Friday, November 25, 2011


Well, I have the house to myself for 6 days - but much to my surprise and dismay, I have a HUMDINGER of a cold. This one has knocked me for a loop. For the past two days while I should've been decorating my house - I've only gotten two things done. Sigh...

So this post is all over the place because I have taken cold medication which makes me loopy. :) OH JOY!

I'll start with last weekend! 
I had two days to make this
estate sale purchase go from this ...
 Yup - it was pretty bad! 

to THIS! 
I am a happy camper!
 Some of my favorite things...
 Some of my bling...
 And my favorite books from my childhood...
 It allowed me to keep my little wicker shelf.
I also took this bookshelf from this...
To this...
Yup - Happy dancin' here...headache and all.

But do I dare say I am not a fan of the Chalk Paint everyone is oohing and ahhhing over. 
("One coat" my rear...!!)
1 quart barely covered this bookshelf 
(only 1 coat - I basically just used it for a primer cuz I knew there wouldn't be enough to finish the hutch) 
so the blue is my stencil paint from the entryway. 
And I could not even finish the hutch
had to do the doors in the entry blue too. 
Which I ended up loving - but...
disappointed after the big hoop la. 
But - it was nice as a primer! :)

Anyway...that might be TMI for some folks...

Then last Sunday we went down to my in-laws
for our Thanksgiving. 
Our group is so small without my 
bil and sil and their two boys. 
They have been gone to Colorado for a year now - :(
But I talked to Christie on the phone yesterday for about a 1/2 hour. I just love her to pieces.

While I am all over the place with this post -
I might as well share with you our 
  fun little dinner party which we hosted
a few weeks ago.
It was my turn for our "wine tasting friends".

 Right before we sat down...
 We were short 3 people... but still had a ball.

1 day to clean and set up.
1 day to cook - literally!
1 day to clean up.
But it was so fun! Good times with good friends:)

Well...I am exhausted! Last night was the first time I have ever taken NyQuil ( I know, I know - but I hate taking meds...) and it just has me zoning' today.

I think I'm headed for a nap...

Thanks for putting up with me today ... :)

Happy Black Friday to all you shoppers...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day - wherever you are - whomever you are with.