Thursday, September 15, 2011

PAINT - Part 2

I think the pictures will speak for themselves.
Welcome to my life.
 I have been this way for one week now.
 Had to take everything out but the buffet.
But that comes out this weekend.
In preparation for hardwood floor.
No more goofy looking tile mosaic painting.
 They still have to paint the back of the built-ins.
I'm going with the same color teal as the living room.
 We painted as much of the wood trim on the stairs as we could without having to strip all the varnish and restain which would've cost BOO-KOO BUCKS.
 I think it looks so much better...
 The view looking down...
 The view looking up...
We are putting new carpet on the stairs and in our room (straight ahead in the above shot).
 Turn right at the top of the stairs and you're in my office space. I want a wood laminate floor in here and on into...
 the craftroom. 
I know - I have to take it all out. 
 Sigh. Just shoot me now...
 OK Caroline - this is the part you've forgotten...
turn right past my desk and there is a small hall.
The mattresses are in Brandon's room.
 This is the wasted real estate room - Justin's room, 
which started all this...
 And directly across is the guest bath.

 Painting should be done tomorrow.
Whew. I am choosing all the flooring tomorrow.
Hopefully they can at the very least get the carpet for Justin's room in on Monday. That way I can get this room put back together, and in turn get the other guest room back together where the mattresses are - just in time to move my studio stuff into both of them!
And whenever they can do the rest of the flooring - WHATEVER!!!

And if all that wasn't enough?
I decided I didn't like my bookshelves so am reorganizing them for my office storage.
Some day my house will be back to normal.
I have a big dinner party here on Nov. 5th so I know it will be beautiful by then.

Have I mentioned lately that I am too old for this?


Tuesday, September 13, 2011



You may or may not know that 13 years ago on Sept 20th, my Mom died from ovarian cancer. 
BUT! Finally today - A VOICE!

Someone else who thinks that this killer needs to be made more PUBLIC! So WOMEN ARE AWARE! It's always been labeled the "silent cancer". Now it's labeled the "whisperer..." 

Thanks to Dr. Oz.

It does talk. It does give symptoms.

All of which my Mom had, and never uttered a word to either me or my sister because we had kids and carpools and field trips and "Honey - I didn't want to bother you!"



Watch your Moms. 
Watch your friends. 
And watch yourself. 

And each and every one of you -

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Pass this to everyone you know! Keep it and refill it out each year. Watch for updates on his Website.

THANK YOU DR. OZ!!!! I wish this had been done 18 years ago...