Sunday, August 28, 2011


He's gone.
 The one who just cracks me up.
The one who I worry about the most.
He who adores his grandparents and little cousins.
The middle of the night kitchen messer-upper.
The ultimate bathroom slob.
(Only Justin can fly fish with a beer in his mouth...)
My friend. My son. Justin.

And I am not embarrassed to say that I am looking at his bedroom thinking "this is wasted real estate!".


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Little things...

Sometimes, it's the little things in life 
that just make your day. 

Like your dogs being SOOOO excited to see you when you get home from work. No matter what kind of a day you've had...they are always happier than heck to see you which just makes all your stress fade away. 
Makes my day!

Or walking out to  your tomato plants and seeing two more BIG ones that you didn't know were there before! Sure made my day!

Or walking out to the mailbox and opening it to find an unexpected package! REALLY made my day.

CeeKay of Thinkin of Home 
and I met back in the Fall of 2009. 
I surprised her by attending the 
Arizona Bloggers Luncheon that our sweet friend
Marty from A Stroll Thru Life put together. 
It was such fun! 
And we've been close ever since. 
We just have a connection. 

So she surprised me the other 
day with a sweet little "just because" gift. 
Aren't those the best kind? 
She made me little notebook 
and it turned out just perfect. 

I love it CeeKay - and I love you too! I am so Blessed to have you in my life. 


Monday, August 8, 2011


I started going through some old pictures of a friend's home today...and got sidetracked by the details. Hope you like as much as I do!

The details just invite you in....
Guest room
 Master bedroom

 Guest room

Dining room

Living room

Thanks for visiting. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hi everyone!

First off I have a confession to make.

"My name is Karen,
 and I am a Pinterest-aholic."

I LOVE Pinterest. 
It suits my needs perfectly!
I am a visual kind of person, 
and to have something so simple to use, 
taylor-made for me for exactly what I want ... 
well - it's a dream come true. 
No pressure of posting.
No pressure period. 
It is simply FOR ME!
My boards. With my dreams and 
visions on them. For no other purpose.

On to something very off the wall.
I have to laugh. 
Does this only happen to me - 
or does it happen to others also?
This is my front door. 
With one of those 3M hangers that are 
supposed to come off SOOOOO easily.
 Read the directions. Pull the strip DOWN. Check. 
 Snap. And I am left with a 
piece of stretchy goo. 
 And what now remains on the glass
on my front door.

In the meantime...
 I finished my stencil project. FINALLY!
 Still have to have the wood painted...
 But at least this much is checked off my to do list.
And we all love the way it turned out.
Now is the fun part - just shopping for 
more pretty pieces to hang here. 
I need some ovals and some smaller squares...
maybe a small mirror or clock...
and I still need a piece for inside 
the door on the bottom wall...
hmmm I think a trip to 
my favorite antique store
"Treasures and Junk" is necessary - 
but it is so bloody hot and humid here 
and they have no a/c there. 
It'd be miserable.
sooooooo....maybe not.

Have no fear! I'll think of somewhere!

Hugs to all!