Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Trick? or Treat?

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Here they are.
The pictures of the house.
(But wait'll you see the end...)

Come on in...
(Entry - paint on walls, ceiling and stair trim.) 
To the right as you walk in the 
front doors is the staircase. 
I am still looking for a special piece 
of furniture to put here.
But for now...these will do... 

To the left is the living room.
(Paint, drapes, reupholstery and accent pieces)

And straight ahead is the dining room.
(painted ceiling, back wall of built-ins, drapes and  hardwood flooring)
 I love how the color just made the cabinets pop.
And I can't tell you how tickled I am
to see a WHITE ceiling. 
Down the downstairs hall is Mark's office.
(Hall paint, and hardwood floor covering in the office)
Back to the staircase landing...
(staircase - paint, stencil on walls and carpet)
The large niche area at middle landing. 
This continues to be a work in progress...But
I LOVE the pieces that I have found!
Looking down at the living room 
from the upstairs landing...
 These bookcases were one of the first 
things we added when we bought this house. 
Along with the built-in hutches 
down in the dining room.
Straight ahead the master bedroom.
(Master bedroom - carpet and decluttering!)

Back out to the landing and hang a left.
(My office area - paint and laminate flooring)
 (My craftroom - laminate flooring, new table and PURGING!)
Turn right down the short hall to the guest rooms.
(the laminate continues... I LOVE IT!)
 Left - first guest room (Justin's)
(Carpet, paint, TV - left to do? NEW CEILING FAN!)
 2nd guest room (Brandon's)
(just cleaned out! Still need to SHOP!)
And in between on the right - the guest bath.
(paint, decor and linens)

You still with me? GOOD!
Well, guess what?
Remember this?
The leaky roof which started this whole thing?
Guess what?
It's Baaaaaack!
Sigh. Nothing is ever easy...


Monday, October 17, 2011


I know - I have been an absentee blogger. 
And I do apologize, but life has just had a way of taking away my blogging time. 
But for anyone still hanging around to see what I'm up to - here's where we've been this past week. 
 We jumped in the coach and drove up to...
Silver Lake, in the June Lake Loop - 
25 miles past Mammoth Mtn.

"We're going for a walk! Come on!"
 "Down to Rush Creek!"
"Look how pretty!"

"There it is!"

 "OK, let's follow this path to Silver Lake."
 "Karen! Seriously? We want to see the lake!
Take Christmas card pictures later!"
"Come on Mark, hurry up!!"
 "Ahhhhhhhhhh. Silver Lake."
 "Karen's favorite place in California."
 "There is even a little snow left. 
They had 4 inches fall last week."
But in 2 more weeks, they will close the road to here because they do not plow it during the snowy months. They just get too much snow.

"OK, we're exhausted! Let's head back to camp.
There's the coach and the Jeep!"
 "And Gramma and Grampa are right next to us!"
 Silver Lake Campground is in a big meadow next to the lake. And Rush Creek borders the campground and runs down to Grant lake, about 7 or 8 more miles.
What do we do at Rush Creek?
 FISH! Going to have a great dinner tonight!
So...that's a little bit of what I've been up to.

BTW - the last room of flooring  goes in on Friday and then I will be ready to show you the house!

And you WILL NOT believe the ending!

To be continued soon...