Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm here...

Good morning.

I thought I should write a 
few lines just to say I am well 
and just busy!
We just returned from 
a 10 day trip to Colorado. 
Majestic beauty everywhere we turned.
The Rocky Mountains. Sigh.
Did some Jeepin'...
Got lucky with a few awesome monsoons.
The view out our front window at one
of our favorite RV parks in Pagosa Springs. 
And now it's 
"back to the swing of things".

Have a good day everyone!



janis said...

ahhhh... what a lovely trip! Thanks for sharing the pics! Looks like it was wonderful. It's been too long since I have been in Colorado. There is something so magical there. I need to go back♥

Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures! Fortunately I KNEW where you were or I would have sent out a search party:) Enjoy your day my friend!

Our Back Porch said...

I've missed you my friend. I figured you were very busy. And boy, have you ever! Your photos are fabulous! What a great trip! Have a lovely day.

Waving from Our Back Porch,

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh such pretty pictures. I am glad you got away and had a little fun. Wish you were here, but no it is too hot. Hugs, Marty

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Welcome back! I know you enjoyed your time in Colorado. I hope to get there one day!

Anonymous said...

i know how much you would enjoy was one of my favorites when we took a drive from the east coast to the west!!!
take your time and catch your breath :D

Heather and Kathy said...

how lovely!!! I am really glad you had a good time!!!!! Love the pictures. My dream is to someday have an RV and travel full time and write. That would be so cool.


Mimi said...

GOSH I have missed you so much. I always wonder what you are up to. Your trip looked awesome and I bet the weather was perfect. Of course we just returned from your area and the weather was OH SO PERFECT!!2 beach days in a row!!!SIGH!!
I have not heard from you in so long, are you coming to AZ when Cindy is here???HOPE SO

Charlene said...

Looks great my friend! And we're stuck in an RV park in Houston TX... HOT & HUMID! Glad you had fun. LOVE Colorado to visit. I was born there but, I don't think I would want to live there again. HUGS!

Ginger said...

I'm happy to hear you made it home safely. Love the pictures, and what a great RV spot that is.
Wish I could of seen you passing through...

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Well there you are Karen!
I've been wondering what you've been up to lately!
I am happy to hear that you've been visiting your all-time favorite place!
It really is amazingly Majestic isn't it?
Only 10 more days until my new granddaughter is due!
Come to Phoenix when it's 115?
Big Hugs,

CHERI said...

Oh how I envy your trip to Colorado. My hubby used to go there every year and he still misses it. I've had absolutely no time to blog in several weeks now and I've really missed reading yours. Hopefully I will catch up maybe over the weekend and will get a chance to post too. Hope all is well with you and yours...glad you had a great trip!

Mieke said...

You know I envy you for this... but I'm happy for you that you could enjoy your favorite place to be again!

Barb~Bella Vista Cottage said...

Hi there, sweet Karen,

Your pictures are wonderful and so, so beautiful. So good to see you again! You have always been one of my very favorites. ♥

Thanks for such sweet comments. Now, you better start posting more often. We miss ya!!

Hugs, Barb

Patty in Oz said...

Hi sweet Karen!

Thank you for sharing...your photos are so refreshing and beautiful!!

It is so hot here in Kansas I want to go jump in a lake however they are getting dryed up. Really! To make matters worse our farm well went out Saturday morning. It's time for a new well and pump and all I can say is HURRY!!!

Be blessed with you favorite kind of Sunday.


Lisa said...

Wow! I love looking at those beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa from Learn Bass Guitar Online

Liz said...

AMAZING pictures! What a fun trip. I need to get out of Phoenix! sigh!