Monday, June 20, 2011


This painting adventure of mine has taken quite a while and we aren't even done yet. 
And to top it off, I had the cyst from hell removed from my back last Friday and now can't lift my arm until the stitches are removed in two weeks.
So...we wait.
But in the meantime ... 
Here is a sneak peek.
(The color is looking mighty 
BRIGHT in these pictures! 
It is actually a soft teal.)
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color.
Somehow I will take a true 
color picture and show you.
It makes you go "ahhhhh" 
when you walk in the front door.

And I love the new drapes too!
Below is a good picture of the color.
I got both the loveseat and the sofa recovered.
Here - below is a better 
picture of the paint color on the wall.
The dining room we haven't finished...
painters will be back to paint the ceiling 
and the back of the built-ins 
which will be the same blue. 
I was so tickled to find a very 
small thread of the chair upholstery 
contains the exact shade of blue. 
Here is the small wall inside the 
front door where I did the stenciling.
close up - (now this shot looks grey - 
big frown!) But at least you can see 
what the pattern of it is like.
I still need to stencil the other lower 
stair wall, (you can see it in 
the top picture) but it'll have to wait 
for a few weeks until I can lift my arm 
without ripping out all my stitches. 
The painters are going 
to paint all the trim 
risers on staircase treads- 
it's all going to be painted white to 
match the spindles. I think the wood color 
looks kind of odd...

And there is my 50 buck hutch - 
now painted white.
I painted the back of it inside using the 
same paint I used on the stencil.
Now the color in this shot 
looks like the REAL color!

So that is what I've been up to. What a major undertaking. Holy cow. 

And we aren't done yet...

I know I've been gone for forever - I promise to try and post more often. But I've been reading up on all of you - even if I am not leaving comments! I'm trying so hard to visit's hard to leave a comment when there is so much to catch up on! Summer houses, projects, vacations - you've all been busy! 
I've just been painting...and working...and painting...

Hugs to you all! HAGD!