAY? Darn! But, I'm sending great big BDay HUGS & wishes your way. Miss ya sweet girl!

Nina Diane said...

so sorry I missed your birthday...we're so busy with the wedding planning right now. So happy happy birthday!! and, I loved your post "over it"...haha. Can't wait to see how it all looks in the end!

A Vintage Chic said...

Happy Birthday, Karen! (Thought we wouldn't see that way down there at the bottom, didn't you?!) Hope you're having a wonderful day, my friend!

WOW! That's a lot of work you've got planned--glad you hired someone to do it! It will look fabulous, I just know it!


Shelia said...

Happy Birthday, Karen! Oh, I'm so happy for you getting to get your pretty home painted! I know how you feel - men just don't seem to see like women do! It's gonna be more than beautiful!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sandy Navarro said...

Happy Birthday, Karen! What a way to start the celebration. Redecorating is so much fun; especially when you can hire people - lucky girl! Hope you have a wonderful day and many glasses of wine to celebrate.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Happy Birthday!

We moved in our house 8 years ago too. We painted when we moved in because I wasn't crazy about the buttercup yellow that our previous owner must have loved. The house was 5 years old at the time. We are in the process of repainting everything. I didn't even change the color...I still was happy with what I picked 8 years ago, I just felt like the woodwork needed a fresh coat of white...and the walls might as well be freshened too. My husband did all of it. Tell your husband it could be worse...painters would be a luxury!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Karen!!! Hopefully you had a wonderful day with your family and friends.
The renovation sounds very exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing what colors and style you will go for. How many hours have you spent already looking at paint chips ;-)? It's not such an easy decision, isn't it? There is quite some work ahead of you but I'm sure you'll enjoy the result.
Sending you a big birthday hug,

Mimi said...

WOW, you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it once it is ALL Done and cleaned up all pretty!!Yes, it will be ALOT And I said ALOT of work, but worth it!!!We are happiest in our homes and we want our home to make us Smile and be at Peace here!!!
he will love it once it is done!!!
Have fun this month!!!
But do not over do it!!

Love the Decor! said...

A little birdy (Theresa) told me it was your Birthday!!
Hope it is a day blessed with all the things you love!!

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Karen, Gosh, we're the same fake age--imagine that! Happy, happy to you! And I so feel your excitement {and misery during the process} of repainting! I'm on the same path right now with work to begin on painting most of the inside {also have the vaulted ceilings}.

We'll both survive by keeping our eye on the prize!!! Xo, Sue

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh Karen,
It will be fabulous and so worth the effort and time and $$$ too!
Wished we lived closer. My hubby absolutely loves to paint and he is so good at it too! Plus I bet he would be a lot cheaper than the Calif. contractors.
I hope you got my birthday wish on the previous post?
I was so thinking of you yesterday!
And I was so wishing I had a moment to talk. Soon I hope. I have been babysitting so much that sometimes I feel like the Mommy!
And my 54 year old knees feel it too!
Love Ya and I did get your card in the mail last night. I sure hope I have the address right...
Big Hugs.

Lisa said...

It is gonna be great, Karen! Can't wait to see it all! I know you wanted to kiss those little lovebirds! LOL!
PS Happy Birthday!

Elyse said...

happy birthday, karen!

see - you can rationalize all of this home improvement as a birthday present!!!

hope you had a lovely day. looking forward to seeing what's next in your amazing home! (i think my little cape could fit in your living room!) :)


Liz said...

How exciting! But I have to tell you...your home looks so pretty to me! :) A dear friend did a ton of faux painting in our home... I still haven't figured out how I'm going to approach that whole subject... eek!

I hope you have/had a lovely birthday!

CHERI said...

Well, dang it I missed your birthday, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyways! Hope it was a wonderful one! I just finished with some painting here...definitely glad we did it but what a mess. Guess what? I have that same "leak spot" on our ceiling. Your post definitely makes me think that's the next thing up on the TO DO LIST. I guess every house has it's pimples and bruises...and if it doesn't, it's only because it hasn't been lived in yet. OK...I'm off to start making a list of all the things that need to be done around here...maybe I'll win the lottery!

Patty in Oz said...

Hi sweet Karen,


It is always an instant smile when I read your posts. Bless your little heart...there is quite a journey ahead. Your Sisters support you and certainly your decision to paint! It makes everything new.


Connie said...

It's going to look so pretty when it's done!! What color/colors did you pick?? AND

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y!!!

My friend!! Hope it was a good one!!

Love ya, Connie

Amy Arnaz said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Karen~
I applaud you for taking on the ambitious project of having your house repainted. Your comments about your husband made me laugh. He will love it when it's over. Good luck! xoxo Amy

Lululiz said...

Oh dear, I am so late in wishing you a Happy Birthday! But it IS heartfelt, does that make it a little better?
I had to smile when I saw what a little leak has led to in your home, lol, sounds like a complete refurbish! But oh, how exciting. And I am so looking forward to seeing the end result. Knowing you, it will be totally awesome. xx

zandra said...

Happy Mother's Day, Karen!
Hugz, Z

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Ok since I am a week late I won't even begin to give you an excuse like the world is closing in and too much on my plate. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I am so sorry I missed it. I am thrilled that you are going to paint. I know you have wanted to for a while now and I am sure you will love it. I can't wait to see it all done. Also, I hope you have a super Mother's Day. Hugs, Marty

Our Back Porch said...

Happy Birthday, my dear friend! Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!


Patti said...

How do you ever settle on the colors? I haven't painted 'cause I can't decide!
I work at Home Depot and constantly in the paint dept.
Can't wait to see the pics!

Shelia said...

Hi Karen! Is this big job going on now? :)
I hope you had a great Mother's Day and thank you so much for popping in to see me.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Joyce said...

I'm sure it will be fabulous when you are through. We've had some projects going on here since March 9th...workers at the house? Over it!!

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Hi Karen!
Well lucky you! New interior paint! Yay!! I too would dread all the intrusion but it will be so worth it! I myself am preparing for new carpeting in our near future. The work involved to move all the furniture... uggg!! Have fun getting ready! Hugs!

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Oh... and Happy Belated 39th Birthday!

Rebecca said...

Faux means FAKE. I NEVAH FAKE ANYTHING. It's the real deal or nuttin' at all!

Teee Heee.............

Change is good. I'm loving your humor!

Thanks for visiting me today and your sweet comments about my hubby returning to school. Sniff....


Sverige said...

This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about this topic. You know so much it’s almost hard to argue with you (not that I really would want...Ha-ha). You definitely put a new spin on a subject that been written about for years. Great stuff, just great.

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I know the prep is a royal pain - but it is SOOOOO worth it. I felt like I had moved into a new house once the living room and dining room had been repainted. I can't wait to see the finished product!

bikim said...

your house is beautiful!
so pretty and romantic!
love the colours!
take care,

Ginger said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Karen. I had to read a few posts to catch up with what you are doing. How exciting to have a painting project going on soon. It will no doubt look beautiful.
Glad all is well in your world.